5 reasons to get second citizenship for children

Second citizenship or residency can make children’s life abroad easier: enrol in a university, pay lower tuition fees, get a good job and stay in the selected country after graduation. But there is more.

Learn more about why a second passport is a beneficial investment in the children’s future.

#4. See family anytime you want

The whole family can get citizenship or residency by investment. Family members receive passports and the right to enter the Schengen Area, the UK, and other countries visa-free.

Therefore, you won’t need a visa to see your child: support during competitions, public speeches, exams, graduation, or to spend a weekend together.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can a child have two passports in the UK?

    Yes, they can. The UK allows dual citizenship, meaning a British citizen can hold several passports if other countries of citizenship also allow it.

  • Can my child have dual citizenship?

    Yes, they can if the first country of citizenship allows having several passports at once.

  • Can a child have triple citizenship?

    Yes, they can. If a country allows dual citizenship, it usually doesn’t limit the number of passports people can hold simultaneously.

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