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Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Residence permit in the country by the ocean to enjoy the privilege of travelling around EU and getting citizenship in 5 years


Minimum monthly income

6+ months

Visa obtaining period

5 years

To citizenship

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is issued to foreigners who work remotely. Freelancers, employees of foreign companies, self-employed, and individual entrepreneurs can qualify.

Visa applications are accepted only from foreigners from non-EU and non-EEA countries.

Article 53 of Law No. 23/2007, dated 04.07.2007, provides the visa rules.

Digital Nomad Visa applicants confirm a monthly income of at least €3,280. They also need to buy or rent residential properties in Portugal.

The Digital Nomad Visa gives the right to get a Portugal residence permit for 2 years, subject to extension.

Residents must reside in the country to keep their permits.

7 benefits of the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

  • 1

    Moving to Europe

    With a Digital Nomad Visa, applicants can move to Portugal with their families and get residence permits there.

  • 2

    Creating a safe haven

    With a low crime rate, stable political system and peaceful relations with neighbouring countries, Portugal is safe to live and raise children. The country ranks seventh in the Global Peace Index 2023.

  • 3

    Visa-free travel across the Schengen Area

    Digital nomads with Portugal residence permits can travel visa-free to other Schengen countries and spend up to 90 days out of 180.

  • 4

    High-quality education and healthcare

    Portuguese residents get free education in public schools and universities, with their diplomas recognised worldwide. Medical services are also available on the same rights as for the citizens.

  • 5

    European bank accounts

    The digital nomad must open a bank account in Portugal and transfer sufficient savings to live in the country as one of the requirements for getting a residence permit.

    Services of international and Portuguese banks have become available for keeping money and making transactions in hard currencies worldwide.

  • 6

    Convenient path to a residence permit

    Getting a Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa is faster than getting a work residence permit since digital nomads have fewer requirements. They do not need to invest in the country’s economy; it is only necessary to confirm the required income amount and rent or buy real estate.

  • 7

    Portugal citizenship in 5 years

    After holding residency in Portugal for 5 years, the digital nomad can apply for permanent residence or citizenship. Portugal passport holders can visit 172 countries visa-free.


Guide on the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

  • Step-by-step procedure

  • Requirements for applicants

  • Required documents

  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa requirements for applicants

  • Investor

    • Over 18

    • No criminal record

    • Non-EU and non-EEA citizen

    • Remote work

    • Income of at least €3,280 per month

    • Bought or rented housing in Portugal

  • Spouse

    • No criminal record

    • In an official marriage or partnership with the investor

  • Children under 18

  • Children aged 18 to 30

    • Unmarried

    • Financially dependent on the investor

  • Spouses’ parents under 65

    Financially dependent on the investor

  • Spouses’ parents over 65

Digital Nomad Visa costs

The Digital Nomad Visa cost depends on the number of applicants and the type of real estate — rented or purchased. If the applicant purchases the property, they pay the stamp duty and annual property tax.

Expense item


Purchase or rent a real estate

No requirements for property or rental cost

Stamp duty

0,8% of the property value at purchase

Annual municipal property tax

0.3 to 0,8% of the property value

Travel insurance when applying for a visa

€14+ per month

Visa application fee

€90 per family member

Processing fee under the residency application


Fee for a residence permit card


Health insurance when applying for a residence permit


Individual cost calculation for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Individual cost calculation for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Get an individual calculation for your family with all associated costs and government fees

Real estate and income requirements for applicants

Housing. The digital nomad buys or rents a residential property in Portugal. In the case of renting housing, they conclude a lease agreement for at least one year.

The applicant’s monthly income is €3,280. It doesn’t depend on the number of family members under the Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa application.

To be eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa, the applicant must work remotely under an employment or partnership agreement or service agreement, be an individual entrepreneur, or be self-employed.

Savings. The Portugal Remote Work Visa applicant must demonstrate that they have enough money to live in Portugal besides the monthly income. It is recommended to provide a bank statement with a balance of at least 12 minimum wages under Portuguese legislation.

In 2024, the minimum wage in Portugal is €820 a month. Therefore, the digital nomad must have at least €9,840 in their bank account. If the applicant gets the Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa with family members, they must add 50% per spouse or parent and 25% per child.

A benefit of the Digital Nomad Visa is that the applicant doesn’t have to open a bank account in Portugal before applying for a visa. Having an account in any bank operating with the SEPA payment system is enough.

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Required documents for the Digital Nomad Visa

Immigrant Invest lawyers help applicants collect the necessary documents, fill out forms, check, translate and apostille them. Documents for visa application include the following:

  1. An international passport.

  2. Two colour photos 4,5×3.5 cm in size.

  3. An English motivation letter explaining why the applicant wants to move to Portugal.

  4. A work contract and other agreements proving that the applicant works remotely.

  5. A bank statement proving a monthly income of €3,280.

  6. Tax return statements or tax receipts.

  7. Proof of sufficient funds to reside in Portugal — a bank statement showing at least the last 12 salaries of the digital nomad. In 2024, the account balance should be no less than €9,840.

  8. A certificate of no criminal record from the country of residence.

  9. Proof of kinship between family members: marriage or birth certificates.

  10. A rental agreement or a certificate of real estate ownership in Portugal.

  11. Health insurance.

  12. Tickets to Portugal on the approximate date of arrival with the visa.

  13. A NIF registration certificate.

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa types

Portugal has been issuing Digital Nomad Visas since October 2022. It’s a national type D visa, which comes in two forms: for a temporary stay and for obtaining residency.

The temporary stay, or the short-stay visa, allows the holder to reside in Portugal for up to a year. This multiple-entry visa cannot be extended or used to obtain residency.

The residency visa, or the long-term visa, is intended for foreigners looking to reside in Portugal. The visa is valid for 6 months and allows two entries into the country. Once the visa holder arrives in Portugal, they can use it to apply for a 2-year residence permit.

Best places to relocate for digital nomads in Portugal

Portugal is one of the most picturesque places in Europe, with a warm climate, developed economy, and high safety level. The Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal is a good opportunity for those who work remotely to relocate to the country.

Lisbon is considered one of the most popular cities in the world for digital nomads. It offers a wide range of different coworking places. For those who seek privacy and silence, there are numerous cafes, bookshops and libraries with an authentic atmosphere.

Business professionals call Lisbon one of the best places to live in Portugal. Beautiful coasts, refined architecture, and high-tech scenes become attractive to digital nomads.

Porto is suitable for residents who need a cosier and more restful atmosphere. It has its mediaeval charm and is cheaper to live in than Lisbon.

Although the infrastructure is less developed than in Lisbon, many coworking places exist in the historical centre and the river banks.

Cascais is a wonderful city for digital nomads who need to escape from the fast pace of life and relax the mind. It offers coworking places of different styles, from totally minimalistic spaces to those surrounded by nature.

Step-by-step procedure on how to get a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa and a residence permit


1 day

Preliminary Due Diligence

Immigrant Invest conducts a preliminary check of the digital nomad before concluding an agreement. A certified Anti-Money Laundering Officer checks information in international legal and business databases.

The check helps discover the facts that may affect obtaining a visa and residence permit in Portugal and reduce the risk of refusal. For example, providing additional documents or choosing another program may be necessary.

The preliminary Due Diligence is confidential and takes 1 business day.

Evaluate your chances of passing Due Diligence

Pass a quick test and learn the nuances that can prevent you from obtaining a residence permit


10+ business days

Getting a Portuguese taxpayer number

The digital nomad needs a taxpayer number (Número de Identificação Fiscal, NIF) to rent or buy real estate and open an account in a Portuguese bank. In the future, the NIF will be valid for many actions, from making an appointment with a doctor to accessing the Internet.

Non-EU citizens get NIFs through a tax representative in Portugal. The procedure is remote. Immigrant Invest lawyers prepare a power of attorney, under which the Portuguese representative gets an NIF for the applicant.


Up to 2 months

Purchasing or renting housing

Immigrant Invest real estate experts offer properties for rent or purchase. The applicant picks a property remotely or goes to Portugal to see the options in person.

Buying a property takes up to two months. Renting is faster and takes only several days.


3+ weeks

Collecting and submitting documents for a Digital Nomad Visa

Immigrant Invest lawyers help investors collect the necessary documents, fill out forms, check, translate and apostille them.

Digital Nomad Visa applicants submit documents and biometric data to a Portuguese consulate in the country of residence.


90+ business days

Obtaining a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

The Portuguese Consulate processes the visa application within 90 days. The digital nomad receives a passport with a visa sticker, which indicates the date of the visit to the Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum (AIMA) to apply for a residence permit.

If the consulate has not set a date for a visit to the AIMA, the digital nomad needs to sign up personally or with the help of a representative, such as an Immigrant Invest lawyer.


1 day

Entry to Portugal with a Digital Nomad Visa

The visa is valid for four months. The applicant needs to come to Portugal and apply for a residence permit to the AIMA.


1—1.5 months

Opening a bank account

The Portugal Remote Work Visa applicant must open a bank account in the country, transfer the required amount of savings, and provide a bank statement with the balance when applying for a residence permit.

Immigrant Invest lawyers help choose a bank and open an account.


1 day

Applying for a residence permit

The digital nomad personally submits the documents for a residence permit at an appointed time and day. An Immigrant Invest representative accompanies the applicant.


2+ weeks

Getting a residence permit card

After the application is approved, a residence permit card is sent to the investor’s registered address in Portugal.

The first residence permit is issued to digital nomads for 2 years. It can be extended for 3 more years if the digital nomad proves they have spent at least 1.5 years in a row or 16 months in total in Portugal within 2 years of holding a residence permit.

Renewal of the 3-year residence permit or applying for permanent residency or citizenship is possible if the digital nomad has spent 2.5 years in a row or 28 months in total in Portugal within the 3 years with the second residence permit.

Why trust in Immigrant Invest?

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent that works only with government programs in the EU and the Caribbean under licence from the respective governments.

We have been working since 2006 and know everything about the industry: the nuances of laws in each foreign jurisdiction, how Due Diligence is carried out, and the best ways to solve the issues.

Immigrant Invest has an in-house Compliance Department. It conducts a preliminary Due Diligence check, which reduces the risk of refusal of a visa and residence permit to 1%.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Does Portugal have a Digital Nomad Visa?

    Yes, Portugal started issuing special Digital Nomad Visas for non-EU remote workers and freelancers in October 2022. The requirement is to earn at least €3,280 per month. It takes about 90 days to obtain this visa.

  • How much does a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa cost?

    The applicant’s costs include purchasing or renting a residential property and related taxes. In addition, the applicant gets health insurance and pays fees for visa applications and residence permit cards. The total cost depends on the applicant’s family composition. To learn more, get an individual cost calculation.

  • How to apply for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa?

    To get a Digital Nomad Visa, foreigners collect the required documents and submit them to the Portuguese consulate in the country of their citizenship or residence. The processing of the visa takes about 90 business days.

    It is also possible to obtain a visa in Portugal if the applicant is already there, for example, with a Schengen Visa. In this case, the process will take around 2 years, during which the applicant cannot leave the country.

  • Is Portugal good for digital nomads?

    Yes, Portugal is good for digital nomads, allowing them to apply for a residence permit as soon as the visa is ready. Residency cards are issued within 6 months.

    Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world and provides numerous opportunities for remote work, from multiple and accessible WiFi spots to sea getaways.

  • Are digital nomads taxed in Portugal?

    Yes, remote workers and freelancers in Portugal who moved there with a Digital Nomad Visa pay taxes there. They must stay in Portugal for at least 1.5 years in a row or 16 months in total while holding the first residence permit to be able to renew it. Therefore, tax obligations may arise as foreigners become Portuguese tax residents after spending at least 183 days a year in the country.

  • What is the minimum income for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa?

    The minimum required income for digital nomads is €3,280 a month.

  • How much does it cost to live in Portugal as a digital nomad?

    €2,000 is the standard monthly expense for a single digital nomad, including renting, all the utilities, food and entertainment. However, Portugal Digital Nomad Visa applicants prove they earn at least €3,280 per month.

  • How do Egyptians get a Portugal Digital Nomad visa?

    If an Egyptian citizen can work remotely and earns more than €3,280 a month, they can apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal.

    The process of getting a Portugal Remote Work Visa and a residence permit is the following:

    1. Get a Portuguese taxpayer number through a local tax representative.

    2. Purchase or renting housing in Portugal.

    3. Collect documents and submit them to a Portuguese Consulate.

    4. Come to Portugal with a Digital Nomad Visa.

    5. Open a bank account in Portugal and transfer the required amount of money.

    6. Apply for a residence permit to the Portuguese migration service.

    7. Get a 2-year residence permit.

  • What are the benefits of the Portugal Digital Nomad Visa for Egyptian citizens?

    The Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa grants the right to:

    • move to Portugal and live there for at least 2 years;

    • travel visa-free across the Schengen Area;

    • get treated at Portuguese clinics;

    • get an education in Portugal;

    • open accounts in Portuguese banks;

    • qualify for citizenship after 5 years of holding residency.

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