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Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship for traveling around the world

Traveling around the world for many wealthy people becomes problematic for one reason only - constant delays and procrastinations in obtaining visas. The solution is to get a second citizenship and completely forget about visas when traveling in most countries of the world. Our today’s story is about that. The registration of second passports brought our heroes to wedding celebration!

Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship for traveling around the world

Our customers:

  • Denis, 46 years old, a big businessman
  • Milana, 40 years old, Denis’s common-law spouse
  • Alexey Nikolaevich, 70 years old, his father
  • Masha, 15 years old, the daughter of Denis from his first marriage

Goals and objectives

Denis and Milana began thinking about obtaining a residence permit or second citizenship from the moment they began to experience problems with obtaining visas to Europe. It was becoming more and more difficult for the family to plan joint business trips or vacations in European countries.

It was easier for Denis, because he travels often, and the countries like France and Italy issued him a visa for 5 years.

However, his wife Milana and daughter Masha had to “fight” every time for their right to travel. In addition, Denis's father, who was left alone after the death of his wife, also wanted to spend more time with his family and go on holiday with them. The visa application procedure took Alexei Nikolayevich every time a lot of nerves and efforts.

Searching for solutions

The hero of our case made up his mind to solve this problem. Particularly, because more and more friends and acquaintances talked him about the benefits of a second citizenship or residence permit. These include not only visa-free entry into Schengen and dozens of countries around the world, but also wide opportunities for tax planning, higher education and business in different countries.

Studying the information about various programs for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship for investments, Denis realized that it was difficult for him to make a choice in favor of one country or another. After all, there are a lot of migration programs around the world.

Our company was advised to him by a close friend, who used our services to obtain a permanent residence in Hungary about 4 years ago. Denis contacted our Moscow office, and we agreed to meet for discussing the details.

Variants of programs

There appear really more and more new investment programs. For example, recently we announced that now there is also an opportunity to get second citizenship in Moldova.

However, each of the proposals has its own characteristics and advantages. Taking into consideration that it was important for Denis and his family members to obtain a visa-free entry to as many countries as possible, we recommended him to pay attention to the possibility of obtaining citizenship of the Caribbean countries or Malta.

  • Citizenship of Malta can be granted according to the official state program, which operates already 4 years. Under the conditions, the investor undertakes to make a non-refundable contribution in the amount of 650 thousand euros to the national fund, to buy securities for 150 thousand euros and to buy property in Malta for at least 350 thousand euros. As an option, a housing worth from 12 thousand euros per year can be rented.
  • Caribbean Citizenship can also be granted on the basis of one of the state programs that operate in various countries. You can make investments in real estate, however this is a more expensive option - from 200 thousand US dollars and additionally clearance costs - from 50 thousand US dollars. Alternatively, you can make an irrevocable donation to the national fund. In this case, for a family, the amount of investment starts from 100 thousand dollars, and administrative expenses are lower - from 25 thousand.

Customer’s choice

Under the terms of international agreements, citizens of Malta have the right to visit more than 160 countries of the world without visas. Caribbean countries have visa-free agreements with a smaller number of countries (more than 90, including the territory of the EU and Schengen). However, the amount of requirable investment here is less. In fact, this was a determining factor in favor of the Caribbean for Denis and his family.

Out of all countries, our clients chose Saint Kitts and Nevis.. Despite the fact that the estimated calculation for the whole family for the Antigua and Barbuda program was a little cheaper, Denis was bothered by the requirement to come to the island for 5 days. His father, Alexei Nikolayevich, did not like long flights, and holidays in hot countries are also not recommended to his health.

Fortunately, St. Kitts and Nevis does not require applicants to come to the country at all, and the whole naturalization procedure can be completed remotely. Besides, this program is one of the oldest in the world. It has been operating since 1984!

The terms of the program St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship for Investment

  • The main investment for the whole family is 150 thousand US dollars.
  • Administrative expenses in this case will amount to 11,5 thousand dollars for Denis and his wife Milana, 2 thousand for his daughter Masha and 4 thousand for his father Alexey Nikolaevich
  • All adult participants of the program should go through a reliability Due Diligence test
  • One application can include a spouse, children and parents over 55 years old.

The problem with a civil marriage

There arose a problem connected with the common-law wife of Denis. Caribbean countries do not allow to apply for temporary or permanent residence, or citizenship to civilian spouses (in Malta, vice versa, this is allowed). To overcome this obstacle, we advised the spouses to marry in a country where this procedure can be done as fast as possible and does not require a lot of documents - in Cyprus.

We collected and translated into English all necessary documents, within 3 days arranged the marriage procedure. Denis and Milana arrived in Cyprus on the appointed day and almost immediately received their marriage registration certificate. We only had to get a copy of the document apostilled and notarized. Thus, we managed to avoid a long bureaucratic marriage procedures and minimally to involve the investor in the process of collecting documents.

At that time, it was important for Denis and Milana to apply for a second citizenship as soon as possible. They had already planned to which place in the world they would go to celebrate their wedding. More over this would not be any difficulty since they have a new passport.

Registration of citizenship

Alexey Nikolayevich matched the program conditions by age, but he still had to prove his financial dependence on Denis. Caribbean countries are tough on this condition and require confirmation of the status of a dependent.

We confirmed the financial dependence of Alexei Nikolaevich providing the receipts for public utilities for the past few months, which were paid by Denis. We also drafted and legally verified an agreement on material support, which stipulates that all expenses and cash payments of Aleksey Nikolayevich will be taken by his son. This document fully satisfied the Department of St. Kitts.

Thus, all documents were successfully collected and sent to the island 3 weeks after the start of our cooperation with Denis. A few days later, when state fees were paid, the application to begin a security check was registered in the government of St. Kitts. The Due Diligence check took 4 months, and then we received a letter approving the candidacies of our clients without any additional questions from the government.

The results of Cooperation

The whole family was very happy that in less than six months we had gone all the way to obtain the citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

  • Our customers shared with us their plans to celebrate their wedding in the country, the citizens of which they became, and then go on a honeymoon around Europe
  • They choiced for Masha a summer school in London, where she dreamed to go to. In the future, Maria will be able to easily get a British student visa and study at a university.
  • Now the family didn’t have any problems with obtaining a visa and staying in the UK, because having a passport of St. Kitts and Nevis, they are allowed to stay there for 6 months in a row

Thus, as a result of our work, the clients have solved all their tasks and now they can move almost around the whole world without visas and confidently plan the future of their family.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the European Union and the Caribbean.

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