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Grenada passport by investment: citizenship process from A to Z

Grenada citizenship program is one of the most popular and inexpensive globally. To obtain a Grenada passport by investment, applicants either make a $150,000 contribution to the National Transformation Fund or buy real estate worth at least $220,000.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

The investor can include the entire family in the application: wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters. In a few months, cosmopolitans receive the cherished freedom of movement worldwide. The investor and his family will be able to travel to 146 countries of the world without visas.

Dual citizenship is allowed in Grenada, expressly provided in the Constitution. This means you can be a Grenada citizen and a citizen of other countries.

Who can obtain Grenada citizenship

Grenada citizenship can be obtained not only by an investor, but also by his family members, including parents, brothers or sisters above 18 years old. Children under 30 years of age can also participate in the program. Children with disabilities participate in the program at any age.

The total investment amount depends on the number and composition of the family. We will tell you the details further.

Conditions for participation for the investor's family in the Grenada program:

  1. Investor — over 18 years old, without a criminal record or criminal case, not under sanctions, with legal income, without visa and citizenship refusals, passed Due Diligence check.
  2. Spouse — married to the investor.
  3. Children under 30 — financially dependent on the investor or spouse, including from previous marriages.
  4. Parents and grandparents — financially dependent on the investor.
  5. Brothers and sisters of the investor over 18 — financially dependent on the investor, not married and without children.

Grenada passport by investment

In 2018, Grenada lowered investment thresholds and updated the program to meet modern legal requirements. You do not need to be in the country, know the language, or take exams to apply for citizenship.

How the Grenada passport can make your travels simpler and eliminate the need for visas

The Grenada program offers two investment options:  

  1. $150,000 — to a non-refundable contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF). Grenada's state fund funds are directed to hospitals, schools' equipment, alternative energy, and the reconstruction of roads, marinas, and ports.
  2. $220,000 — investments in resort real estate from the list of projects approved by the government, and then the property can be sold in five years.

In addition to the investment amount, you will need to cover the costs of Due Diligence, state duties and fees, services for registration, translation and legalization of documents.

The total amount depends on the composition and age of family members.

Using the example of investments in the state fund, let us consider how much participation in the program will cost for an investor and his family.

Cost of investing in the Grenada state fund NTF, including fees

Cost itemsCosts
Investments in the National  Transformations Fund (NTF) $150,000 — for the investor
$200,000 — for a family of up to 4 people
$25,000 — additionally for each, if the family is more than four people
$50,000 — for a parent from 55 years old
$75,000 — for brother or sister
Due Diligence check$5,000 — for each person over 16 years old
Filing fee$1,500 — for each person
Review fee$1,500 — for each person over 18 years old
$500 — for children under 18 years

After the investor receives a Grenadian passport, only children born within a year can be added to the program. If you are planning second citizenship for the rest of your family, it is better to include them in the application right away.

Grenada citizenship by investing in real estate

An investor can choose real estate from a list that the country’s government has approved. After five years, the property can be sold profitably. In this case, the program’s cost of participation will be equal to the registration price.

You do not need to fly to the country to sell real estate: property sale tax is 5%.

Real estate can be rented out during ownership and receive 35% per annum. Real estate in Grenada is famous for holidays all year round. Seasonal changes in rental prices fluctuate less than 1.5 times. During the pandemic, demand for real estate fell, but it began to grow again after the resumption of flights.

The average cost of renting apartments and villas in hotel complexes approved for citizenship programs ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 per month. A management company maintains the property. The hotel invites the investor and his family to relax in luxury apartments for free for up to 14 days a year.

Using the example of real estate investments, let us consider how much it will cost to participate in the program for an investor and his family.

Cost of investing in real estate in Grenada, including fees

Cost itemsCosts
Min. investment$220,000 regardless of the number of applicants, from five years of ownership
State fees$50,000 for each participant in a family of up to four people
$25,000 for a parent over 55 or child starting with the fifth family member
$50,000 for a parent under 55
$75,000 for a sibling
Due Diligence$5,000 for each participant over 17 years old
Submission fee$1,500 for each participant
Processing fee$1,500 for each participant over 18 years old
$500 for children under 18 years old

Cost of Grenada dual citizenship for investors and their family

Let us consider the example of an investor's family of four and how much it will cost to participate in the program with different investment options.

Calculation of the investment amount for the investor, their spouse and two children, 7 and 25 years old

CostsContribution to state fundReal estate
Investments$200,000 $220,000 
Due Diligence$15,000 $15,000 
State fees-$50,000 
Fee for filing$6,000 $6,000 
Collection for processing$5,000 $5,000 
Investment amount returned$200,000
$226,000 $96,000 

Four steps to obtaining Grenada citizenship

  1. Consultation with Immigrant Invest — the only licensed agent of the program in Grenada, which has a compliance department. The Certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer will conduct a preliminary database screening of the applicant and answer citizenship questions. Initial consultation and testing are free of charge.

    Conclusion of an agreement with the company Immigrant Invest — a licensed agent of the Grenada program. You can sign a contract remotely or at any of the company's offices.

  2. Preparation of documents for citizenship: Employees of Immigrant Invest will help prepare documents, translate them into English and notarize them. They will fill out government forms and submit a package of documents to the Grenada Department. The investor pays due diligence fees and contract fees.
  3. Due Diligence by the Government of Grenada lasts from three to six months. The investor pays the investment and government fees after receiving a favourable decision on citizenship.
  4. The investor receives the passports and naturalization certificates at the Immigrant Invest office or the specified address through a courier.

What are the main advantages of Grenada citizenship?

Living, working and studying in the USA. An agreement on mutual investment was signed between Grenada and the United States. Therefore, citizens of Grenada can apply for an E-2 visa in the United States. You will have the right to live, do business, study and work in the United States. 

To visit the United States for tourism or business, an investor with a Grenadian passport can obtain a B-1 / B-2 visa for up to 10 years.

Grenada citizenship for studying at a foreign university

Daniel received Grenada citizenship by investment a few years ago. His grandson dreamed of becoming a doctor and thought about entering a foreign university. He would also like to find work in the USA.

Case Studies

Visa-free China. Grenada is on the list of 17 countries with which China has signed a visa-free travel agreement. Citizens of Grenada are allowed to stay in China for up to 30 days a year without a visa.

Entry to the European Union without a visa, with the right to stay for 90 days within every six months. There are 146 countries on the list of visa-free destinations in Grenada.

Living and studying in the UK. Citizens of Grenada can stay in the UK for up to 180 days a year. Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations; therefore, citizens can study at British universities. 

Benefits for tax residents. Grenada's legislation helps tax residents to optimize taxes and generate additional income. Capital gains, wealth and inheritance, and revenue earned outside Grenada are tax-free.

List of visa-free countries with a Grenadian passport 

A passport gives cosmopolitans freedom of movement across 146 countries. It is easier for citizens to travel the world: there is no need to apply for a visa in 118 countries, and in 29 countries, a visa is issued upon arrival.

Visa-free destinations with a Grenadian passport  

Antigua and Barbuda Guyana Romania
Argentina Hong Kong Russia
Australia Hungary Rwanda
Austria Iceland Saint Kitts and Nevis
Bahamas India Saint Lucia
Bangladesh Ireland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Barbados Israel Samoa
Belgium Italy San Marino
Belize Jamaica Serbia
Botswana Japan Seychelles
Brazil Kenya Sierra Leone
Brunei Kiribati Singapore
Bulgaria Latvia Slovakia
Burkina Faso Lesotho Slovenia
Cameroon Liechtenstein Solomon Islands
Canada Lithuania South Africa
Chile Luxembourg South Korea
China Macau Spain
Costa Rica Malawi Sri Lanka
Croatia Malaysia Suriname
Cuba Maldives Sweden
Cyprus Malta Switzerland
Czech Republic Mauritius Tanzania
Denmark Mexico Tonga
Dominica Monaco Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic Morocco Tuvalu
Ecuador Mozambique UAE
Estonia Namibia Uganda
Eswatini Nauru Ukraine
Finland Netherlands United Kingdom
France New Zealand Uruguay
Gambia Norway USA
Georgia Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Germany Peru Vatican City
Ghana Poland Venezuela
Greece Portugal Zambia
Burundi Reunion Turkey
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How to get an E-2 visa in the USA with a Grenadian passport

A mutual investment agreement has been signed between Grenada and the USA. Therefore, Grenadian citizens can apply for an E-2 visa in the United States, which is impossible with other Caribbean countries’ passports. Citizens of many countries cannot obtain an E-2 visa because the states have no agreement.

An E-2 visa can be obtained by foreign citizens who want to invest in a business in the United States. The visa entitles the investor and his family to live, do business, study and work in the United States. It is issued for up to five years. An investor can renew a visa many times if it is documented that his business generates income.

Documents for a visa can be submitted at a US consulate in any country where citizens of Grenada are allowed to enter.

Advantages of the E-2 visa: An investor can obtain an E-2 visa by investing in any business in the United States. The exact investment amount is not specified in the law; in practice, $200,000—250,000 is enough. A visa can be obtained for one to two months and under the accelerated procedure — in 15 days.

To apply for an E-2 visa, an investor only needs to provide a business plan. It must have at least five jobs planned. The investor must have the amount no less than necessary for the family to live from the bank account.

Cons of the E-2 visa: The E-2 visa does not allow you to get a green card. If the investor can confirm the business's profitability, he can apply for an EB-5 visa, which entitles him to a green card.

Dual citizenship in Grenada by investment for a visa in the USA
With an E-2 visa, children of investors can study at any university in the United States. Princeton University is one of eight Ivy League universities and one of the best universities in the world

Taxation and Business

Grenada has developed a favourable tax system for doing business. The country also does not levy taxes on gifts, inheritance and capital gains. Tax legislation does not restrict the withdrawal of profits or the attraction of private capital.

Tax rates in Grenada:

  • on dividends — 15%;
  • for real estate — 0.5%;
  • for the transfer of ownership — from 5 to 15%;
  • on the income of companies in the country — from 10 to 30%.

You can register an international business company (IBC) and a limited liability company (LLC) in Grenada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy citizenship in Grenada?

You can get dual citizenship in Grenada through an investment program. To obtain a Grenada passport by investment, applicants either make a $150,000 contribution to the National Transformation Fund or buy real estate worth at least $220,000.

Is it hard to get citizenship in Grenada?

Registration of a passport by investment is possible only through a licensed agent: this is a prerequisite of the program. The procedure for obtaining a passport consists of several stages:

  1. The licensed agent carries out a preliminary Due Diligence and warns the investor about possible risks.
  2. The lawyers of the licensed agent prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the Grenada citizenship program department. 
  3. Due Diligence by the Government of Grenada lasts from three to six months. The investor pays the investment and government fees after receiving a positive decision on citizenship.
  4. After the investment is transferred to the Grenada citizenship program department, the passport and naturalization certificate are sent to the address indicated by the investor.

All stages of the citizenship by investment application can take place remotely. The physical presence of the investor in Grenada is not required.

How much does it cost to get Grenada citizenship?

To obtain a Grenada passport by investment, applicants either make a $150,000 contribution to the National Transformation Fund or buy real estate worth at least $220,000.

In addition to fulfilling the chosen investment condition, the applicant pays government fees and duties and costs for legal services and documents sent by courier.

The government fees include:

  • $5,000 Due Diligence fee for each family member over 17;
  • $1,500 Application fee for each family member;
  • $1,500 Application processing fee for each family member over 18 years old;
  • $500 Application processing fee for each family member under 18;
  • $250 Passport fee for each applicant;
  • $20 Oath-taking fee for each applicant.

The total cost of participating in the Grenada Citizenship Program depends on the number of family members included in the application and their specific situation. The costs are calculated individually.

Do I need to visit Grenada as part of the application process?

No, there’s no mandatory visit or residency requirement for the program.

Is Grenada citizenship good?

The main benefits of the Grenada passport are:

  • The passport of Grenada is a unique document for travelling around the world. It grants the freedom of visa-free travel to Schengen, the UK, China and 118 other countries.
  • It is possible to obtain an E-2 investor visa in the United States with a Grenadian passport.
  •  It allows you to work, live and study in the United States with the whole family.
  • The citizenship of Grenada makes it possible to enjoy all the rights and benefits of the Commonwealth of Nations countries. For example, a scholarship to study in the UK.
  • A Grenadian passport is issued for five years. Then it can be renewed for an additional fee: about $300. Renewal takes place remotely.
Does Grenada allow dual citizenship?

Yes, Dual citizenship is allowed in Grenada, expressly provided in the Constitution. This means you can be a Grenada citizen and a citizen of other countries.

How long does it take to get Grenada citizenship?

It takes 4 to 6 months to get a Grenada passport.  An investor can confirm their legality of income, have no denials of citizenship, no sanctions and no criminal record are successfully tested. 

Is the Grenada passport powerful?

A Grenada passport offers visa-free access to 146 countries, including the UK, the Schengen zone, Singapore and Hong Kong. Grenada citizens can also travel visa-free to China for up to 30 days.

How do I get the Grenada Due Diligence?

Due Diligence is the main condition for approving a citizenship application. In 2019, Grenada rejected 16 applications, and in 2020 — 19.

Applicants who can confirm their legality of income, have no denials of citizenship, no sanctions and no criminal record are successfully tested.

Immigrant Invest is the only licensed program agent with its own compliance department. We will conduct a preliminary due diligence check for one to three days to eliminate the likelihood of failure.

What investment options do applicants for Grenadian citizenship prefer? Are there such statistics?

Like other Caribbean countries, Grenada offers investment options: a non-refundable contribution to the state fund and a government-approved real estate purchase.

According to the Grenada program’s official statistics, from 2014 to 2016, more than 50% of investors chose the option to contribute to the state fund. The situation has changed from 2017 to 2021: more than 60% of investors prefer buying real estate for five years.

How long is a Grenadian passport issued?

A Grenadian passport is issued for five years. After the expiration date, the passport can be renewed for a fee of about $300. You don’t need to come to the country for this. The investor can get a new passport at the licensed program agent’s office, or they can deliver the passport by courier to the specified address.

How could Grenadian citizenship help a child Investor in education?

Grenada is home to St. George Medical University, which is accredited in the USA, Europe, UK and Canada. At the university, you can get an education in medicine, veterinary medicine, science and art. University graduates are trained in US and UK hospitals.

Can I live in the UK with a Grenada passport?

Citizens of Grenada can stay in the UK for up to 180 days a year. Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Therefore, citizens can study at British universities.

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Grenada passport by investment: citizenship process from A to Z