School and university education in the UK

One needs a British residence permit to study without a UK student visa. But the country stopped issuing the Investor Visa Tier 1 at the beginning of 2022. Now foreigners use other ways to relocate to the UK with their families.

A second passport can make it easier for children to get an education in the UK. Learn which citizenship to obtain and what its benefits will be.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the requirements for a UK student visa?

    An applicant for a UK student visa must provide the following:

    • proof of admission to a course that requires obtaining a student visa or to a school or university in the UK;

    • health insurance with full coverage;

    • confirmation of income enough to live in the UK for the study period.

  • How many years does a UK student visa is valid for?

    It depends on the visa type:

    • a Short-Term Study Visa is issued for the study period only, which must take 6 to 11 months;

    • a Student Visa is valid for 2 years if the course doesn’t provide a degree and 5 years for studying for a diploma;

    • a Child Student Visa depends on the applicant’s age and the course duration; its maximum validity period is 6 years and 4 months.

  • Is a UK student visa easy to get?

    The UK is one of the most popular destinations for studies, so getting a student visa might be challenging and time-consuming due to queues and paperwork. Besides, one can get rejected for various reasons, including an incomplete package of provided documents, poor academic performance or lack of funds to study and live in the UK.

  • How much does a UK student visa cost?

    The UK student visa fee depends on where you apply:

    • £363 if applying outside the UK;

    • £490 if extending or switching to the student visa while in the UK.

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