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15 countries that offer citizenship or residence permits by investments in real estate

Wealthy people from all over the world buy properties abroad for various reasons. For example, to save money or get a holiday home. However, property ownership is not enough to visit the selected country anytime or live there for as long as you want. That’s when a residence permit or citizenship is a must.

Discover the countries where an investor can combine business with pleasure by both purchasing liquid properties and obtaining a second passport or a residence permit.

10 Countries Offering Citizenship or Residence Permit For Investment in Real Estate

How to choose a country for investing in real estate

Some European and Caribbean countries officially offer residency or citizenship in exchange for real estate investments. Such programs shorten the time required for completing formal procedures and ease the requirements for applicants.

Under the investment programs, applicants don’t have to know the local language or live in the country. Family members can join the main applicant without raising the necessary investment amount.

To choose the best-suited investment program, the investor should consider the required property cost, the investment return period and the number of countries that can be visited without a visa.

Comparison of investment paths to residency or citizenship through purchasing real estate

Country and statusMinimum investment in real estateInvestment return periodVisa-free destinations
Greece residence permit€250,0005 years27 countries of the Schengen Area
Portugal residence permit€280,0005 years27 countries of the Schengen Area
Spain residence permit€500,0005 years27 countries of the Schengen Area
Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment1st option
If purchasing a property

2nd option
€16,000 per annum
If renting for at least five years
5 years
If purchasing a property
186 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, and the USA
Malta Permanent Residence Programme1st option — property rental for 5 years:

€10,000 per year — in the south of Malta or Gozo,

€12,000 per year — in other regions.

2nd option — buying a property:

€300,000 — in the south of Malta or Gozo,

€350,000 — in other regions.
5 years
If purchasing a property
27 countries of the Schengen Area
Turkey citizenship$400,000 3 years111 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan
Antigua and Barbuda citizenship$200,0005 years150 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong
Dominica citizenship$200,0003 years144 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China
Grenada citizenship$220,0005 years145 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China
St Kitts and Nevis citizenship$200,0007 years156 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong
St Lucia citizenship$200,0005 years146 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong
UAE residence visa$204,204Non-refundableUAE
Austria residence permitNo minimal amount requirements27 countries of the Schengen Area
Cyprus permanent residence€300,000Non-refundableCyprus
USA€900,000Depends on type of investment projectUSA

Portugal, Spain, and Greece are popular countries where you can buy a property and get residency among investors who want to become residents of the EU.

As European residents, investors get liquid assets and become eligible to travel within the Schengen Area without visas. Besides, they can live permanently in the country that issued the residence permit and, sometimes, apply for citizenship earlier than other resident permit holders.

Obtaining a residence permit in these countries takes at least €250,000 of investments and six months.

Turkey offers paths to citizenship, which include purchasing real estate in the country. In Turkey, the threshold is $400,000. Turkish citizens enter 100+ countries without visas. Living in the country of citizenship is unlimited.

Malta citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment can be obtained in 1 or 3 years after receiving a residence permit card. The minimum property price for purchase in Malta is €700,000. 

After becoming a Maltese citizen, an investor can travel to 180+ countries visa-free, including the Schengen states, the UK, and the USA.

Five Caribbean states are among the best countries to invest in real estate. Five countries offer similar conditions for real estate investments with fast and remote processing of citizenship applications. Visa-free destinations and the required investment amount differ depending on the chosen country. The minimum investment amount usually is $200,000.

Greece residence permit: real estate investment — €250,000+ for 5 years

Greece’s residence by investment program is particularly affordable: a relatively small investment in real estate, quick registration and renewal for an unlimited period.

A residence permit card is initially issued for five years without requiring the applicant to live in Greece. Seven years later, the resident can apply for citizenship.

The main requirement for real estate is an investment of at least €250,000. It does not matter whether ownership is shared, the property is leased, or there are multiple properties.

The program offers investors the following investment options:

  • buy residential or commercial real estate;
  • buy land for construction, including the cost of construction work;
  • rent a hotel or tourist residence for 10 years;
  • timeshare property for 10 years;
  • inherit or receive a property as a gift.

Examples of investment properties in Greece

The entire family of the main applicant can obtain residence permits: a spouse or a partner, their parents and children under 21. 

The number of participating family members doesn’t affect the property price but increases overall expenses.

Malta citizenship: real estate investment — €700,000+ for 5 years

Malta citizenship is granted for exceptional service by direct investment. Since 2021, the procedure has changed, and naturalisation has become a mandatory step. It means that the applicant must get a residence permit before applying for citizenship 1 or 3 years later.

The applicant must comply with the following three conditions:

  1. Buy residential real estate for €700,000 or rent housing for at least €16,000 per annum. The ownership or renting period is 5 years after receiving the naturalisation certificate.
  2. Contribute €600,000 or €750,000 to the Malta National Development Fund after holding a residence permit for three or one years, respectively;
  3. Donate €10,000 to a cultural, sports or other non-governmental organisation.

The applicant can choose a residential property in a resort in any part of Malta. Renting is more popular: after five years, the housing can be changed to another one without price limits.

Examples of investment properties in Malta

Citizenship can be obtained for the whole main applicant’s family: a spouse or a registered partner, children under 29 and parents over 55.

The number of family members in the application affects additional expenses. For example, there are fees for Eligibility Test for all applicants over 12, residence cards and health insurance.

Turkey citizenship: real estate investment — $400,000+ for 3 years

Turkey’s citizenship by investment program offers advantageous terms. A passport can be obtained without living in the country and learning the language. All procedures take about 6–8 months to complete.

The Turkish passport allows the holder visa-free travel to Asian countries: Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. As a result of Turkey's cooperation with the United States, a Turkish citizen can obtain an E-2 investor visa for 5 years.

There is a well-developed real estate market in Turkey. Most foreign investors invest in Istanbul, the economic centre of the Middle East, with attractive conditions for business and life. 

To get citizenship by investment, applicants often buy one- or two-bedroom apartments in the city centre. Apartments and villas in resorts in Antalya, Bodrum, Belek and other coastal cities are also popular alternatives.

Examples of investment properties in Turkey

The main applicant’s spouse, their children under 18, and their parents can be included in the application.

The government fee that increases expenses depending on the number of family members is $574 per applicant.

Portugal residence permit: real estate investment — €280,000+ for 5 years

The Portugal Golden Visa Program offers applicants considerable flexibility in selecting a suitable investment option: ranging from buying real estate to creating jobs. Over 90% of the applicants prefer to buy real estate as it is a predictable and reliable investment.

Real estate options are available under the following conditions:

  • purchase of residential or commercial property for at least €500,000;
  • purchase of residential property for at least €350,000, as long as it is older than 30 years and requires renovation.

In sparsely populated regions, the cost threshold is 25% lower: €400,000 and €280,000, respectively.

Real estate choices are vast: luxury villas, apartments, shares in hotels and apartments for renovation. An investment of €500,000 can be made in one or more properties, while an investment of €350,000 is limited to just one property. 

The share of properties requiring renovation is growing. Many developers take care of the repair and maintenance of housing and even guarantee its subsequent rental income.

Examples of investment properties in Portugal

Portugal offers investors with families favourable terms: they can include spouses and financially dependent children under 26 in their residence application.

Depending on the number of participants in the application and the complexity of Due Diligence, obtaining a residence permit takes 2 to 6 months.

The applicant must spend at least seven days a year in Portugal, get a household registration, and buy health insurance. Besides, they visit the Portuguese Migration Service to submit their biometrics. 

After five years of holding a residence permit, the investor is eligible to apply for permanent residence or citizenship.

St Lucia citizenship: real estate investment — $200,000+ for 5 years

Saint Lucia’s citizenship program requires investing at least $200,000 in government-approved real estate projects. An additional state fee of $30,000 is paid, too.

The program allows investments in hotels, luxury villas and other government-approved tourism projects.

The real estate bought under the CBI program can be sold in 5 years.

St Lucia citizenship by real estate investment: an example of a villa
A luxury villa with an ocean view near a golf club costs $2,100,000. St Lucia’s government doesn’t approve this property for the CBI program

The main applicant’s spouse, children under 30, parents over 55 and siblings under 18 can qualify for St Lucia citizenship. 

Depending on the number of family members in the application, additional costs include Due Diligence and processing fees. For example, Due Diligence costs $7,500 for the main applicant and $5,000 for each family member over 16.

St Kitts and Nevis citizenship: real estate investment — $200,000+ for 7 years

The St Kitts and Nevis CBI program is the oldest in the world: the first passports by investment were issued in 1984. This indicates the reliability of the program and the continuous interest of applicants.

Real estate investment options are the following:

  1. Shares or properties in full ownership in government-approved touristic projects — at least $200,000 for 7 years.
  2. Purchase of approved private houses for at least $400,000. The housing can be sold in 7 years.

Examples of investment properties in St Kitts and Nevis

A St Kitts passport application can include children under 30, parents over 55, and unmarried siblings under 30.

The applicant pays Due Diligence and application fees. Expenses depend on the family composition. For example, a single investor spends $7,000 on Due Diligence and $25,000 on the application fee. A family of four will pay at least $11,500 for Due Diligence and at least $60,000 for the application fee.

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship: real estate investment — $200,000+ for 5 years

The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program is similar to other Caribbean programs. However, there is one main difference: the applicant must come to the country to spend at least five days within the first five years of citizenship.

Besides, an applicant takes an oath of allegiance. It can be done in Antigua and Barbuda, at a country’s representative office abroad, or by videoconferencing. 

The minimum investment in real estate is $200,000 for five years. Joint investments are possible. 

Government-approved touristic projects are available for purchasing and investing in.

Examples of investment properties in Antigua and Barbuda

The main applicant's family can also get Antigua and Barbuda passports: their spouse, children under 30, parents over 55, and unmarried siblings. 

Irrespective of the family’s composition, a $30,000 application fee is paid. However, the rest of the fees and expenses are calculated depending on the number and age of applicants.

Dominica citizenship: real estate investment — $200,000+ for at least 3 years

Dominica’s citizenship by investment program is one of the most affordable in the Caribbean. The main applicant chooses between the following two options:

  • a non-refundable contribution of at least $100,000;
  • a purchase of real estate for at least $200,000.

The applicant can buy a share in a tourist real estate project approved by the Dominica government. Approved properties usually are hotels or resort complexes. 

A management company looks after the property, which can be sold three years later. However, the next owner won’t be able to participate in the CBI program until the property is sold after 5 years. Thus, selling the investment real estate five years after obtaining citizenship is easier as there will be more prospective buyers.

Examples of investment properties in Dominica

There is no requirement to live in the country or visit it. All the procedures are remote and are completed in 3 to 6 months.

Dominica passports can also be obtained by close relatives of the main applicant: a spouse, children under 30, and parents over 65.

In addition to the main investment, the applicant pays Due Diligence and administrative fees. The total expenses depend on the selected investment option and the number of applicants. For example, a family of four will spend about $194,700 for a non-refundable contribution and $254,700 for buying real estate.

Spain residence permit: real estate investment — €500,000+ for 5 years

Spain’s residence by investment program provides the opportunity to work and run a business in the country and travel freely within the Schengen Area.

However, to obtain Spanish citizenship, the resident must live in the country permanently and, depending on their original country of citizenship, renounce their first passport.

The minimum investment amount in residential or commercial real estate is €500,000. The property can be sold, and the investment returned after five years.

Spain Golden Visa by investment in real estate
Our clients often invest in luxury villas located in Spanish resorts. They have a choice of living in them or renting them out

The features of obtaining a Spain residence permit are the following:

  • The process takes 4–5 months.
  • Health insurance is required for each applicant.
  • The applicant must submit documents to the Spanish Migration Service in person. This can be done by visiting the country on a D visa.
  • Spanish registration is required. The applicant can be registered at the purchased or rented property.

The whole family can obtain residence permits: the main applicant, their spouse, children under 26, and dependent parents.

Grenada citizenship: real estate investment — $220,000+ for 5 years

Grenada citizenship offers visa-free travels to China and is the only one in the Caribbean that entitles the holder to get an E-2 business visa to the United States. 

The minimum investment in real estate is $220,000 in Grenada. As with other Caribbean programs, a project must be government-approved.

An investor can buy a share in hotels, resorts and villas. The property can be sold, and the investment returned after five years of ownership.

Examples of investment properties in Grenada

Parents, grandparents and siblings can be included in the application. Children under 30 can be included if they depend financially on the main applicant. Their participation is subject to additional expenses.

Immigrant Invest has its own database of properties from reliable developers. Our experts from the Real Estate Department can assist you in choosing the best-suited country and project for investments that will lead to obtaining a residence permit or a second passport.

UAE residence visa: real estate investment — AED 750,000+ 

For a 2-year UAE residence permit, investors may purchase real estate for AED 750,000, which is $204,204. To obtain a UAE Golden Visa for 10 years, you must buy real estate valued at AED 2 million, or nearly $540,000.

Long-term leases in Dubai can yield a return of about 5—8% annually. This number applies to high-end communities like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Business Bay. Apartments in districts such as Discovery Gardens and International City can generate a profit of up to 9%.

Example of investment property in UAE

Best countries to invest in real estate — UAE
Apartments in a new residential complex near the sea for $139,000—963,000

Spouses can purchase property in joint ownership, provided that the object's value is at least AED 1 million or $272,000. A certified and translated marriage certificate is required.

UAE Golden Visa can be renewed however many times you want. Spouses, children, and housekeepers may join applicants in obtaining. There are also no requirements to live in the UAE all the time to keep the residency.

Austria residence permit: buying or renting real estate of any value

A financially independent person can obtain an Austrian residence permit if they prove a monthly income and a bank account with a deposit. Besides, investors must buy or lease a residential property. The minimum value of the real estate is not required. 

An Austrian residence card allows one to live in the country and requires spending there more than 183 days a year. An expat can't work in Austria with this residency type.

The financial independence of the applicant can be confirmed with a bank statement at the rate of €2,060.98 per month for a single or €3,251.42 per month for a married couple, as well as €318 per month for a child.

Relocation to Austria for a financially independent person with a family

Mark decided to move to Austria with his wife and daughter and obtained Austrian residency for financially independent persons. For this purpose, the investor rented a small house in Perhtolstdorfe, a very quiet and beautiful village near Vienna.

The family got resident permits three months after applying and moved to Austria.

Case Study

Article 44 of the Settlement and Residence Act (Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz, NAG) regulates the issuance of residence permits for financially independent foreigners. There are about 450 quotas for this type of permit per year. 

Applications are submitted to an Austrian consulate in any country or a magistrate in Austria by appointment. The deadline is the first working day of the year. The earlier your meeting, the better the chance of getting a residence permit.

Individual cost calculation of the residence permit in Austria

Cyprus permanent residency: real estate — $300,000+ 

Permanent residency in Cyprus may be obtained by investing €300,000 in residential or commercial immovable property. The required period for getting a permit is from 3 months.

The PR status is life-lusting, allowing their holders to live in Cyprus and apply for citizenship after five years of residence. It's a more convenient residence permit type than a temporary residence permit when investors must update their cards every 2—3 years.

Example of investment property in Cyprus

Countries where you can buy a property and get residency — Cyprus
Apartments in a residential project with a swimming pool in Paphos, from 270,000

When applying for Cyprus investment residency, individuals must provide the required documents. The final list of papers depends on the investment option, marital status and investor’s financial sources.  

In general, applicants need the following documents:

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Main applicant biography.
  3. Tax return confirming the amount of annual income in the amount of at least €30,000.
  4. Confirmation of investment: for example, a certificate of ownership of the real estate, share purchase agreement, or a Certificate of Shareholder and Incorporation.
  5. Testimony about unemployment in Cyprus.
  6. Certificate of no criminal record.
  7. Marriage certificate.
  8. Divorce certificate.
  9. Birth certificate.

Spouses, children under 18, and unmarried and financially dependent children under 25 can participate in the same application process. Also, the investor and their spouses’ parents can join the main applicant.

Malta Permanent Residence Programme: real estate investment — €150,000+ 

The Malta Permanent Residence Programme grants residence rights to foreign investors seeking an alternative residence in Europe. 

Under the terms of the Malta Permanent Residence Programme, the investor rents or buys residential property in Malta and follows two other mandatory options. 

The investment conditions include:

  1. Renting or buying housing in Malta;
  2. Paying government fees;
  3. Making a charitable donation to one of the Maltese organisations.

If the investor chooses to buy, the property's value must be at least €350,000 for the north and the centre of Malta and €300,000 for the south of Malta and Gozo island.

Example of investment property in Malta

Residency by investment countries — Malta
Apartments in a large-scale residential project on the first coastline, from €350,000

The Malta PR Program is the only one in the EU that does not impose age restrictions on family members. For example, in the Portugal residence permit program, children under 26 can participate.

The investor's spouse is eligible to participate in the Maltese program. Marriage which is not officially registered is also allowed.

USA permanent residency: real estate investment — $900,000

To apply for the EB-5 visa, an applicant invests in a US company independently or through regional centres. The last one is the private or government structures that promote the economic development of specific states.

The regional centres have their business projects approved for foreign investment by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS.

Usually, regional centres work with companies in rural areas or places with a high level of unemployment, so the threshold for investment in them is from $900,000. So most foreigners apply for an EB-5 visa via the regional centres. They typically invest in commercial real estate: hotels, retail and office buildings.

There are investment requirements for an EB-5 visa, as follows:

  • invest from $900,000 in a company in rural areas or in a region with an unemployment rate of 1.5 times higher than the national average or from $1,800,000 in other areas;
  • the selected company must be created by the investor from scratch or opened no later than November 29th, 1990;
  • the purpose of the business should be to make a profit;
  • the investment must lead to the creation of 10 jobs for qualified Americans for a period of two years;
  • investments cannot be carried out in the form of a loan to American companies, and the investor will not be guaranteed a return on investment;
  • the investor will need to confirm the legality of the invested funds;
  • the investor needs to participate in the management of the company in which one invested and confirm involvement in the day-to-day management of the business or participation in the formation of the company's strategy.
Best countries to invest in real estate — USA
The Boston Seaport is an example of an investing project from the FDIUS Regional Center

Sum up: where to get residency or citizenship by real estate investment

  1. European and Caribbean countries offer residency or citizenship in exchange for real estate investments. Such programs shorten the time required for completing formal procedures and ease the requirements for applicants.
  2. You can apply for an EB-5 visa and contribute to construction projects to get a green card in the US. Usually, you can apply for citizenship three years after receiving a permanent residency. 
  3. In most cases, the property investment is refundable with the opportunity to sell the object in 3—5 years.
  4. In Malta, foreigners can buy or rent property to obtain citizenship by naturalisation or residency.
  5.  The types of investment property vary from country to country and may include residential and commercial objects, hotel shares, projects under construction, etc.
  6. Living in a country with residency or citizenship exchange investment is not obligatory. You can rent the property out with the help of local managing companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where you can buy real estate and obtain citizenship or a residence permit?

The real estate investment option is most popular for citizenship or residence by investment programs. Almost all countries have included this option in their programs.

Citizenship by investment in real estate costing at least $200,000 is offered by countries in the Caribbean. The applicant can get a second passport for St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and Saint Lucia.

A residence permit by making the best real estate investment can be obtained in Portugal, Spain and Greece. Although Greece has the most affordable investment requirements among these three countries, Portugal’s program is most popular due to the advantages it offers the applicant.

Minimum Cost of Buying Real Estate

  • Portugal — €350,000
  • Spain — €500,000
  • Greece — €250,000

Malta offers state investment programs for permanent residence and a residence permit. Also an investor can obtain Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment. To participate, one needs to fulfil the required terms, including buying or renting residential real estate. In relation to buying a home, the highest threshold is set for obtaining citizenship.

Minimum Cost of Buying Real Estate in Malta

  • Citizenship — €700,000
  • Permanent residence — €300,000
  • Residence permit — €220,000

Programs that offer the option of real estate investment stipulate that the investment can be recouped, usually after five years. Therefore, it is important to buy liquid properties that can be sold quickly and easily. Our experts will help you find a property that meets your criteria and is in demand

By meeting the terms of the program, the applicant receives income from the investment and can then sell the property after holding it for the required amount of time.

How much does one need to invest in real estate to obtain citizenship or residence by investment?

The minimum investment in real estate depends on the terms of the selected program. 

The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs require the lowest amount of investment. For example, to get an Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, or St Kitts and Nevis passport, you need to invest at least $200,000. The minimum investment in real estate in Grenada is $220,000, and in Saint Lucia it is $300,000.

Greece’s residence permit program, the so-called “golden visa program”, offers the largest selection of real estate options for the so-called property investor visas, costing at least €250,000. An investor can also buy or rent a hotel or apartment in a tourist complex, buy a stake in a tourist complex, or purchase a land plot for construction or farming.

Malta residence permit and permanent residence. The minimum cost for a Malta Global Residence Programme depends on the region in which the property is located. The minimum value of qualifying real estate located in central or northern Malta is €275,000, while in the south and on the island of Gozo, a minimum investment of €220,000 is required. 

Under the Malta Permanent Residence Programme, the minimum value of the real estate to be bought is €300,000.

At the same time, applicants in Malta can rent real estate. For a residence permit, the minimum annual rental cost ranges from €8750 to €9600, depending on the location. For permanent residence, the minimum investment in real estate is €10,000.

Portugal’s residence permit by investment program offers two options:

  1. Buying residential and/or commercial real estate for €500,000.
  2. Buying real estate of cultural and/or historical significance for restoration for a minimum amount of €350,000.

The government offers an incentive for applicants to buy real estate in sparsely populated areas. In this case, the minimum investment is reduced by 20% to €280,000 and €400,000, depending on the location of the region.

A residence permit by investment in Spain requires buying any property in the country for at least €500,000.

EU citizenship by investment paths require greater amounts. To obtain Malta citizenship for exceptional service by direct investment, the applicant needs to purchase real estate worth at least  €700,000 or rent a property for €16,000 per annum.

Which EU countries give citizenship by buying property?

Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment.

The applicant must comply with the three compulsory conditions:

  1. Buy residential real estate for €700,000 or rent housing for at least €16,000 per annum. The ownership or renting period is 5 years after receiving the naturalisation certificate.
  2. Contribute €600,000 or €750,000 to the Malta National Development Fund after holding a residence permit for three or one years, respectively;
  3. Donate €10,000 to a cultural, sports or other non-governmental organisation.
Which EU countries give residency by buying property?

Greece, Portugal and Spain are in the list of countries where you can buy a property and get residency. As an additional benefit you gain the opportunity to travel visa-free through 27 EU countries.

Cyprus investment program and Malta Permanent Residence Programme designed for foreigners who want to obtain life-long residence. The status granted for life without necessity to renew it with additional documents.

Can I get US citizenship through real estate?

There is no direct way to obtain US citizenship by real estate investment.

But you can apply for an EB-5 visa and contribute to construction projects. After visa approval investors and their family members get permanent residency, so-called “green card”. Usually, you can apply for citizenship three years after receiving a permanent residency.

How to choose the best real estate option to obtain citizenship or a residence permit?

The Caribbean countries provide a list of state-approved properties that foreign investors can buy. As a rule, they are tourist infrastructure developments. In order to obtain citizenship by investment in the Caribbean, the applicant can buy a share in a construction project or a finished object. 

In Europe, the choice of the applicant is not limited to a state-approved list of properties. First of all, the applicant must meet the requirement of the minimum investment amount. Usually an investor needs to buy or rent residential or commercial property for five years. In some cases, special conditions apply.

Which additional costs does an investor bear when buying real estate under a program?

When buying real estate, the applicant has to pay the taxes and fees stipulated in the legislation of the selected country.

In order to participate in citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean, you need to pay a government fee. In some cases, the amount of the fee depends on the size of the family participating in the program. For example, under the Dominica citizenship program, the government fee for one applicant is $25,000, for a family of up to four people it is $35,000, and for a family of up to six people it is $50,000.

In addition, the investor pays annual property ownership taxes and taxes on rental income if applicable in the country selected. The applicant also pays for utilities: electricity, water supply, gas and communications.

What are the advantages offered by citizenship or a residence permit by investment?

Residence permits and citizenship by investment differ in terms of the advantages that they offer the holder. For example, a Portuguese residence permit holder can live in Portugal, travel through the Schengen zone without visas and open accounts at European banks. However, they cannot be employed by a local company. The residence permit card has to be renewed regularly. 

Another advantage of getting a Portuguese residence permit by investment is that the holder can apply for citizenship five years later. This process takes at least ten years to complete when applying through the standard naturalisation process. 

Together with Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment, the applicant enjoys complete freedom of movement in the EU. They can live, work or conduct business in any EU country without any time limit.

Caribbean citizenship by investment gives the holder the freedom to travel around the world. A Caribbean passport holder can visit Schengen countries without a visa. Grenada citizenship by investment also allows you to travel without a visa to China and apply for an E-2 business visa to the United States.

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15 countries that offer citizenship or residence permits by investments in real estate