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Case Studies

Travelling the world without visas and boundaries

New opportunities for cosmopolitans with second citizenship or residency

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment for visa-free travelling to 150 countries
Antigua and Barbuda passports for visa-free travelling to Europe

It was difficult for me to keep my feet on the ground in my country, but I was lucky. And now I look at my children and see how they grow up quickly, what kind of big dreams and how much potential they have. I want to give my children everything they need to make their life paths happy as a parent.

Travel170,800 $
St Lucia passports for a married couple for visa-free to the Schengen countries and Britain
St Lucia citizenship for a former civil servant
Dominica citizenship for visa-free travelling for an investor from Azerbaijan
Visa-free travelling with Dominica passport: second citizenship for the whole family
Malta permanent residence for visa-free travelling in Europe
How to renew permanent residence in Malta: procedure specifics for investors
A second passport by investment for visa free travel around the world
Vanuatu passports for bloggers: visa-free travel, business and career from anywhere in the world
Vanuatu citizenship by investment for a couple from Lebanon
How to travel around Europe on a yacht without visas
Antigua and Barbuda passport for getting visa to the US
How to get a tourist visa to the USA for 10 years with the Antigua and Barbuda passport
Malta permanent residence for business owners
Permanent residence in Malta for entrepreneurs: how to prove ownership of assets worth €500,000
Antigua and Barbuda citizenship for an investor with an issue in the biography
Problem in Biography Isn’t Always Equal to Refusal: How Affidavit Helped Investor Obtain Caribbean Passport
Malta permanent residence for visiting children in Europe
Permanent Residence in Malta for Cosmopolitans who Already had Residency in Three Countries
St Lucia citizenship by investment in the government bonds with a 50% discount
Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment in Government Bonds with a 50% Discount
Obtaining a Caribbean passport for an investor with a problem in the biography
Problem in Biography: How an Affidavit Helped Our Client Obtain a Second Citizenship
Antigua and Barbuda citizenship for a whole family
Antigua and Barbuda citizenship for visa-free travel and treatment in Europe
Second citizinship by investment for a former civil servant
Cyprus citizenship as a solution of family issues
St Lucia passport for visa-free travel to the UK
St Lucia passport for visa-free travel to Britain
Grenada citizenship for obtaining a 10 years visa in the USA
Grenada citizenship: free access to the US
Malta permanent residence for spouses who own real estate in Germany
Malta permanent residence for an elderly couple with a penchant for travelling
Second citizenship by investment for visa-free travelling to the UK, US and European Union
No visas needed: Cyprus citizenship for unrestricted travel
St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment for visa-free entry to the USA
Entry to the USA with St Kitts and Nevis citizenship
Visa-free Schengen and the UK with St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment
Visa-Free Schengen and the UK with St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship
Malta permanent residence for visa-free travelling in Schengen
Malta permanent residence: when your status becomes the solution
Permanent residence in a EU country for a former civil servant
Permanent Residence in Hungary: an Optimal Solution for Civil Servants

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