Second citizenship benefits for building a career after graduation

Finding a job after graduation might be challenging: the time for a search is limited with a student visa, and employers aren’t eager to take responsibility for a foreigner and deal with documents. Learn how to make it easier for your child to start a successful career in another country after graduation

Getting employed in the UK

Malta, Caribbean or Vanuatu citizenship makes it possible to spend up to 180 days in the UK visa-free. Investor’s children can visit the country for job interviews and take courses lasting up to 6 months.

The whole family usually obtains second citizenship by investment, so parents can visit their children in the UK without needing visas.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can you work with dual citizenship?

    Yes, you can work with dual citizenship in both countries without a need to get a working permit.

  • What is a business visa in the USA?

    A business B‑1 visa to the USA is a visa that allows its holder to engage in business activities in the country. That might be holding conferences or meetings, signing papers, negotiating contracts, etc.

  • Can dual citizens work in both countries?

    Yes, dual citizens have all the rights that citizenship grants in two countries. That means they are allowed to work in either of them.