Permanent Residence in Malta – Malta Residency & Visa Programme (MRVP)

Permanent Residence in Malta

Government investor program

for families & with no residence obligation

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About the program

In August 2015, the Government of Malta introduced changes to the Chapter 217 of the Laws of Malta. This led to the adoption of L.N. 288 - 2015 legislative act which allows foreign investors to obtain Permanent residence permit in Malta by investing in government bonds under the state-approved Malta Residence and Visa Program.

Key concept of the program: in order to obtain Malta residence, applicants must invest in Maltese government bonds, rent or buy property in Malta and pay an administrative fee for taking part in the program. The program is applicable to investors’ children, parents and grandparents as well.

Malta permanent residence permit can be granted to a citizen of any country outside the European Union. Applicants do not need to speak official language or study the history of Malta. Additionally, there is no requirement to reside in the country, both prior to obtaining Maltese residence and after.

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Program for those who want to travel to Schengen countries without visas and always have a "backup plan". The permanent residence of Malta also allows to profitably optimize taxation

Permanent Residence in Malta


  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Requirements towards applicants
  • Necessary documents
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
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Requirements for obtaining Maltese permanent residence under the program

Investments in government bonds

€ 250,000

Maturity date: 5 years

Your investments will be used to purchase Maltese government bonds in your name. Maltese bonds are considered profitable providing you with up to 3% per annum. Redemption of bonds is due upon receiving a confirmation from Identity Malta.

A one-time administrative fee

€ 30,000

Maturity date: non-refundable

The administrative fee will cover the costs associated with obtaining Malta residence, redemption of bonds and repayment of funds in 5 years.

Renting or purchasing the property

€ 10,000 per annum or € 350,000

Timeframe: 5 years

Investor must choose between two of the following requirements:

  • rent a property worth EUR 10,000-12,000 per annum (the cost may vary depending on the region)
  • buy a property worth at least EUR 350,000. The property can be sold in 5 years.

Holding income or assets

€ 100,000 or € 500,000

Confirmation required

Main applicant must provide a proof of having an annual income of at least € 100,000 or assets worth € 500,000.

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Procedure for obtaining Malta permanent residence

7 simple steps


Preliminary audit

We conduct a preliminary check of the applicants wishing to participate in the program. Our Compliance department will collect information about you from a variety of databases and open sources. Based on this review, you will get a legal opinion on the possibility of your participation in the program.

Thus, we minimize the possibility of our clients’ failure to be granted Malta permanent residence.


Signing the contract

You can sign a contract with us either in one of our offices or remotely. You only need to provide us with the copies of the foreign passports of your family members so that we can draft a contract.

Please, note that only a certified agent is entitled to accompany the application process as well as prepare and submit relevant documents to Identity Malta. Our company IMIN Malta ltd is licensed by Identity Malta No. IIP093.



Submitting the papers

Timeframe: 8-12 days

Typically, preparation and submission of the papers take one week.

We will prepare all the documents, fill in the necessary forms and apostille the papers, if required. The only thing you have to do is to sign the forms! Additionally, we will write for you a cover letter so as to ensure all formalities are properly dealt with.


Due diligence checks

Timeframe: 1-2 months

Upon submitting the application together with the supporting documents, some of them will be subject to due diligence checks. At this stage, it will be necessary to pay EUR 5,500 to cover the costs (this amount is included in the one-time administrative fee).

Typically, due diligence checks take no longer than two months.


Meeting the program’s requirements

Timeframe: 1-2 weeks

Once Identity Malta releases its approval of your application, you will need to pay EUR 24,500 which is the remaining part of the administrative fee. Next, you will need to invest in bonds as well as buy or rent property in Malta.

We will arrange the process of buying bonds and renting/purchasing real estate. We will open an account in one of the Maltese banks and prepare the bailment entitling us to invest in bonds on your behalf. Next, we will find a property available for rental or purchase according to the requirements of the program. Our Maltese lawyer will finalize the deal.


Submitting biometric data and obtaining Malta permanent residence

Timeframe: 1-3 days

In order to submit your biometric data and obtain a permanent residence card, you will need to travel to Malta in person. We recommend that you schedule two or three days for this trip. Additionally, it is desirable to arrive between Monday to Thursday since all Maltese agencies close on Friday afternoon.

Malta permanent residence cards are granted for five years with the possibility of card extension. Going forward, the card will be re-issued every five years. Change of cards is a purely technical process. You will only need to fill in the application form and submit your photo.


Return on investment

Timeframe: 5 years

You will be able to sell the bonds and get back your assets in five years. We provide guidance through this process as well. Your Malta permanent residence status is valid for a lifetime.

Likewise, you will no longer be obliged to cover the maintenance costs for your property after five years. If necessary, you will be able to terminate your rental contract or sell your Maltese property.

Step-by-step procedure

Leave an application and get a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to obtain Maltese permanent residence including the specifics to be aware of

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Immigrant Invest is the official representative of the government investment program of Malta. We accompany you at all stages during Malta permanent residence application process.

License № IIP093 IMIN Malta ltd

Permanent Residence in Malta


  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Requirements towards applicants
  • Necessary documents
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
Download presentation & documents

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