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How to freely travel the world with dual citizenship

See which second passport unlocks visa-free entry to the UK, the Schengen Area, China, or the USA

Up to 186 Visa-free destinations
$100,000+ Required investments
2+ months Passport obtaining period

Second citizenship or residency simplifies getting a visa or replaces it when travelling abroad. Cosmopolitans can travel the world without returning home to obtain visas for the next trip.

A passport or a residence permit can be obtained by investment. This path is faster than any other. Besides, investors don’t have to take language proficiency tests, look for a job or live permanently in the country to become its citizen or resident.

Elena Ruda Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer Elena Ruda Lawyer and Chief Development Officer at Immigrant Invest

Let your passport work for you

5,000 families have already got second citizenship or residency by investment with Immigrant Invest’s help. They no longer waste their time obtaining visas.

Required expenses, time frames and conditions for family members are different for each investment program. There is a difference in the number of unlocked visa-free destinations, too. Thus, investors with Caribbean passports visit the Schengen Area without visas to spend 90 days out of 180, while Maltese citizens can stay in the region for as long as they wish. China is visa-free only for citizens of two countries with investment programs.

5 travel guides will help you choose the best-suited document for your goals.

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Citizenship by investment for your goals:

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