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Second citizenship

Cost of Dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica citizenship by investment program is one of the cheapest in the world. Citizenship can be obtained by investing $100,000 in the state fund or $200,000 in real estate. The entire citizenship by investment procedure can be completed without visiting Dominica.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment: All About the Program and obtainment of the Dominica passport

Cost of Dominica citizenship by investment

The Dominica citizenship program offers applicants two investment options to choose between:

  • from $100,000 — a contribution to the Dominica Economic Diversification Fund (EDF);
  • from $200,000 — in shares, villas, apartments, a resort, or hotel complex approved by the government.

Obtaining a passport is not enough to fulfil the investment condition. Other costs include Due Diligence fees, application processing fees, and government fees for real estate investments.

Furthermore, the costs of participating in the program include bank, notarisation, shipping, and paperwork fees. The amounts depend on the situation: the composition of the family and the necessary documents. The lawyers of Immigrant Invest and a licensed agent of the program can calculate the exact cost of participation.

What unique opportunity can the Dominica investment program offer

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) has been operating since 1993. From 2017 to 2020, more than 5,800 investors received citizenship by investment in Dominica, and the state earned an income of $1.2 billion.

The government spends program income on educational grants, hurricane-resistant homes, schools, and clinics. Dominica's citizenship program is the source of funding for geothermal energy projects.

Cost of Due Diligence for Dominica economic citizenship

For the citizenship application to be approved, the program department checks the investor and his family members over the age of 16 for reliability. With the help of this Due Diligence, the government of Dominica makes sure that future citizens do not have problems with the law and that the money for investment is obtained lawfully.

The program's legal department checks to see if applicants have a criminal record or denials of citizenship and residence permits, followed by an inspection of income sources.

The cost of Due Diligence is $7,500 for an investor and $4,000 for each participant over 16 years old.

Who can obtain Dominica citizenship by investment

A foreigner can obtain Dominica citizenship by investment if at least 18 years old, has no criminal records, and can prove that the money for participation in the program was earned legally.

In the application for Dominica economic citizenship, an investor can include family members as spouses, children.

Family members can obtain Dominica investment citizenship in two ways: at the same time as the investor or by joining later when the investor receives a passport.

To include parents and children over 18 in the application, the investor or the investor's spouse confirms that they support the relatives financially. For this, the lawyers of Immigrant Invest draw up a particular statement — an affidavit with checks or bank statements attached to it.

Some countries only allow adult children of investors to participate in the citizenship program if they are at university or live with their parents. Dominica holds no such requirements and considers that the investor's children, from 18 to 30 years old, may not study and could live separately.

Requirements for participation in the Dominica investment citizenship program

Family memberAge
Investor Over 18 years
Spouse No requirements
ChildrenUp to 30 years
ParentsOver 65

How to join relatives in the program if the investor has already received a Dominica passport

Dominica does not limit the period of joining family members. Moreover, if relatives were initially eligible to participate in the program, the deadline for submitting documents affects the amount of investment and fees. Passports for family members would be cheaper if the investor became a citizen less than a year ago.

Cost for family members to obtain a Dominica passport $50,000

Family membersInvestor received a passport
less than a year ago
Investor received a passport
more than a year ago
Spouse $50,000 $75,000 
Children from 18 to 30 years old $25,000 $50,000 
Parents$25,000 $50,000 

If the investor or someone from his family has got married after obtaining citizenship in Dominica, the fee for joining a husband or wife will be $75,000. The amount was disregarded when the investor received the passport.

There is no need to pay extra for newborns and adopted children — it is enough to pay government fees.

In addition to the state fee for joining, the total joining costs include:

  • $4,000 — the state fee for the Due Diligence check for each family member over 16 years old;
  • $1,000 — the government fee for processing for the whole family, regardless of the number of people;
  • $500 — the government fee for processing an application for children born or adopted after obtaining citizenship;
  • $250 — fee for naturalization certificate.

The main applicant undergoes Due Diligence again with family members if more than a year has passed since the initial application for Dominica citizenship by investment. Due Diligence for the main applicant is $7,500.

Cost of Dominica citizenship when contributing to the state fund

The contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund is charitable and is not returned to the investor. The investment amount will be:

  • for an investor — $100,000;
  • for the investor and one of the family members (spouse, child, parent) — $150,000;
  • for a family of up to four people — $175,000.

Additional $25,000 is paid per family member from the sixth applicant under 18, and $50,000 for those over 18.

Cost of investments in the Dominica EDF with fees 

ExpensesInvestor Investor and spouseSpouses and children between 15 and 19 years old 
Investments in the state fund$100,000 $150,000 $175,000
Due Diligence$7,500 $11,500$15,500
Processing Fee$1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Total$108,500$162,500 $191,500 

Cost of investing in real estate in Dominica $200,000

The minimum investment in real estate is higher than the contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund. At the same time, investment property costs do not depend on the number of participants.

From 2018 to 2021, investors were twice as likely to choose the real estate option.

According to the law, it is possible to sell real estate after three years. It is the shortest minimum ownership period among the Caribbean CBI programs. The property must be owned for 5 years if the investor wants to sell it to a future participant of the CBI program.

Real estate prices in Dominica rise by an average of 4% per year. After the sale, investors receive a profit of 2 to 8%. You do not need to be present in the country to sell real estate, as the transaction takes place remotely. Additionally, there is a sales tax of 6%.

The government approves the estate for the Dominica program, which guarantees the transaction's legality. Elite hotels and resort complexes are approved for the program. They are run by international companies with real estate experience in Europe, America, and the Caribbean.

The investor can purchase a share, apartment or villa in the hotel. The least expensive and popular option is buying a share: the minimum cost is $200,000. When buying a share, the investor becomes a shareholder of the hotel: the bonus includes free accommodation in luxury apartments for up to two weeks a year.

Information about the main options for real estate investment in Dominica is explained in the article "Dominica citizenship by investment: 5 options for real estate investment".

The potential income from renting out real estate is 2—5% per annum. The investor does not need to worry about the maintenance of the property: the management company pays bills, attracts tourists, and hires staff for renovation and room service.

In addition to the cost of the property itself, the investor pays a government fee. Its amount depends on the composition of the family.

State fee for buying real estate:

  • $25,000 — for an investor;
  • $35,000 — for married couple;
  • $35,000 — for a family of 4;
  • $50,000 — for a family of 5.

Costs of investments in real estate in Dominica, including fees

ExpensesInvestor Investor and spouse Spouses and children of 15 and 19 years old 
Investments in real estate$200,000 $200,000 $200,000 
State Fee$25,000 $35,000 $35,000 
Due Diligence$7,500 $11,500 $15,500 
Processing Fee $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Total$233,500 $247,500 $251,500 

Examples of real estate in Dominica

Benefits of Dominica economic citizenship for an investor

Freedom of travel worldwide. The list of visa-free destinations for those with a Dominica passport includes 145 countries, including the Schengen states, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Terms of visa-free stay:

  • Schengen zone — up to 90 days of half a year;
  • Great Britain — up to 180 days a year;
  • Singapore — up to 30 days a year;
  • Hong Kong — up to 90 days a year.

A tourist visa to the USA for ten years. A B-1/B-2 visa entitles you to visit the United States for business or leisure purposes. US consulates accept visa documents in any country where entry is allowed with a Dominica passport.

Access to services of foreign banks. Foreign banks strictly check the documents and might refuse to open an account. It is easier for those of Dominica economic citizenship to use banking services. For example, some foreign banks are not asked for a lease agreement and an insurance policy number to open an account. Therefore, the second citizenship allows you to make settlements without currency control and additional commissions.

Preferential taxation for tax residents of Dominica. There are no taxes on gifts, property, and inheritance. The tax on income earned outside the country is 0%.

Business development abroad. It is easy to register an international company in Dominica to work with foreign partners. The government does not disclose personal and financial information about business owners, as their data is not entered into the commercial register when the company is registered.

Price of Dominica Citizenship by Investment: Nature on the Island
Calibishie beach is one of the best beaches in Dominica. Waves are rare here

Which countries are visa-free with a Dominica passport

A Dominica passport helps travel even in a pandemic. Citizens of this country are allowed free entry to 144 of the 200 states of the world.

Dominica is a former British colony. It is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which the British monarch heads. Citizens of the countries — members of the Commonwealth travel without visas to the states that are part of it.

Dominica has a reputation for being a peaceful and friendly nation. The list of visa-free countries grows every year: the government decides on new agreements for visa-free entry.

Visa-free destinations for citizens of Dominica

No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Armenia visa upon arrival
2 Bangladesh visa upon arrival
3 East Timor visa upon arrival
4 Hong Kong visa-free
5 Israel visa-free
6 Jordan visa upon arrival
7 Iran visa upon arrival
8 Cambodia visa upon arrival
9 Laos visa upon arrival
10 Macau visa-free
11 Malaysia visa-free
12 Maldives visa upon arrival
13 Nepal visa upon arrival
14 Palestinian territory visa-free
15 Singapore visa-free
16 Uzbekistan visa-free
17 Philippines visa-free
18 Sri Lanka electronic permit for entry
19 South Korea visa-free
No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Botswana visa-free
2 Burundi visa upon arrival
3 Gambia visa-free
4 Guinea-Bissau visa upon arrival
5 Egypt visa upon arrival
6 Zambia visa-free
7 Cape Verde visa upon arrival
8 Kenya visa-free
9 Comoros visa upon arrival
10 Lesotho visa-free
11 Mauritius visa-free
12 Mauritania visa upon arrival
13 Madagascar visa upon arrival
14 Malawi visa-free
15 Mozambique visa upon arrival
16 Saint Helena Island visa upon arrival
17 Rwanda visa upon arrival
18 Seychelles visa upon arrival
19 Senegal visa upon arrival
20 Somalia visa upon arrival
21 Sierra Leone visa upon arrival
22 Tanzania visa-free
23 Togo visa upon arrival
24 Uganda visa upon arrival
25 Eswatini visa-free


No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Austria visa-free
2 Andorra visa-free
3 Belarus visa-free
4 Belgium visa-free
5 Bulgaria visa-free
6 Bosnia and Herzegovina visa-free
7 Vatican visa-free
8 Hungary visa-free
9 Germany visa-free
10 Gibraltar visa-free
11 Greece visa-free
12 Denmark visa-free
13 Ireland visa-free
14 Iceland visa-free
15 Spain visa-free
16 Italy visa-free
17 Cyprus visa-free
18 Kosovo visa-free
19 Latvia visa-free
20 Lithuania visa-free
21 Liechtenstein visa-free
22 Luxembourg visa-free
23 Malta visa-free
24 Moldova visa-free
25 Monaco visa-free
26 Netherlands visa-free
27 Norway visa-free
28 Poland visa-free
29 Portugal visa-free
30 Russian Federation visa-free
31 Romania visa-free
32 San Marino visa-free
33 Serbia visa-free
34 Slovakia visa-free
35 Slovenia visa-free
36 Ukraine visa-free
37 Faroe Islands visa-free
38 Finland visa-free
39 France visa-free
40 Croatia visa-free
41 Montenegro visa-free
42 Czech Republic visa-free
43 Switzerland visa-free
44 Sweden visa-free
45 Estonia visa-free
No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Vanuatu visa-free
2 Micronesia visa-free
3 Niue visa-free
4 New Caledonia visa-free
5 Cook Islands visa-free
6 Palau visa upon arrival
7 Samoa visa upon arrival
8 Solomon Islands visa upon arrival
9 Tonga visa upon arrival
10 Tuvalu visa upon arrival
11 Fiji visa-free
12 French Polynesia visa-free
North America
No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Anguilla visa-free
2 Antigua and Barbuda visa-free
3 Bahamas visa-free
4 Barbados visa-free
5 Belize visa-free
6 Bermuda visa-free
7 British Virgin Islands visa-free
8 Haiti visa-free
9 Grenada visa-free
10 Greenland visa-free
11 Dominican Republic visa-free
12 Cayman Islands visa-free
13 Costa Rica visa-free
14 Cuba visa-free
15 Montserrat visa-free
16 Nicaragua visa upon arrival
17 Panama visa-free
18 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines visa-free
19 Saint Kitts and Nevis visa-free
20 Saint Lucia visa-free
21 Sint Maarten visa-free
22 Turks and Caicos visa-free
23 Trinidad and Tobago visa-free
24 French West Indies visa-free
25 Jamaica visa-free
South America
No. Country Conditions of entry
1 Argentina visa-free
2 Aruba visa-free
3 Bolivia visa upon arrival
4 Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba visa-free
5 Brazil visa-free
6 Venezuela visa-free
7 Guyana visa-free
8 Colombia visa-free
9 Curacao visa-free
10 Peru visa-free
11 Suriname visa-free
12 Uruguay visa-free
13 French Guiana visa-free
14 Ecuador visa-free

What gives the investor the status of a tax resident of Dominica

Between Dominica and some other countries, there are agreements on avoiding double taxation. The agreement allows you to choose a country according to the legislation to pay taxes.

To become a tax resident, you need to live in the country for at least 183 days a year. For a company to obtain tax resident status, it must be registered in Dominica.

A non-resident does not need to pay any taxes in Dominica if they do not receive income in the country. There are no taxes on dividends, inheritance, and capital gains for residents, but there is a tax on global income. The tax rate on global income is progressive: from 15 to 35%. In general, living in Dominica is beneficial if the primary source of income is dividends and interest.

Taxes in Dominica

TaxFor individualsFor companies
Global income15—35% for residents
0% for non-residents
25% of profit for residents
0% for non-residents
Income in Dominica0% for residents
15—35% for non-residents
0% for residents
25% for non-residents
Dividends15% for non-residents, if the source of income is in Dominica
0% for residents
15% for non-residents if the source of income is in Dominica
0% for residents
Capital gainsNoNo
Stamp duty2.5% — for the seller
4% — for the buyer
2.5% — for the seller
4% — for the buyer
Social security contributions6% of salary7% of salary

Dominica participates in the international Common Reporting Standard (CRS) system and exchanges financial information. Like other Caribbean countries, Dominica does not disclose information about the company's owners: the data is not entered into the commercial register.

Registration of an international business company (IBC) takes up to two weeks. The registration cost is about $2,100, and the minimum charge for maintaining a company is about $1,400 per year.

Documents for registration:

  • agreement on the establishment of a company;
  • order on the appointment of a director;
  • Dominica office registration certificate;
  • statement from the company owner about the age of the majority.

Foreign partners trust Dominica IBCs. According to studies by Environics International, for banks and potential partners, the company's financial performance is a determining factor for cooperation and trust.

It is easier for Dominican tax residents to open an account with any international bank. This helps to transfer currency faster and without additional fees. Information about the banks of the Caribbean countries is explained in the article "The best banks in the Caribbean: where to open accounts and keep savings in 2021".

Five steps to obtain Dominica citizenship

Contact a licensed program agent
Contact a licensed program agent

Immigrant Invest is the only licensed agent of the Dominica program with our own compliance department.

The certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer will study the applicant’s situation in detail, assess the possible risks of failure, advise and offer solutions.

Contact a licensed program agent
Sign an agreement with a licensed program agent
Sign an agreement with a licensed program agent

Only a licensed agent can process applications for citizenship by investment. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) does not accept direct applications.

The Government of Dominica has empowered Immigrant Invest to apply for citizenship on behalf of the applicant. You can complete a contract in one of our offices or remotely.

Sign an agreement with a licensed program agent
Prepare documents
Prepare documents

Immigrant Invest lawyers make a list of required documents. They fill out government forms, translate them into English and notarise documents. The application is then sent to the Government of Dominica.

Prepare documents
Wait for the decision from the government of Dominica
Wait for the decision from the government of Dominica

Due Diligence takes two to six months. If it is successful, the application is approved.

The approval is sent in an official letter to the address of the licensed agent at Immigrant Invest. After receiving a favourable decision, you need to fulfil the investment condition. This is given 30 days after permission to issue citizenship.

Wait for the decision from the government of Dominica
Obtain a passport and a naturalisation certificate
Obtain a passport and a naturalisation certificate

Obtain a passport and a naturalisation certificate at the Immigrant Invest office or a convenient address through courier delivery. Dominica passport is valid for 10 years.

Obtain a passport and a naturalisation certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Dominica's passport?

Dominica citizenship can be obtained for two to six months by investing $100,000 in the state fund or $200,000 in real estate.

The investor can include close family members in the citizenship program: their spouse, children under 30, and parents over 65. The entire citizenship by investment procedure can be completed without visiting Dominica.

How much does it cost to become a Dominica citizen?

Foreign citizens can obtain Dominica citizenship in exchange for investment.

Investment options are:

  • from $100,000 — contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund;
  • from $200,000 — in real estate approved by the government. The minimum period of property ownership is five years.

In addition to the amount of investment, the general expenses of the program include administrative and government fees for paperwork.

The investor and his family members over 16 years old need to pass the Due Diligence check.

Registration takes place remotely: you do not need to visit the country. Documents are sent by courier or to the office of a licensed program agent. Dominica’s passports are delivered to a convenient address for the investor.

Is the investment refundable?

Contribution to the EDF is non-refundable. If you choose to contribute to the real estate, you can sell the property after 3 years of ownership and return the money.

Is there any difference in cost if I apply individually or with my family?

Yes, the costs increase when adding dependents. The exact amount depends on the number and age of the family members.

What does a Dominica passport give to an investor?

The main benefits of Dominica citizenship for investors:

  1. Dominica is a former British colony, now part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Citizens receive all the benefits provided for the Commonwealth countries.
  2. Cosmopolitans with a Dominica passport are free to travel to 144 countries. A Dominica passport by investment replaces a visa to the EU countries, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
  3. In unforeseen situations, citizens can seek help from the embassy of any country in the Commonwealth of Nations.
  4. For citizens of Dominica, it is easy to apply for a B-1/B-2 visa in the USA for ten years. Visa documents are accepted by US consulates of any country where visa-free entry is possible with a passport.
  5. Dominica tax legislation is beneficial for tax residents of the country. There are no gifts, inheritance, or capital gains taxes. The government does not disclose financial information about business owners.
How long is the passport valid?

Dominica’s passport is issued for ten years, for children under 16 — for five years. Then a Dominica second passport is given in replacement. It is sufficient to contact the licensed program agent for information on Dominica’s second passport program.

Dominica passport cost: the state duty for issuing a new passport is $750. Each subsequent passport is valid for ten years. At the same time, citizenship is issued forever, and they cannot refuse to issue a passport.

How to apply for Dominica citizenship?

To obtain Dominica citizenship, you must first select a licensed program agent. The Agent is a law firm that has received an official licence from the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. She is empowered to apply on behalf of the main applicant for citizenship by investment.

Only licensed agents can apply for citizenship by investment. Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) does not accept direct applications.

Immigrant Invest is the only licensed Dominica citizenship program agent with its own compliance department. The Certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer knows every program requirement: he quickly assesses the risks of failure and proposes a suitable solution.

How to successfully pass the Due Diligence for Dominica Citizenship by Investment?

Due Diligence is a legal check of an investor and his family members over 16 years old. It depends on its results whether the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica will approve the citizenship application. Citizenship will not be granted to applicants with a criminal record, previous citizenship, or residence permit denials.

The applicant must provide authentic documents and confirm that the investment was earned legally to pass the check successfully.

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Cost of Dominica citizenship by investment