Medical treatment abroad with a second citizenship

Going abroad for medical treatment without visas and saving on medical services in Europe, the USA and the Middle East

Up to 100%

Savings on treatment



2+ months

Timeframe for obtaining residency or citizenship

Elena Ruda

Elena Ruda,

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

Second citizenship or residency helps to go abroad visa-free to get treatment in the UK, the USA and the Schengen countries. Some statuses allow their holders to use the services of medical clinics at reduced prices.

A second passport or a residence permit can be obtained by investment. It’s easier and faster than other paths as you don’t have to find a job, live for 5—10 years in the country or take language and history exams.

Emergency treatment and regular check-ups abroad

The world’s best hospitals are in the USA, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, and Israel. In most cases, you need a medical visa to get treatment in these countries; it takes up to several weeks to get this visa.

Access to foreign clinics can be gained with a second citizenship or residence permit. Cosmopolitans don’t have to get visas to travel to the UK, the USA, the Schengen countries, Turkey, or the UAE for medical treatment. In some states, they save on treatment or don’t pay for it at all.

5 guides on treatment abroad with second citizenship and residency will help you figure out what status to get to go to clinics abroad, how to reduce treatment costs and where the best hospitals are located.

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