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The Andorra residence permit can be obtained by investing from €400,000. The resident status allows not to pay taxes on capital gains and dividends and save on income and corporate taxes. Residence permit holders can visit France and Spain without visas and get visas to the Schengen zone, the USA, Canada and other countries under a fast-track procedure.

The Andorra residence permit by investment does not give the right to work and start a business as all income must come from abroad.

The jurisdiction of Andorra is suitable for registering the tax residency of an international business or opening a new company. The corporate tax rate is 10%.

Benefits of a residence permit in Andorra

Visa-free entry to France and Spain

An Andorra residence permit allows visiting the two neighbouring countries freely.

Expedited and simplified obtaining of a visa to the Schengen countries, UK, USA, Canada

A Schengen visa is issued in 1 day, visas to other countries — in a few days.

Low tax rates

There is no tax on wealth and inheritance for residents, and the rate on dividends, capital gains and profits is only 10%.

Inheritance and wealth are not taxed, and profits and dividends from a holding.

No automatic exchange of banking information about tax residents

Andorra is better than any other European jurisdiction at keeping data about its residents. Local banks do not report the accounts of foreign investors to the tax authorities of other countries.

Quality medicine: TOP 5 in world rankings

The compulsory insurance covers up to 90% of all medical expenses. The average life expectancy in the country is up to 83 years.

Education for children

At school, children study in Catalan, French, Spanish and English.

Get maximum information about the process

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  • Requirements for applicants
  • Necessary documents
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
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Who is eligible for a residence permit in Andorra

An investor with a legal income
  • Over 18
  • Without convictions
  • With an owned or rented accommodation
  • With a medical report
  • With a legal income from €3,250 per month
  • With medical insurance

Or a partner in a committed long-term relationship

Children under 18

Including children from previous marriages

Children under 25
  • Students
  • Financially dependent on an investor
  • Unmarried

Costs for an investor

An investor can choose one of several investment options of €350,000:

  • Buying real estate or securities
  • Investing in a business
  • Opening an interest-free deposit

If the applicant chooses not to invest in real estate, it is still necessary to buy or rent a residential property in Andorra. However, there are no space or cost requirements.

Investments can be returned after the expiration of the residence permit or when the status is no longer needed.

1 Option

Investor Spouses Family of 3 or more people
Investment options are:
1. real estate;
2. government bonds;
3. business;
4. interest-free deposit. ? The money can be transferred to the largest international broker for management to generate income.
€350,000 €340,000 €330,000
- €10,000 per each family member starting with the forth one
Security interest-free deposit in the Andorran National Institute of Finances (INAF) €50,000 €60,000 €70,000
+ €10,000 per each family member starting with the forth one
Confirmation of income
The annual minimum income must be deposited in an Andorran bank account. After the application is approved, the money can be withdrawn.
€39,000 €78,000

+ €39,000 per each family member starting with the forth one

Due Diligence €15,000 €25,000 €25,000
+ €10,000 per each family member over 12 years old
Administrative fee €1,000 €2,000 €3,000
+ €1,000 per each family member starting with the forth one
Fee for a residence permit card €5,000 €6,000 /td> €7,000
+ €1,000 per each family member starting with the forth one
Medical insurance €2,000+ per year €4,000+ per year €6,000+ per year
+ €2,000+ per year per each family member starting with the forth one
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Individual cost calculation for a residence permit in Andorra

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Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Andorra

Obtaining a residence permit by investment in Andorra takes about two months. An investor has to come to Andorra for a few days to apply and pass a medical examination as it cannot be done remotely.

1 day Preliminary Due Diligence

Preliminary Due Diligence

1 day

A certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Office conducts a preliminary Due Diligence. They check international databases to see if there is a risk of rejection to grant a residence permit. In case of problems, our lawyers offer a solution. The applicant only needs a passport.

Up to 2 weeks Collection of documents

Collection of documents

Up to 2 weeks

We help to collect, translate and apostille documents, get medical insurance and conclude a real estate lease agreement.

Main set of documents includes:

  1. Forms for opening a bank account.
  2. Originals and copies of the national and international passport.
  3. A bank statement.
  4. A letter of recommendation from a bank.
  5. Disclosure of origin and proof of the legality of funds transferred to the bank.
  6. Proof of residence for the last 5 years.
  7. Proof of employment for the last 5 years.
  8. Corporate documents for business owners.
  9. Tax returns for the last 5 years.
  10. Police clearance certificates issued not earlier than 3 months.
  11. A marriage certificate.
  12. Confirmation of a permanent address in Andorra.
  13. Medical insurance.
Up to a week Opening a bank account in Andorra

Opening a bank account in Andorra

Up to a week

An investor passes Customer Due Diligence to open an account and proves that all the money has been earned legally. After that, the bank will help with the preparation of the remaining documents and choosing investments.

2 days Application to the Migration Service of Andorra

Application to the Migration Service of Andorra

2 days

An investor needs to apply in person in Andorra. The procedure takes two days: on the first day, the application is submitted, and an interview is organised on the second day. The application will be considered within 3 to 8 weeks. During this time, the investor and his family will pass Due Diligence. Therefore, we study all documents in advance and warn about possible risks.

Up to a week Medical examination and money transfer

Medical examination and money transfer

Up to a week

A full medical examination takes up to 4 days. An investor passes the main medical examination and undergoes the Mantoux test on the first day. The reaction to the test will be checked three days later.

3-8 weeks Getting a residence permit

Getting a residence permit

3-8 weeks

Residence permits are issued for an investor, spouse, minor children and children under 25 who study at a university.

A residence permit can be received without coming to the country through a trusted representative.

Up to 6 months Fulfillment of an investment condition

Fulfillment of an investment condition

Up to 6 months

The investment should be made within 6 months after obtaining a residence permit.

Additional services after obtaining a residence permit in Andorra

After obtaining a residence permit, the investor faces a number of everyday issues and has to communicate with local officials. We can help with that in Andorra or remotely.

Renewing a residence permit

We prepare and submit the necessary documents

Registering tax residence

We request the status of a tax resident in the tax service after staying in the country for more than 183 days a year

Opening a bank account

We help to choose a bank and prepare documents for opening an account

Obtaining a residence permit for family reunification

For example, if you want parents or close relatives to move to Andorra

Choosing real estate

We help to choose the type of property and its location, organize a property examination and close a deal. We also help with the selection of investment property.

Help to get a driver's license

You must exchange your driver's license within a year after moving. At the inspector's discretion, a driving test may be required. If you exchange the rights in a year, you will need to pass an exam in theory and practice. We help to submit documents and go through the process.

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Answers to frequently asked questions

What investments are returnable?

All investments can be returned after the expiration of the residence permit. If the assets are sold before this time, the residence permit will be cancelled.

Should minors also be subject to Due Diligence?

No, only the main applicant undergoes Due Diligence.

What is the required minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is €400,000: €350,000 is an investment itself, and €50,000 goes to a security deposit in the Andorran National Institute of Finances to guarantee of the investor’s solvency.

If I rent a property in Andorra, what additional costs will arise?

There are no additional costs. You need to pay rent and utilities.

What obligations arise after obtaining a residence permit in Andorra?

It is mandatory to spend at least 90 days a year in the country, bear the associated costs, keep the investments, and transfer the minimum required income of €39,000 per person per year to an Andorran bank.

We will offer an individual solution at a meeting in the office or online

We will select a country and status that will solve your problems, we will accompany the whole process.

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