Residency or second citizenship for relocation abroad

Learn about documents that help investors move to Europe, the USA or the Middle East


Applicant’s expenses

2+ months

Obtaining period

Up to 10 years

Validity period of a document

Elena Ruda

Elena Ruda,

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

Generally, one cannot move to another country on a tourist visa as it doesn’t allow the holder to reside, work and get an education in the state. A residence permit, citizenship or a special visa is required for relocation.

Some countries grant residence permits or citizenship in exchange for investments in their economies. For applicants, it is easier to legalise in the chosen state: they don’t have to prove their reasons to become residents or take exams.

Moving abroad: fast and trouble-free paths

The USA, the UK, EU states, and the UAE attract expats with high living standards and opportunities for doing business and providing a quality education for children.

Investment programs for obtaining citizenship or residency simplify relocation. Such programs help to get a passport or a residence permit in a few months. Some countries offer to get the status by investing in real estate; thus, the applicant can buy a house or an apartment to move to.

5 guides on investment migration will help you choose the status for relocation to one or another country and advise on how much to invest to qualify for a second passport or a residence card.

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