Taxes for individuals in the UAE and Turkey

A wealthy foreigner can get a UAE residence permit or Turkey citizenship for the purchase of real estate or other investments. These countries are often chosen for relocation, so that investors may need information about personal income tax rates and other possible expenses.

Learn how to become a resident in the United Arab Emirates with no income tax and whether it is possible to optimise taxes in Turkey.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much is personal tax in UAE?

    There is no tax on income in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Is Dubai tax free for citizens?

    The UAE in general don’t have tax on income, interest, dividends, royalties, inheritances, gifts or capital gains.

    There is also no tax on property ownership. However, you need to pay tax when you buy or sell real estate. Rates vary from emirate to emirate. In Dubai, for example, Transfer Fee when buying a property is 4% and when selling — 2%. You also need to pay an administrative fee of $147.

    If you buy a commercial property you must pay additional VAT of 5%.

  • What is the income tax rate in UAE for foreigners?

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