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Elena Ruda, lawyer, Chief Development Officer at Immigrant Invest

Benefits of having a second passport or a residence permit include the freedom of movement around the world without wasting time on getting visas, providing your children with a chance to get a quality education and the opportunity to move abroad.

Some countries grant citizenship and residency by investment. It is a fast path with simplified terms: the applicant doesn’t have to live in the chosen country permanently or take language, history and culture exams.

Today we would like to invite you to learn more about the goals that can be achieved through participation in investment programs.

New quality of life for you and your family

Travelling the world without visas and boundaries

Second citizenship can help you go on vacation or attend a business meeting anytime you want. Passports of Vanuatu, Malta or Caribbean countries allow their holders to visit the UK and the Schengen Area freely. Some statuses make it easier to visit Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and the USA.

Gain the freedom of travel

Providing a better future for your children

Children can obtain citizenship or residence with their parents. For them, the status provides an opportunity to study in Europe, the USA and the UK. Besides, it helps to prolong the time allocated for searching for a job after graduation.

Obtain a status for a child

Getting a backup plan

A «safe haven» is where you can quickly come to if there are any issues in the country of residence: political crises, epidemics, wars, or conflicts with dangerous people. Second citizenship provides you with such a place and allows you not to waste time on bureaucracy before relocating.

Prepare a “plan B”

Relocating to a country with high living standards

Cosmopolitans relocate to live in safe and eco-friendly places, send their children to a good school or unlock new opportunities for their businesses. Investment programs help to move to Europe or the USA quickly.

Choose a country for relocation

Being treated abroad

One usually needs a medical visa to go for treatment abroad. However, some health issues require quick solutions. With a second citizenship, you can visit other countries to get medical help and sometimes save money on treatment.

Get access to medical services
Elena Ruda, lawyer, Chief Development Officer at Immigrant Invest

Statuses differ in the opportunities they provide. Each passport or residency card opens a different number of visa-free destinations. Limits for periods of allowed stay vary, too. That’s why each task has its own investment program as a solution.

For example, St Kitts and Nevis citizenship provides visa-free entry to 157 countries. Thus, it suits you if your goal is to travel the world. But if you want to relocate, getting a residence permit in the country of choice might be better, as it will allow you to live in this country permanently.

Visa-free destinations with a second passport

Schengen UK China USA
Malta 185
Antigua and Barbuda 151
Dominica 145
Grenada 146
St Kitts and Nevis 157
St Lucia 147
Vanuatu 98

Benefits of second citizenship for achieving financial goals

Developing an international business

Sanctions, visa policies and currency control can make it challenging to work with foreign partners. Second citizenship helps to solve these issues.

Expand business horizonss

Optimising taxes

One must become a tax resident of the chosen country to start paying taxes there. The main condition for obtaining tax residency is to spend in the country’s territory more than 183 days within a year. Second citizenship expands the range of available jurisdictions and helps to reduce the tax burden.

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