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Malta citizenship for a Taiwanese family so that their children get prestige education

I’ve already moved to Europe with my family. We had residence permits in Germany. But I wanted to get EU citizenship to secure our status and to provide my daughters with more opportunities, especially regarding education. Obtaining Malta citizenship resolved my tasks.

Chun Hung

Chun Hung,

Owner of a financial holding company in Taiwan

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Malta citizenship for a Taiwanese family so that their children get prestige education

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Albert Ioffe
Albert Ioffe

Legal and Compliance Officer

Malta citizenship for a Taiwanese family so that their children get prestige education

Why the investor decided to obtain Malta citizenship

Chun Hung is an investor from Taiwan. He is a co-owner of a financial holding company. Several years ago, Chun Hung moved to Germany with his family: his wife Li Hua and two daughters.

The spouses plan the brightest future for their children. They wish their daughters to get the best possible education in the most prestigious schools and universities — in the EU, the UK or the US. The couple believes that EU passport holders are treated more loyal than third-country citizens when they apply to university. So, they decided to get citizenship of an EU country.

In Germany, Chun Hung and Li Hua could apply for citizenship by naturalisation after eight years of residing there and passing a language test. Moreover, Germany does not allow dual citizenship with Taiwan, so the family would have to renounce their first nationality. The spouses did not want to go to such lengths. That’s why they looked for other options.

Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment became a good choice. Malta allows dual citizenship with any country, and the obtaining time is from 14 months. The investment route requires a minimum of €690,000, but Chun Hung could afford it.

Malta citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment | Valletta view

Malta is an island country. Despite being the smallest EU state, Malta can offer significant benefits for travellers and entrepreneurs, like 180+ visa-free destinations and an attractive tax regime

What Chun Hung needed to do to get second citizenship in Malta

Individuals applying for Maltese citizenship are required to fulfil the three criteria. They must contribute a minimum of €600,000 to the state fund, donate €10,000 to a charity, and get a residential address in Malta.

All of these requirements are obligatory. However, two aspects of the application allow for some flexibility for the investor.

Firstly, investors are able to choose how long they wish to wait for citizenship: either 1 or 3 years. Opting for the faster route necessitates an additional contribution of €150,000. And adding each family member to the application requires an extra €50,000.

In the case of Chun Hung’s family of four, they were faced with two options:

  • contribute €750,000 for citizenship in 3 years;

  • contribute €900,000 for passports in 1 year.

The spouses opted for the more expensive but quicker route.

Secondly, applicants are given a choice in the matter of accommodation. They must either purchase a property worth €700,000 or lease housing for five years at an annual rate of at least €16,000.

Chun Hung chose to rent an apartment, as buying would exceed his budget. Immigrant Invest real estate experts assisted Chun Hung and Li Hua in securing suitable housing.

How Chun Hung’s family acquired Maltese passports: a step-by-step procedure


January 10th, 2022

Preliminary Due Diligence

The Compliance AML Officer examined the eligibility of Chun Hung’s family for Maltese citizenship. Neither Chun Hung nor his wife had a history of criminal activities, visa refusals, sanctions, or illicit income, making them viable candidates for citizenship in Malta.


+ 2 weeks

Obtaining Police Clearance Certificates

We submitted applications for Chun Hung’s family to receive Police Clearance. The authorities in Malta reviewed Chun Hung, his spouse, and their daughter over 12 in Interpol and Europol databases. After finding no concerns, the Maltese police issued clearance certificates.


+ 1 month

Getting residence permits in Malta, €42,000

During this phase, Chun Hung’s family travelled to Malta to accomplish several responsibilities.

The couple had a look at various apartments listed in our property database. Once they made a choice of housing for €1,500 a month, we put together a lease agreement. Chun Hung proceeded to pay an annual rent of €18,000 upfront.

Then Chun Hung secured a family insurance policy, and the lawyers completed the package of documents. After that, they escorted Chun Hung’s family to the Community Malta Agency, where they provided their biometric data and submitted applications for residence permits.

Chun Hung disbursed the following payments: €8,000 for the residence permit cards, €6,000 as the administration fee, and a €10,000 contribution to the fund.

Two weeks after the submission of biometrics, residence permit cards were issued and mailed to Chun Hung in Taiwan.


+ 1 month

Collecting documents for citizenship

Malta has rigorous demands: in addition to IDs and bank statements, the investor was required to submit exhaustive lists of all assets, associated companies, and detailed information about his employment, businesses, and any other income sources tracing back to his academic years up until now.

The investor prepared:

  • a CV;

  • wealth history with a list of all assets such as real estate, owned companies, valuable collections, securities, and deposits;

  • the list of affiliated companies;

  • the amount of dividends received;

  • tax declarations;

  • the social credit report.


+ 5 months

Eligibility Test, €38,000

We submitted Chun Hung’s family documents package to the Community Malta Agency to consider. Chun Hung paid €35,000 for the Eligibility Test and €3,000 as the administration fee for himself, his wife and the elder daughter. The younger daughter was under 12 and thus exempt.

The check was conducted within four months, and Chun Hung’s application was then forwarded to the Minister. He preliminary approved the investor’s candidacy.


+ 6 months, precisely one year after getting residence permits

Applying for citizenship

Once the family had maintained residency in Malta for a year, they became qualified to apply for citizenship. We submitted the application on their behalf.

The Malta Community Agency and the Minister responsible for matters relating to Malta citizenship granted their final approvals.


+ 2 months

Fulfilling investment conditions, €920,000

Chun Hung fulfilled the investment conditions: contributed €890,000 to the fund, donated €10,000 to charity and paid €18,000 in rent for another year. The administration fee was €2,000.

Our lawyers collected proof of investment and submitted it to the Agency.


+ 1 week

Giving biometrics in Malta

The Agency requested Chun Hung’s family to provide their biometrics again and swear an oath of allegiance. Following this, the family was issued their naturalisation certificates.


+ 1 week, May 15th, 2023

Receiving passports

Chun Hung’s family collected their new passports in person. Subsequently, they applied for a Maltese ID card, which they obtained through the mail two weeks later.

Investor’s family opportunities with Malta citizenship

Having obtained Maltese citizenship, Chun Hung feels assured about his family’s prosperity. The family has finished their legalisation in the European Union and does not have to worry about their German residence permits not being renewed.

When Chun Hung’s daughters complete their schooling, they will have the opportunity to enrol in any European university on par with other EU citizens. British and American educational institutions are also available.

The investor is glad that he managed to maintain his Taiwanese citizenship. Moreover, on Malta passports, Chun Hung’s family can visit 40 more countries without visas than on Taiwan passports. That’s a plus, too.

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