How to relocate to Europe, Turkey or the UAE

An investor can get a residence permit or citizenship in European countries, as well as a Turkish passport or a long-term residential visa to the UAE. These documents allow their holders to relocate legally.

Discover the countries with investment programs granting a residence permit or citizenship and who can qualify to participate in these programs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the easiest European country to move to?

    One of the easiest ways to move to a European country is to obtain a residence permitby investment. Several countries offer this opportunity: Malta, Greece, Portugal, Spain.

    In general Portugal is one of the easiest European countries to move to. Besides investment option it also has a D7 visa for economically sufficient persons and a D2 and a Start-Up visas for entrepreneurs.

  • What country is best to move to in Europe?

    Among the best countries for living in Europe are Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and the Scandinavian countries. They have a stable economy, high quality of life and safety, many job opportunities.

    Spain is one of the best countries with residence by investment programs. It has a warm climate, a high level of life and relatively low expenses.

  • How can I move to Europe permanently?

    There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in Europe: by working, by studying, by family reunification, by marriage. All of these options will allow you to move to Europe for a long period.

    Another way is to get a residence permit by investment. It is issued in 2—6 months and is granted for persons who invest in the country’s economy. Among the European countries that have residence by investment programs are Malta, Spain, Greece, Portugal.

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