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Relocating to a country with high living standards

Dominica citizenship for a young woman from Afghanistan: a real chance to change the life

When I decided to leave Afghanistan and applied for second citizenship, I didn’t know the Taliban would start rapidly conquering the country in May. I was scared of them and what awaited me if they seized power over the whole country.

When Talibs last governed the country [1996—2001], girls couldn’t go to school, and women couldn’t work. We had to wear burqas to go out and could not appear on the streets without a male relative. We had to marry men our fathers had chosen for us. Personally, my mum had to. My older friends also told me about women being flogged and executed.

Talibs promised not to ban women from studying and working this time, but I wouldn’t believe it. I realised I had made the right decision to leave Afghanistan. And I’m grateful to Immigrant Invest for helping me.

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