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Real Estate in Antigua and Barbuda

3 cities
5 000 – 99 000 €
2+ rooms
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Zlata Erlach, an expert in the Antigua and Barbuda CBI Program
Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

Buying real estate in Antigua and Barbuda allows you to obtain a citizenship

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$400,000+ New villa in 50 metres
from the ocean
By 3—5% Property prices
annual growth
4% Average rental yield
per year
€3,480 Estimated annual
maintenance expenses
for a villa

Buyer's guide

Who can buy a property

Who can buy a property in Antigua and Barbuda

Citizens and residents purchase property in Antigua and Barbuda without restrictions. Foreigners are required to obtain a special Land Holding Licence. The licence fee is 2,5% of the land plot price.

Foreigners who invest in real estate under the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program are exempt from purchasing a licence.

Property costs by county

Property costs by region of Antigua and Barbuda

Property prices in Antigua and Barbuda have been rising by 5% a year since 2019. The most popular properties are on the island of Antigua: there is a larger real estate selection, developed infrastructure, and natural and historical attractions.

The cost per 1 m² of real estate in Antigua varies from $3,500 to $8,000. Property prices depend on the location and the type:

  • hotel share will cost the buyer $200,000 or more;
  • apartments can be purchased for an amount starting from $400,000;
  • villas cost a minimum of $1,000,000.
Property purchase procedure

Property purchase procedure
in Antigua and Barbuda

You can choose an Antigua and Barbuda property remotely: Immigrant Invest has a database of verified real estate. Foreigners then will need to get a licence to own land.

The next stage is concluding a preliminary purchase and sale agreement. The buyer pays a portion of the real estate cost — 10% or more — and the seller removes the property from sale. After document approval, the parties sign the main purchase and sale agreement. The buyer receives a certificate of ownership in the state registry of the country.

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Property purchase taxes

Property purchase taxes in Antigua and Barbuda

To buy a property, foreigners get a special Landholding Licence in Antigua and Barbuda. The licence costs 5% of the land price. For the citizenship program participants, a licence is not required. 

When buying residential or commercial properties, the future owner must also pay:

  • stamp duty — 2,5%; 
  • insurance premium — 0,2%.
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Citizenship by real estate purchase

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by real estate purchase

Antigua and Barbuda has a citizenship by investment program. One of the program’s options is buying real estate. Investors must meet several conditions:

  • select a real estate from the government-approved list;
  • buy real estate for a minimum of $250,000; 
  • hold the purchased real estate for at least five years.
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Property types in Antigua and Barbuda

Real estate investment in Antigua and Barbuda

An investment in property in Antigua and Barbuda can grant you a passport of this Caribbean state. The Citizenship by Investment program in the country has a real estate option that allows investors to profit from the purchased property. The minimum investment is $200,000.

Investment property projects for the Citizenship by Investment program must be approved by the Antigua and Barbuda government. Investors should purchase a share in one of those projects for at least $200,000. Two related parties can apply for the Citizenship by Investment in real estate program, with each investing at least $200,000 in a property share. Two or more parties that have signed a purchase and sale agreement can also apply for the program. In that case, each applicant invests at least $400,000 in a property share. 

Government-approved investment real estate in Antigua and Barbuda includes seafront property, branded five-star hotels, coastal resort complexes, and luxury tourist accommodations. Investors can generate an annual profit of 2%—8% from their real estate. In 5 years, under the Citizenship by Investment rules, owners can resell their investment property. 

When choosing your investment property for the Citizenship by Investment program in Antigua and Barbuda, allow Immigrant Invest to assist. Our real estate projects are approved by the government and qualified for obtaining a Caribbean passport. We will help you select a project for your needs, put it in escrow while your application is pending, and make a purchase when your citizenship is approved. Per your request, we will also resell the investment property in 5 years. 

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the Europe Union and the Caribbean.

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