How to travel with a Caribbean passport during a pandemic

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In February 2021, most countries in the world are closed to foreigners because of the pandemic. Entry is only allowed on special occasions and subjects to security protocols. We tell you under what circumstances foreign travel is possible and how the Caribbean passport helps you cross closed borders.

helped to get Caribbean passports to investors who traveled a lot

Citizens of CIS countries need a visa to travel to the Schengen area, the UK and the US. But because of the pandemic, states have suspended visas indefinitely. Therefore, citizens of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia will not be able to travel abroad if they do not have a visa or its validity has expired.

A Schengen visa for Russians is now only issued by Greece: the country allows entry for 500 Russian citizens per week. But if the final purpose of the trip is to visit another Schengen country, the Greek consulate has the right to refuse to issue a visa.

If a Russian is refused a visa by the consulate, for example, of Italy, it will be difficult to obtain a visa to another Schengen country in the future. There will also be difficulties when applying for a second citizenship or residence permit by investment. You will have to explain the reason for the refusal.

Who is entitled to enter the Schengen area during a pandemic

Entry for a non‑tourist purpose – for example, for business or medical treatment – is only permitted to nationals of countries with which the Schengen States have a visa‑free travel agreement.

The purpose of the trip must be documented at the border.

Who is allowed to enter a country with a closed border and when

Countries change their rules of entry according to the world’s epidemic situation. However, there are categories of foreigners and circumstances that are not subject to restrictions – in whole or in part. For example, a foreigner still has to present a certificate with a negative test result for coronavirus, but they are not subject to the quarantine requirement.

👨‍⚕️ Representatives of certain professions. Restrictions on entry do not apply to:

  • Medical workers and researchers in the medical field;

  • Caregivers of children, people with disabilities and the elderly;

  • Suppliers of medicines, medical equipment, foodstuffs;

  • Diplomats and aid workers;

  • Employees of international organizations, such as United Nations entities;

  • Military;

  • Frontier and seasonal workers;

  • transport drivers.

At the border, you have to present one of the following documents: employment contract, confirmation from your employer, work permit in the country, diplomatic passport, military ID, driving licence, pilot’s licence.

💼 Business travel is permitted for urgent matters that require personal attendance at negotiations or production. Visits to consulates and government offices are also considered to be an important reason for travelling abroad.

At the border, you have to present one of the following documents: an invitation from a business partner or a governmental institution, contracts, confirmation of an appointment.

My business is supplying medicines and medical equipment to Russia. Because of the pandemic, there has been more work, I have had to look urgently for new partners. To do this, you have to leave the country, meet with manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. And they don’t issue visas.

I obtained Grenada citizenship in order to solve the travel issue. I asked for invitations from partners, showed the contracts at the border. But now there is no headache with visas.

Evgeny, owner of pharmaceutical companies
Evgeny, owner of pharmaceutical companies

Obtained Grenada passport in June 2020
Name and photo changed

👪 Family reunification is possible if the relative is a citizen or resident of a foreign country. Entry is allowed in the event of important events or emergencies. These include the birth of children or grandchildren, weddings, funerals, caring for sick relatives.

One of the following documents must be presented at the border: an invitation from a relative, marriage certificate, children’s birth certificate, proof of the urgency of the trip, doctor’s certificate of the relative’s attending physician.

We received our St Kitts and Nevis citizenship in May 2019. And from September our daughter went to a public school in Austria.

When the borders closed, we were in Russia and our daughter was in Vienna. We gathered the documents: that we are parents, that our minor child is studying in the country on a student residence permit. With a Caribbean passport, no visa was needed, so we crossed the border safely. We lived in Austria for two months until our daughter was transferred to distance learning.

Антон и Марина Супруги — граждане Сент-Китс и Невис
Anton and Marina

Spouses are citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis
name and photo have been changed

📚 Studying at universities and schools abroad. International students have the right to return to their country of study if the university requires personal attendance. The rule also applies to students at boarding schools, language schools and colleges.

At the border, you have to present one of the following documents: student residence permit, contract with the university or school, proof of full‑time study.

I am studying in Germany, at the Technical University of Berlin. In the spring of 2020, we were transferred to distance learning, all foreign students had to return home. And then in the summer, there were rumours that they were going to bring back full‑time education… As a result, the lectures seem to be online, but the exams still have to be taken at the university.

My family lives in Nursultan, we received St Lucia passports three years ago. So with the second passport, I went to Germany to extend my student residence permit and already stay for studies. I don’t know how I would pass the session sitting at home in Kazakhstan. It’s probably arranged somehow, but I’m glad that I was able to avoid these problems.

Майнур, студент Гражданин Сент-Люсии
Mainur, student

A citizen of Saint Lucia
name and photo changed

👩‍⚕️ Travel for planned or emergency treatment is generally permitted in cases of serious illness, planned operations or accidents. A guardian, nurse or child may travel with the patient to the country of treatment.

At the border, one of the following documents must be presented: an agreement with a medical facility, proof of the need for treatment – planned or urgent, a contract of employment for a carer.

I had heart surgery in April 2020, at a private hospital in the UK. It had been planned since last autumn when the pandemic was still unthinkable. But I had foreseen it coming – I got a Dominican passport.

Visas are always a hassle. And with the pandemic, they stopped issuing visas altogether. I collected the papers and went on a second passport. After the operation, I stayed in England for another four months and managed to return home just in time for the second wave.

Николай, гражданин Доминики

a citizen of Dominica
name and photo have been changed

Countries regularly review entry conditions, so special circumstances can be added or removed as well. Immigrant Invest lawyers recommend checking what rules are in force in the destination country just before travelling.

Caribbean passport holders have the right to enter Belgium for a valid reason: family, business or study

How to obtain a Caribbean passport in 2021

Caribbean citizenship is an investment in freedom of movement around the world, even during a pandemic. And when countries lift restrictions, Caribbean passport holders will have access to travel to over 140 countries worldwide – the Schengen states, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Five Caribbean states offer investors from $ 100,000 to invest in the country’s economy and obtain a second citizenship. Different investment options are available: non‑refundable contributions, buying real estate or government bonds, investing in local businesses.

Vanuatu, an island nation in Oceania, offers similar opportunities. If an investor makes a contribution from $ 130,000 to the country’s public fund, they will receive citizenship and be able to travel visa‑free to 130 countries around the world.

From $ 100,000

Grenada Flag

From $ 100,000

From $ 100,000

From $ 130,000

SKN flag

From $ 150,000

From $ 150,000

It takes three to six months to obtain a Caribbean passport. The expert analysts of Immigrant Invest’s investment programmes believe that now is a good time to obtain a second citizenship. There is still time to prepare documents for the programme without rushing. And when countries start to open their borders the demand for a second passport will increase. As a result, there will be a queue of applications, and the processing time may be longer.

The conditions of the Caribbean programmes and Vanuatu are very similar.

Оформление второго гражданства
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Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of Caribbean citizenship programmes by investment. If you want a second passport, seek advice from experts in investment programmes.

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