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What are the benefits of Grenada citizenship for children's education?

Most investors get second citizenship in Grenada along with their family: spouse, children and parents. Investors are interested in the benefits that their children with Grenada citizenship receive.

We're explaining how investors can help with getting a high‑quality education to their kids.

Grenada citizenship: the features of a Caribbean passport

With a Grenada passport, it is much easier for investor children to enroll in United States, United Kingdom, and European Union universities, and in some cases they don't need a student visa.

Parents can save expenses on school fees and visit their child at any time — to support them at public speaking, during exams and graduation, or just to spend a weekend together.

Preparing for university admission

To study abroad, a student visa is needed. If a child has second citizenship, they can do without a visa or get it through a simplified procedure.

The Grenada passport allows visa-free entry to the countries of the Schengen agreement, with a stay on their territory for up to 90 days within six months.

The UK allows visa-free entry to Grenada citizens, with a stay in the country for up to 180 days a year. A stay in the UK can be split into several visits or take six consecutive months.

The visa-free entry makes study fees simpler — no need to spend time processing visa documents. A visa-free stay period is enough for short-term courses. For longer studies, a student visa is needed.

If a child has already completed high school education in their country, then before entering, they can take the Foundation preparatory course at the university or private school of choice. Courses last from six months to a year.

To enter most universities in the UK and EU countries, one needs to complete either an A Level or an International Baccalaureate (IB) school program. They are taught to  children between the ages of 16 and 18.

Studying in Grenada

Children under the age of 16 receive free education in Grenada public schools. Grenada’s education system is modelled on the British one. There are about 20 schools, colleges and three universities in the country. The government provides students with textbooks and meals.

School graduates can continue their studies and complete higher education in Grenada at:

  • Technical University;
  • the University of the West Indies campus;
  • the private St George’s University.

St George's University is one of the most famous universities in the Caribbean region. The history of the university began with the opening of the medical school in 1976. Currently, students attend international business, veterinary medicine, arts and science, and postgraduate courses.

Medical school graduates continue their studies in the best hospitals in the US and UK. And the diploma is recognized in 47 countries of the world.

The university offers students scholarships and awards. Moreover, each student has the right to receive several scholarships. You can apply on the university's website.

Grenada citizenship for studying at a foreign university

I used to think the Caribbean were about recreation and nothing else: just beaches and resorts. When I heard about the local medical school, I initially dismissed it. It didn’t occur to me that a university in Grenada could be so cool that even Americans wanted to go there. Turns out, it can: there is a 16‑week internship in the US, and the diploma is recognized in 47 countries.

My grandfather insisted that I become a Grenada citizen along with my mother and sister. Thanks to the second passport, we paid seven times less for studying at the university.

Client's story

Studying in the UK with a Grenada citizenship

Grenada is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Grenada citizens have the right to visit the UK without a visa and stay in the country for up to 180 consecutive days each year.

There will be no need for a student visa for programs shorter than six months, such as language courses. To study at a school or university, a student visa is needed.

The visa type depends on the student's age and course duration.

  • Short-stay study visa — for courses lasting 6 to 11 months, without the opportunity to change the course or study at a public school;
  • Student visa — for children over the age of 16 who are going to study at a school or university. The visa is usually issued for up to 2 years if the course does not lead to a degree, or for up to 5 years for studying; 
  • Child Student visa — for children from 4 to 17 years old who are going to study in a private school. The validity period of the visa depends on the age of the applicant and the duration of the course. The maximum is 6 years and 4 months. 

Usually, to get a visa, a course, school, or university enrollment confirmation is needed, as well as getting medical insurance and providing proof that the child has money to live in the UK. Depending on the visa type, it can be obtained either outside the country or on the spot.

British universities provide benefits to citizens of Grenada as a member country of the British Commonwealth of Nations. For example, the Commonwealth Scholarships for talented students. Or an opportunity to win a regular scholarship from the Commonwealth — it allows one to pay for a year of study and residence in the UK.

Studying in EU countries with a Grenada passport

The main advantage of Grenada citizenship is the ability to come to the Schengen countries for 90 days out of 180. A child will be able to take short courses and come to a European country visa-free to choose a university. And parents will be able to visit their child at any time without obtaining a visa.

To study in schools and universities, students need to get a study visa on a general basis. The passport of a Caribbean country does not give any advantages when obtaining that visa.

Students from Grenada can receive scholarships to study at European universities; so do citizens of most other countries. The European Union offers more than 100,000 scholarships for international students. Some of them fully cover the student's tuition and living expenses, while others cover part of the tuition fee.

Studying in the United States with Grenada citizenship

Studying in US. The passport of Grenada allows you to get a visa for a longer term, up to 5 years. A child with Caribbean citizenship can study at a university without renewing a visa every year.

International students can get a US visa in one of three categories:

  • F — for studying in accredited schools and universities;
  • M — for studying in vocational schools;
  • J — for participating in exchange programs.

Studying in the countries of the Organization of American States, or OAS. Grenada citizens can also participate in the Professional Development Scholarships program. These are short-term courses in any of OAS member States and permanent observers.

OAS scholarships are offered for Master's, Doctoral and research degrees. A scholarship also covers the last two years of undergraduate studies and short-term language courses for citizens and residents of English-speaking Caribbean countries.

To visit their child, an investor and their spouse can obtain a B‑1/B‑2 US tourist visa for 10 years at once. They can apply for it at the American Embassy in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, or choose a representative office in another country.

How to get Grenada citizenship by investment

There is a government citizenship program in Grenada: since 2013 investors can receive a second passport. To obtain citizenship, investors make an irrevocable contribution of $150,000 to a state fund or buy real estate for at least $220,000.

Applicants can only invest in government-approved properties. These are shares, as well as studios and apartments in hotel complexes. Investments in real estate can be returned after 5 years of ownership.

Investors are not required to pass language or history tests in Grenada. They also do not need to come to the country at any stage of the program — the process of obtaining a passport is entirely remote.

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What are the benefits of Grenada citizenship for children's education?