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Only Canadians and Bermudian don’t need visas to study in the USA, while the rest must get US student visas. Learn how to get a long-term visa, relocate with the whole family or visit your child visa-free.

Types of US student visas

International students get US student visas of the following categories:

  • F — to study at an accredited school or university;

  • M — to study at a vocational or technical school;

  • J — to participate in an exchange program.

The visa validity period depends on the applicant’s country of citizenship. For example, Nigerian citizens usually get student visas for an actual study period, so they might need to be renewed yearly.
All US student visas are non-immigrant and don’t lead to a green card or citizenship.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long is a student visa in the USA valid?

    The US student visa validity period depends on the applicant’s country of citizenship and is issued for 1 to 5 years.

  • Is it difficult to get a student visa for the USA?

    Getting a US student visa is a straightforward procedure, but it might be time-consuming to prepare all the documents for the application. Besides, there can be queues at embassies and consulates for applying and processing that could take several months of waiting.

  • Is the USA good in education?

    Yes, it is. According to the Best Countries for Education ranking, the USA is the world’s leader in education.

  • Why does the USA have the best education system?

    The reasons include the fact that US educational institutions have a great variety of available classes and courses for international studies, rigorous accreditations, advanced technologies, great research capabilities, and providing practice skills for future employment.

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