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Optimise taxes with a second citizenship

Countries with low tax rates and beneficial tax regimes for individuals and companies

0% Minimum income tax rate
$100,000+ Investments in a second passport
2+ months Time frame for obtaining citizenship

A second citizenship or residence permit allows the holder to become a tax resident of another country or register a business abroad. This way, the investor can reduce the annual tax amount they and their company pay.

Participation in an investment program is an easy way to get a passport or a residence permit. An investor does not need to look for a job, take exams or live in the country for a long time to obtain status. In most cases, permanent residence is not required. If the investor changes their mind about becoming a tax resident, they can leave the country anytime by retaining other benefits.

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How not to pay taxes on dividends and return up to 100% of the paid corporate tax

Beneficial tax regimes operate in some countries that provide investors with residence permits or citizenship. These regimes allow investors to pay fewer taxes than before or reduce the burden when moving to a country with high rates.

Some countries do not have various taxes. For example, there is no income tax in the UAE and Saint Kitts and Nevis. In Vanuatu, international business companies do not pay corporate tax; instead, they pay an annual fee of $300.

5 guides on tax optimisation with a second citizenship or residence permit will help you make sense of the main taxes in the Caribbean, the EU and the Middle East and choose the appropriate status for your purposes.

Things to know about taxation for investors

Citizenship by investment for your goals:

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