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Second citizenship benefits for building a career after graduation

Finding a job after graduation might be challenging: the time for a search is limited with a student visa, and employers aren't eager to take responsibility for a foreigner and deal with documents. Learn how to make it easier for your child to start a successful career in another country after graduation

Right to work in the EU

A residence permit or permanent residence by investment can provide the right to work in the country. In Portugal, investors and their family members can get employed and do business: thus, a graduate won’t be rejected because of difficulties with getting permits and other documents. Malta permanent residents can get a work permit in the country.

Residence permits for financially independent persons offered by Austria and Switzerland don’t provide the right to work. If a graduate wants to stay there and find a job, they must get a residence permit of another type.

Residence permits of Portugal, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and Austria, as well as Malta permanent residence permit, allow the holder to live in the country of residence. Residents can visit other states for 90 days out of 180, for example, for a job interview.

Pan-European permanent residence can be obtained after five years of living in an EU country. The study period usually counts as half of the time: for example, if a student has lived and studied in an EU country for four years, only two will count for permanent residence.

According to Directive 2003/109/EC of November 25th, 2003, such permanent residents have equal rights as EU citizens. They can move between the region’s countries to work or study. The terms and conditions of stay depend on the selected country.

EU citizenship makes it possible to live and work in any state of the region. An EU citizen doesn’t need a work permit; it’s enough to register in the country three months after relocation. The registration requires providing the following documents: 

  • an ID card or a passport;
  • an employment certificate or a confirmation of the self-employed status.

After five years of living in the selected EU country, an EU citizen gets the right to permanent residence. Therefore, even if they lose a job, they still will be able to stay in the selected country. 

In Malta, investors can get citizenship for exceptional services. The investment amount is at least €690,000. One can apply for citizenship one or three years after becoming a resident.

In other EU countries, citizenship by naturalisation is granted after several years of residency. For example, it’s enough to maintain residency for five years to qualify for Portugal citizenship. Moreover, investors don’t have to live there or give up their first citizenship.

Portugal residence permit for a child’s future

Ali wanted his daughter and grandson to move to the EU. Thus, the boy could get a quality education, the prospect of citizenship, and the freedom to choose where to live and work.

We helped Ali’s family to get Portugal residence permits. However, the program terms didn’t allow the investor to add his grandson to the application. Still, our lawyers found a solution: Ali got temporary custody and managed to include the child in the residence application.

In the future, Ali’s grandson will be able to obtain Portugal citizenship and build a career in the EU.

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Caribbean and Vanuatu citizenship opens free entry to the Schengen countries for 90 days out of 180. Thus, a graduate can come to Europe for job interviews without visas. However, they still need a residence and work permit to get employed in the selected country.

Getting employed in the UK

Malta, Caribbean or Vanuatu citizenship makes it possible to spend up to 180 days in the UK visa-free. Investor’s children can visit the country for job interviews and take courses lasting up to 6 months.

The whole family usually obtains second citizenship by investment, so parents can visit their children in the UK without needing visas.

Business visa and job in the USA

Caribbean and Vanuatu citizenshipallows holders to get long-term B-1/B-2 visas to the USA. An applicant with a Caribbean passport will get a 10‑year visa, and a Vanuatu citizen can get a 5-year visa.

A visitor visa holder can spend up to 180 days a year in the USA: attend job interviews, visit relatives, or travel the country. It’s forbidden to get employed or provide paid services.

Grenada citizenship opens the route to an E-2 visa issued for opening or purchasing a business in the USA. The investor’s son or daughter over 21 can get a visa only as an independent investor and must participate in the company’s operation after obtaining a visa.

Malta citizenship provides the right to enter the USA without visas, only with an electronic travel authorisation (ESTA) valid for two years. During the validity period, an ESTA holder can visit the USA several times by spending up to 90 days during each trip. Thus, parents can see their children anytime they want, and graduates use this opportunity for job searches and interviews.

One can get denied ESTA on various grounds, for example, because the applicant visited Iran or Syria before applying. In this case, a Maltese citizen can get a B-type visitor visa for 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work with dual citizenship?

Yes, you can work with dual citizenship in both countries without a need to get a working permit.

What is a business visa in the USA?

A business B-1 visa to the USA is a visa that allows its holder to engage in business activities in the country. That might be holding conferences or meetings, signing papers, negotiating contracts, etc.

Can dual citizens work in both countries?

Yes, dual citizens have all the rights that citizenship grants in two countries. That means they are allowed to work in either of them.

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