Second citizenship for childrens’ better future

How good citizenship for children can help them get a quality education and a job

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Elena Ruda

Elena Ruda,

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

A second passport or a residence permit can be obtained by investment. Investors may apply for citizenship for children, among other close relatives.

Studying in the USA, the UK, and the EU is more accessible to children with dual citizenship. A second passport makes it possible to study without needing a student visa and provides an advantage for looking for a job abroad. In the meantime, parents can save money on tuition fees and visit their children anytime they want.

How to choose citizenship or residency for children

Providing an opportunity to get an education at EU, British or US universities and stay in the selected country after graduation is one of the main tasks of Immigrant Invest’s clients. It might be easier to implement such plans if children have dual citizenship.

It’s better to choose an investment program with a specific goal in mind. For example, to enrol in a university in the USA or the UK. But even if your children are undecided about their future, there is a way to find a suitable option. Each status, citizenship or residency, offers vast opportunities for education and career in several countries.

5 guides on second residency and citizenship for children will help you learn more about the benefits of each status, which one could be the best for you and how to get a residence permit or passport in time for enrollment to a school or university.

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