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Malta citizenship for a Turkish family to retire peacefully and secure children’s future

I intend to quit the business in several years and devote my time to leisure and travel.

My wife and I enjoy living in the Mediterranean and do not want to change that. At the same time, we want our home to be safe from earthquakes. Also, I want to provide my daughters with educational and career opportunities I didn’t have growing up.

So, I decided to relocate my family to a country in Southern Europe that could cover our needs.


Emre, 55

Luxury resort entrepreneur in Turkey

Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Malta citizenship for a Turkish family

Malta citizenship for a Turkish family to retire peacefully and secure children’s future

Family goals

Emre, a 55-year-old Turkish entrepreneur living in Istanbul, has a successful business in the hospitality industry. His close-knit family consists of his wife, Ayşe, and their two daughters, Elif and Zeynep.

Children’s career and education in Europe. Elif was obtaining her undergraduate degree at a Turkish university. She planned to move to the UK afterwards, either for a master’s degree or for work to pursue her dream career in finance.

At the same time, Zeynep displayed a keen interest in studying abroad and experiencing life in a different cultural setting. At age 15, she could already boast an excellent German, so her goal was to enter a German or Swiss university.

Peaceful retirement in a warm European country. As for the businessman, he planned to retire some years later. Emre wanted to travel the world with his wife, as his business trips did not allow him to experience other cultures and nature’s wonders the way he wished.

He also aspired to devote more time to his hobbies, specifically sailing and gastronomy.

Considering the family’s goals, Emre decided to relocate the entire family to Europe. He asked around his acquainted hoteliers, and one of them told Emre to contact Immigrant Invest.

Why Emre chose to move to Malta

Emre had the following criteria for the country of relocation:

  • Mediterranean climate;

  • possibility to include family members;

  • fine education prospects for Emre’s daughters;

  • low seismic activity;

  • comfortable living conditions.

After consulting with Emre, Immigrant Invest investment migration experts suggested several options, including obtaining residency in Malta, Italy, and Spain. Besides, lawyers advised considering Malta citizenship.

After some consideration, Emre picked Malta citizenship for various reasons.

Less bureaucracy. Emre wanted to spend his years in Europe, so his ultimate goal was citizenship. With residence permits, he would have needed to renew it and obtain permanent residency or citizenship some years later.

Obtaining Malta citizenship was less time-consuming, and he would get life-long citizenship that doesn’t need to be renewed. Emre valued the ease of the bureaucratic process, allowing him to focus on his family’s transition to a new life.

Better opportunities for children’s education and career. Both daughters of Emre planned to obtain an education and then find a job in a European country: Elif aimed at the UK, and Zeynep was choosing between Germany and Switzerland.

With Malta citizenship, children wouldn’t have to get residence permits to study and could take their time finding a good job without concerns about documents. For comparison, residence permits in Italy or Spain allow one to stay in other Schengen countries for 90 days; a permit at the country of stay is necessary for an extended period.

Expanded travel opportunities. Both citizenship and residency in a European country give access to travelling across the Schengen countries. However, Malta citizenship expanded the list of visa-free countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Notably, with Malta nationality, Emre and his wife could visit their elder daughter Elif in the UK without a visa for 180 days.

Hazard-resistant region. Unlike Turkey, Malta has a low risk of earthquakes. Also, it has a very low level of coastal flood and wildfire hazard.

High-quality medicine. Malta spends about 10% of its GDP on healthcare and ranks 11th globally by the health index score. Free public hospitals with health insurance for citizens and high-quality private clinics operate. Therefore, Emre and his wife would get good care in their retirement.

Malta Citizenship for exceptional services by direct investment

Malta has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers, warm autumns, and short winters. The weather is much like the one in Turkey, which suited the family

How the family obtained Malta citizenship

It took Emre’s family around 1.5 years to become Malta citizens. Total costs were approximately €1,002,340.


April 2nd, 2016

Preliminary Due Diligence

Emre contacted Immigrant Invest, and our Compliance AML Officer examined Emre’s eligibility for Malta citizenship. They were viable candidates as they did not have a history of criminal activities, visa refusals, sanctions, or illicit income.

After running a preliminary Due Diligence check, we signed a Services Agreement with the investor.


+ 2 weeks

Obtaining Police Clearance Certificates

We submitted applications for the family to receive Police Clearance. The authorities in Malta reviewed Emre, his spouse, and their daughters against Interpol and Europol databases. There were no concerns, so the Maltese police issued clearance certificates.


+ 1 month

Getting residence permits in Malta, €52,640

The family travelled to Malta to accomplish several responsibilities.

The couple looked at apartments from our property database. The lawyers helped with a lease agreement for €2,000 a month once they chose housing. Emre also paid an annual rent of €24,000 upfront.

The family visited a local doctor for a medical certificate and paid €240. Then Emre got health insurance for €1,600 a year, with a minimum coverage of €50,000 per person.

The lawyers had the documents translated and notarised, which cost €8,000. After that, they escorted the family to the Community Malta Agency, where they provided their biometric data and submitted applications for residence permits.

The family paid €8,000 for the residence permit cards, €800 as the administration fee, and a €10,000 donation to the fund.

Two weeks after the submission of biometrics, residence permit cards were issued and mailed to the family in Istanbul.


+ 1 month

Collecting documents for citizenship, €8,200

The Community Malta Agency has strict demands for the documents. With the help of Immigrant Invest, the investor prepared:

  • ID;

  • bank statements;

  • a CV;

  • wealth history with a list of all assets such as real estate, owned companies, valuable collections, securities, and deposits;

  • the list of affiliated companies;

  • the amount of dividends received;

  • tax declarations;

  • the social credit report.

Expenses for translation and notarisation of the documents were €8,200.


+ 5 months

Due Diligence, €25,500

We submitted family members’ documents to the Community Malta Agency to consider. Emre paid €20,500 for the Due Diligence and the administration fee of €5,000 for himself as a main applicant.

The check was conducted within four months, and Emre’s application was then forwarded to the Minister. He preliminary approved the investor’s candidacy.


+ 6 months

Applying for citizenship

After residing in Malta for a year, Emre and his relatives were qualified to apply for citizenship. Immigrant Invest lawyers applied on their behalf.

The Malta Community Agency and the Minister responsible for matters relating to Malta citizenship granted their final approvals.


+ 2 months

Fulfilling investment conditions, €916,000

By then, the family had already donated €10,000 to the fund. So, the investor made other payments to meet the criteria:

  • rent for another year of €24,000;

  • the rest of the contribution to the national fund of €740,000;

  • buying government bonds worth €150,000;

  • passport fees of €2,000.

Our lawyers collected proof of investment and submitted it to the Agency.


+ 1 week

Submitting biometrics in Malta

The family came to the Agency office to provide their biometrics again and swear an oath of allegiance. Following this, the family was issued their naturalisation certificates.


+ 1 week, July 23rd, 2017

Receiving passports

The family collected their new passports in Malta. Subsequently, they applied for Maltese ID cards, which they obtained through the mail two weeks later.

Emre and his family participated in the Individual Investor Program to obtain Malta citizenship. The program was closed, and a new law came into force in 2020. Nowadays, investors obtain Malta citizenship by naturalisation for exceptional services by direct investment.

To qualify, an investor should make a €10,000 donation to charity and a contribution of €750,000 after a year of residing in Malta or €600,000 for a 3-year residence. An investor should pay an additional €50,000 for a family member.

Another investment condition is to rent housing for at least €16,000 per year or buy it for at least €700,000. Other expenses are approximately the same as with the previous program.

Family’s new life in Malta

By obtaining Malta citizenship, Emre fulfilled his long-term goal and relocated his family to the country with better prospects. The family settled in Floriana, a small town next to Valletta, the capital of Malta.

The family collected passports while the elder daughter, Elif, graduated from university in Istanbul and entered the university in London. So after moving to Malta, the family travelled to London and spent a couple of weeks there, helping their elder daughter to adapt.

Their younger daughter, Zeynep, finished high school in a private language institution and excelled in German. The family had several trips to Germany and Switzerland to help Zeynep to pick a university. Luckily, with their Malta citizenship, they did not need visas to travel in those countries.

After a while, Emre purchased a house near a small port and moved his family there so he could dedicate more time to sailing. Ayşe and him are content with their life and proud of giving their daughters new opportunities.

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