Business in the Caribbean and Vanuatu

Fast-track registration, accounts in foreign banks and tax optimisation are the advantages of opening a company in Vanuatu and the Caribbean countries.

Explore the benefits and advantages available to investors with second passports.

Highlights about doing business in the Caribbean and Vanuatu

  1. One doesn’t have to be a resident to register a company in a Caribbean country or Vanuatu. The procedure is remote and takes several days.

  2. A registered office in the country and a local representative are mandatory for International Business Companies (IBCs) and International Companies (ICs).

  3. Caribbean corporate tax is up to 33% and levied on all resident companies’ income. The exceptions are St Lucia, where the tax is levied only on income from local sources, and Antigua and Barbuda, where IBCs can become exempt from corporate tax for 50 years.

  4. ICs are exempt from taxes for 20 years in Vanuatu. Instead, they pay an annual fee of $300.

  5. A second Caribbean or Vanuatu passport provides the investor with additional opportunities, for example, to visit the Schengen Area or the UK without visas.

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