How to start a business in another country

In Europe, the USA or the Middle East with a second citizenship


Minimum corporate tax


Investments in a second passport

2+ months

Timeframe for obtaining a second passport

Elena Ruda

Elena Ruda,

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

When developing a business, different needs may arise. For example, to often travel for business meetings or open a company abroad. But sometimes, difficulties arise due to visa restrictions and the peculiarities of the legislation.

A second passport or a residence permit helps you travel to the UK, China or the Schengen countries visa-free, register a business abroad or even get a visa to the USA under an accelerated procedure.

Simplify business development abroad

The USA, European countries, the Middle East, and the Caribbean states attract entrepreneurs with opportunities for international business. Registering a company in a jurisdiction with a positive reputation helps to find new investors and partners. In some cases, opening a business abroad leads to tax optimisation.

A second citizenship or residence permit helps to conduct international business. You can do without looking for a resident director when registering a company, open a company in a jurisdiction with low taxes, or attend business meetings without visas.

5 guides about business with a second passport will help you figure out what status to get for doing business in Europe, the USA and other countries and choose the right one for company registration.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can you start your own business in a foreign country?

    Yes, you can. In general, registering a company in a jurisdiction with a positive reputation helps to find new investors and partners. Second citizenship or residency may facilitate the process and even lead to tax optimisation.

  • Which is the best country to start a business for foreigners?

    It depends on your goals. For example, how fast you can register a company in a country or its tax benefits for businesses.

    Various ratings can help you assess the general situation. Thus, the World Bank named New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong the easiest countries for business.

  • What is the easiest country to start a business in?

    According to the World Bank’s ranking, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong are the top three countries where business is easiest. The UAE, Turkey, Austria, Portugal, and Spain are in the top 50. These countries grant citizenship or residency by investment.