How to move to Europe, Asia or the Middle East as a part of your backup plan

Second citizenship or residence permit helps to prepare a “safe harbour” in the Schengen countries, Turkey, or the UAE. The statuses allow you to go abroad quickly and stay there for a long time.

Learn more about the opportunities provided by residence permits and passports and programs unsuitable for your “plan B”.

Get prepared in advance

Purchase a property in the EU, the UAE or Turkey

Housing in the country of second citizenship or residency helps prepare for emergencies. If you have to leave the country of residence quickly, you will not have to look for a place to stay — you will be able to come to your own house or apartment.

Buying real estate is a popular investment option for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship. The UAE, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, and Spain offer it. In Malta, the purchase or rent of a property for a certain amount is required to obtain permanent residence or citizenship for exceptional services.

In most cases, investors are allowed to rent out properties. But you need to consider the peculiarities of the legislation: in many countries, you won’t be able to evict the tenant as soon as you need the apartment.

Julia Loko

Material prepared by Julia Loko, Investment programs expert

July 17, 2024

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the easiest countries to move to in Europe?

    Portugal is one of the easiest countries for moving. It has several specific grounds under which it grants residency: investment, entrepreneurship and launching of a start-up, economic solvency.

    Other countries that offer immigration to Europe by investment are Greece, Spain, Cyprus, and Andorra.

  • What is the easiest way to move to Europe?

    The easiest way to move to Europe is to get a European residence permit by investment. Several countries have such programs: Malta, Greece, Spain, Portugal.

  • How can I legally immigrate to Europe?

    To immigrate legally to Europe you need to have a specific ground for it. That might be work, studying, reunification with family.

    If you don’t have relatives there and don’t want to study or work in Europe you can obtain a residence permit by investment. With it you can live in a country for as long as the permit is valid. European countries that grant residency by investment are Portugal, Spain, Greece, Malta.

  • Is it hard to move to Europe?

    In general, it is rather hard to move to Europe. Some countries like Vatican City or Liechtenstein have strict immigration rules, others give a right to move only by work, studying, family reunification, or marriage.

    However, there are few countries that grant residence permits by investment: this ground is easier and faster than others. Some of these countries are Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Greece, Malta.

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