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Portugal Golden Visa

Golden Residence Permit Program for living by the ocean and travelling across Europe visa-free­


Investment amount

8-10 months

Obtaining period

5+ years

Return of investment

Portugal started issuing residence permits by investment in 2012. The Golden Visa Program is popular among investors: over 32,000 applicants and their family members have obtained residency in Portugal since its launch.

Investors choose between the five options: supporting arts and cultural heritage, financing research activities, purchasing investment fund units, opening a company or investing in an existing business. Applicants who buy investment fund units can return the money in 5—10 years by selling the asset.

If the investor and their family members remain Portuguese residents for 5 years, they can apply for permanent residence or citizenship. At the same time, they don’t have to live in Portugal. Golden Visas holders maintain residence status by spending seven days a year in the country.

Benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa Benefits

  • 1

    Visa-free travel to the Schengen countries

    Portuguese residents visit the Schengen Area without a visa and spend up to 90 days out of 180 there.

  • 2

    Creating a "safe haven"

    The Golden Visa provides the holder with the right to enter Portugal at any time, even when the country’s borders are closed. Residents can stay in the country without time limits. At the same time, living in Portugal is a right, not an obligation: investors must spend only 7 days every year in the country.

  • 3

    Moving to Portugal

    Portugal is a developed European country with a warm climate, picturesque landscapes and clean beaches. Additionally, the cost of living is affordable there, and the level of safety is high.

  • 4

    Work or business in a European country

    Golden Visa holders may work in Portugal or register companies there.

  • 5

    Tax optimisation

    Investors can get a special Non-habitual Resident (NHR) status in Portugal for 10 years. An NHR doesn’t pay taxes on global income in Portugal, and the tax rate for the income earned in Portugal is reduced to 20%. The income tax rate in Portugal can be as high as 48% without the NHR status.

  • 6

    Access to quality healthcare and education

    Residents may turn for medical help to Portuguese clinics. Also, they may travel to other Schengen countries visa-free to get short-term treatment during the available 90 days in 180.

    Children may attend schools and universities in Portugal.

  • 7

    EU citizenship in five years

    Investors can apply for permanent residence or citizenship after five years as a resident. At the same time, they don’t have to live in the country. It is enough to meet the program terms and renew their residence permits to maintain the status.

    Portuguese citizens can choose to live in any EU country and travel to 187 countries visa-free, including the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.


Practical guide to obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa

  • Step-by-step procedure

  • Requirements for applicants

  • Required documents

  • Frequently asked questions and answers

PDF, 36 pages, 12 MB

Who can get a Portugal Golden Visa

  • Investor

    • Over 18 years old

    • No criminal record or prosecution

    • Money for investments is earned outside of Portugal

    • No debts in Portugal

    • Capable of confirming the legality of the income

    • Medical insurance

  • Spouse

  • Children under 18

  • Children aged 18 to 26

    • Financially dependent on the investor

    • Live with the investor or study at a university

  • Parents

    Financially dependent on the investor

  • Siblings

    • Under 26

    • In the investor’s custody

Investment options for the Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal offers five investment options. The minimum investment threshold is €250,000: it is in action under the supporting arts option. The most popular choice is purchasing investment fund units for a minimum of €500,000.

The two real estate investment options were abolished on October 2, 2023. One can no longer get a Portugal Golden Visa based on the property purchase.

1 option

Purchase of investment fund units — €500,000+

An investment fund is a financial institution that aims to attract and increase capital. The fund raises money and invests in selected assets: commercial real estate, Portuguese companies, industrial facilities or the European stock market.

The minimum fund investment is €500,000. The holding period is at least 5 years. However, the money is usually returned in 6—10 years. The fund distributes the earned profit among investors withdrawing a commission.

Purchase of fund units


Fund commission when investing

Up to 7.5%

Annual fund commission on profits

0.5 to 3%

Tax on investment income for Portuguese tax residents


Tax on investment income for non-residents


Medical insurance

€400+ per person

Application fee

€582 per family member

Residence permit card

€5,812 per family member

2 option

Supporting arts and restoring cultural heritage — €250,000+

3 option

Investments in research activities — €500,000+

4 option

Business investments — €500,000+

With the creation of at least 5 jobs

5 option

Opening a company

Creation of at least 10 jobs

Individual cost calculation for the Portugal Golden Visa

Individual cost calculation for the Portugal Golden Visa

Get an individual calculation for your family with all associated costs and government fees

We will send you a quote by email within 1 hour.

Differences between the Golden Visa and other residence permit types

Golden Visa

Other types of residence permits

Mandatory residing in the country

7 days a year

183 days a year

Permanent residing in the country to qualify for citizenship

Not required


Mandatory owning or renting residential property

Not required


Step-by-step procedure for obtaining the Portugal Golden Visa


1 day

Preliminary Due Diligence

A certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer checks the information on the investor against international databases. Our check helps to decrease the refusal risk to 1%.

The preliminary Due Diligence is obligatory as we don't sign a contract with an investor without it. If we've discovered a risk of refusal, we offer a suitable solution: add more documents or choose another investment programme.

Evaluate your chances of passing Due Diligence

Pass a quick test and learn the nuances that can prevent you from obtaining a residence permit


1—2 weeks

Obtaining a tax number

Applicants are issued a unique nine-digit number, Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF). The NIF is required to open a bank account in Portugal, buy or rent real estate, register a business, and in many other cases.


1—1.5 months

Opening of an account in a Portuguese bank

Investment under the Portugal Golden Visa Program must be made from the applicant’s account in a Portuguese bank.

We help open an account and activate it. When everything is ready, the applicant transfers the money required for investment.


2—3 weeks


Depending on the option the applicant chooses, they purchase investment fund units, create a company and the required jobs or make the investment directed at supporting arts or science. 

The lawyers collect all the supporting documents to prove the investment made.


5—6 months

Preparation of documents and application

Immigrant Invest lawyers provide the investor with an individual list of documents required to apply for a residence permit. They also fill out government forms and help translate and notarise documents. The process takes up to two weeks.

E-copies of the documents are sent for consideration to the AIMA, Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum of Portugal. There, the application is considered for 4—5 months.


1—2 weeks


The investor and their family need to come to Portugal to submit original documents and fingerprints for residence permit cards. The appointment for fingerprinting must be booked in advance in the electronic register.


6—8 months

Approval and getting the residence permit cards

AIMA checks the investors’ documents for up to eight months from submitting the original documents and biometric data.

After approval, the investor pays the fee for the residence permit cards. They are prepared within two weeks and issued personally to the investor or their lawyer by proxy, who then sends the documents to the investor.


Every 2 years

Renewal of the residence permit

The investor and their family members must spend at least seven days a year in Portugal to maintain residency. The residence permit has to be renewed every two years. 

The renewal procedure is similar to the initial application: one needs to collect the same documents and submit them online, pass fingerprinting, apply the original documents, and obtain new residence permit cards.

Golden Visa and Immigrant Invest stay with you

Portuguese residents regularly renew their ID cards. Other needs may also arise over time, such as: getting a residence permit for a newborn child or a new spouse, preparing documents for citizenship or becoming a tax resident. See how we continue to help our clients.

  • Residence permit renewal

    We help investors get new residence permit cards every two years.

  • Residence permits for family reunification

    We help the investor’s spouse, children and parents get residence permits.

  • Replacing a lost residence permit card

    We prepare an application and accompany the investor until a new residence permit card is received.

  • Selecting real estate

    We help the investor choose a finished apartment or buy a property under construction. We closely follow each step of the purchase transaction.

  • Obtaining permanent residence or citizenship

    We prepare the required documents and help to apply.

  • Registration of tax residency

    We help investors get the beneficial NHR tax status, provided that they spend more than 183 days a year in Portugal.

  • Opening a bank account

    We prepare the required documents and fill out the forms.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can get a Portugal Golden Visa?

    An adult investor with proven legal income earned outside Portugal can get a Portugal Golden Visa, also known as a Portugal residence permit by investment. The applicant must have no criminal records and valid medical insurance.

    A spouse, children under 26 and parents can get Golden Visas with the investor. Adult children must financially depend on the investor. For example, if they are students at a university, the investor pays tuition fees.

  • How much to invest in getting a Portugal Golden Visa?

    The Golden Residence Permit Program offers investors five options. Supporting arts and the Portuguese national cultural heritage requires the least investment amount — €250,000.

    The most popular investment options is buying investment fund units for €500,000.

  • Is it possible to return the investment?

    Some options provide investors with opportunities to return the money. For example, they can exit the investment in the fund units in five to ten years. In the meantime, the investor can receive passive income and benefit from the asset value growth.

  • Can your company guarantee that I will get a Golden Visa?

    No one can guarantee that you will get a Portugal residence permit by investment. Moreover, if a company guarantees success, you probably deal with scammers.

    Immigrant Invest conducts a preliminary Due Diligence to reduce the rejection risk to 1%. A certified Anti Money Laundering Officer examines investors’ documents considering the nuances of Due Diligence in the particular country. If there are any risks revealed, we search for a solution. For example, to add specific documents or choose another program.

  • What duties arise after getting a residence permit in Portugal?

    The investor must spend at least seven days a year in Portugal to maintain the residence status. It is also important to renew the residence permit card on time every two years.

    The investor pays taxes if buying and maintaining real estate. Income derived from sources in Portugal is also taxed.

    If an investor lives in Portugal for more than 183 days a year, they become a tax resident and begin to pay taxes at the rates for the country’s tax residents. New tax residents can also qualify for the beneficial Non-habitual Resident status to reduce the tax burden for the next 10 years.

    The investor doesn’t have to live in Portugal permanently, take language proficiency tests or serve in the Portuguese army.

  • What family members can I include in my Portugal Golden Visa application?

    The list of an investor’s family members eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa includes the following:

    • a spouse;

    • children under 18;

    • adult children under 26, financially dependent on the main applicant and living with them or studying in a university;

    • siblings under 26 in the investor’s custody;

    • parents who are financially dependent on the investor.

  • Do I have to pay taxes in Portugal?

    One must pay taxes in Portugal if one earns income there or owns a property.

    You can become a tax resident in Portugal if you spend more than 183 days in a year in the country. This will lead to paying taxes on most of your income there at the rates for tax residents. However, it may be quite beneficial: there’s a 10-year special tax regime for new residents that allows them to reduce their tax burden.

  • Can I apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal through a fund investment?

    One may purchase units of a Portuguese investment fund or a venture capital fund for €500,000 to get a Golden Visa.

    At least 60% of the fund’s money must be invested in Portuguese companies, and the maturity of units at the moment of the investment must be at least five years.

  • What documents are required for the Portugal golden visa?

    The general list of documents includes the following:

    1. A passport or another valid travel document.

    2. Health insurance.

    3. Certificates of criminal record from the country of origin and the countries where the applicant resided for more than a year.

    4. Permission to the competent authorities to check criminal records in Portugal.

    5. A sworn statement in which the applicant declares that they will comply with the minimum quantitative and temporal requirements of the investment activity.

    6. Evidence of proper tax filing by submitting a no-debt issued up to 45 days in advance by the Tax and Customs Authority and the Social Security or, if this is impossible, a no-record return from these entities.

    Also, an investor must submit documents connected with the investment — there’s a list for each option. Additional documents may be required.

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