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Malta citizenship: how much does a Maltese passport cost?

Obtaining Maltese citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment costs at least €690,000. These costs are calculated per applicant and for a period of 5 years. The costs also depend on the number of family members included in the application and how quickly it is processed.

Malta citizenship: how much does a Maltese passport cost?

How much does a single applicant invest to obtain a Maltese passport

A Maltese passport can be issued for exceptional services by direct investment. Applicants must first spend 1 to 3 years as Maltese residents before applying for citizenship. 

Since 20 November 2020, Maltese citizenship can only be granted based on the Malta Citizenship Act. In this article we describe in detail how to obtain Maltese citizenship based on direct investment.

The applicant has to fulfill the following investment conditions:

  • €600,000 or €750,000: contribution to the National Development and Social Fund of Malta;
  • €700,000 or €16,000 per annum: buy real estate or rent a home for 5 years;
  • €10,000: charitable contribution. 

The amount of the contribution to the Malta National Development and Social Fund determines how quickly the applicant gets citizenship. To obtain a passport after just 1 year of residency, you need to contribute €750,000, while a contribution of €600,000 is required to receive a passport after 3 years of residency.

It turns out that the minimum investment amount is €690,000. This is the cost in the case when the applicant receives a passport after 3 years and rents a property. If they want to apply for citizenship 1 year after getting residency and buy a property, Maltese citizenship costs at least €1.46 million.

In addition to the investment conditions, the main applicants must pay for a health insurance policy and administrative fee of €6,000. Most of the money is spent on the Due Diligence related to the Eligibility Assessment, which costs €15,000.

Individual cost calculation of the Maltese citizenship

How much an investor and their family spend on getting Maltese citizenship

Maltese citizenship based on exceptional services by direct investment can be granted not only to the investor but also their close family members: spouse and unmarried children under 29 years old, as well as parents and grandparents over 55 years old of the investor and their spouse. All family members over the age of 18, except the spouse, must be financially dependent on the main applicant. 

For each additional applicant, the investor has to contribute an additional €50,000 to the National Development and Social Fund. The larger the family, the higher the minimum investment threshold:

  • investor and spouse: €740,000;
  • investor, spouse and child: €790,000;
  • investor, spouse and two children: €840,000;
  • investor, spouse, two children, parents of the investor or spouse: €940,000.

In addition, for each family member, the main applicant pays an administrative fee of €2,000, for a medical insurance policy and an Eligibility Assessment check costing €10,000 per person.

Costs for obtaining a Maltese passport

CostOne investorFamily of 2 Family of 3Family of 4 
Contribution to the state fund€600,000 or €750,000€650,000 or €800,000€700,000 or €850,000€750,000 or €900,000
Charitable donation€10,000€10,000€10,000€10,000
Buying or renting real estate€700,000 or €80,000€700,000 or  €80,000 €700,000 or €80,000 or €700,000 or €80,000
Eligibility Assessment€15,000€25,000€35,000€45,000
Administrative fee€6,000€8,000€10,000€12,000
Medical insurance€500€1,000€1,500€2,000
Minimum cost€711,500€774,000 €836,500 €899,000
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Malta citizenship: how much does a Maltese passport cost?