Passport Index by 4 goals

Travelling • Relocation • Personal Safety • Asset Protection

We’ve compared 193 passports worldwide by opportunities for travelling, doing business, upgrading the quality of life and creating a plan B. Discover the actual value of your passport and consider the options for acquiring second citizenship.

About the project

A second passport may be the key to freedom of movement, safety, and access to high-quality education and healthcare, even in the rapidly changing world. We’ve collected data about 193 countries and compared them in four passport rankings: they are intended to help you analyse the current situation and choose a state to obtain citizenship.

Places in the passport rankings are distributed based on current legislation and data from reputable organisations, like the World Bank and the United Nations.

  • 4 rankings

    By common goals

  • 193 countries

    Observed in the rankings

  • 9 indicators

    Used for evaluation

Source of expert information about second citizenship

Each ranking is based on regularly renewed data from international organisations. Also, evaluation by Immigrant Invest experts with years of practice in investment migration has influenced the final passport index.

Our lawyers rated the time and effort for obtaining citizenship in each of the 193 countries based on their legislation. States, where one can acquire the status faster and easier than other countries, are at the top of passport rankings.

Passport ratings for solving various problems

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the 10 most powerful passports?

    In January 2023, the ten most powerful passports in terms of travelling the globe visa-free are the following:

    • Japan,

    • Singapore,

    • South Korea,

    • Germany,

    • Spain,

    • Finland,

    • Italy,

    • Luxembourg,

    • Austria,

    • Denmark.

    Each of these passports allows its holders to enter 188 or more countries without acquiring a visa in advance.

    See the passport ranking for the freedom of travelling to discover what different passports give in terms of visa-free travelling.

  • Which country has the weakest passport?

    Afghanistan has the weakest passport in terms of the freedom of travelling. This country’s nationals can visit only 27 countries without getting a visa in advance; the list includes some countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Caribbean.

  • Is a US passport powerful?

    Yes, the US passport is pretty strong. It allows one to visit 186 countries visa-free, including the UK, Canada, Australia and the entire Schengen Area.

  • Is a Canadian passport strong?

    Yes, the Canadian passport is strong. It allows one to visit 185 countries visa-free, including the US, the UK, Australia, the Schengen countries and a lot of other states globally.

  • Which passports are the best for travelling, improving quality of life, asset protection and creating a plan B?

    According to the passport index by Immigrant Invest, the leaders are the following:

    1. Freedom of movement: Ireland, Australia, Canada.

    2. Asset protection: Ireland, New Zealand, Australia.

    3. Improving the quality of life: Monaco, Ireland, Luxembourg.

    4. Creating a plan B: Canada, Australia, Ireland.

    Passports in the rankings are distributed based on nine indicators, including the experts’ estimation of current legislation and data from reputable organisations like the World Bank and the United Nations.