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Case Studies 2018

Malta permanent residence for a goal-oriented couple

The search for a way to handle their tasks has led our clients our clients to a decision to settle down in Malta. It was there where they gave birth to their first child and got the opportunity to develop their business, while enjoying pure air and a high standard of living. How did they make it? Read about this in our today’s case.

Malta permanent residence for living in the country with excellent ecology and high-quality healthcare

Our Clients

A young married couple from Ufa – Ivan, 33, and Maria, 30. Ivan and Maria jointly develop a family business in a quite specific field – production of lighting equipment for the metallurgical industry. Nevertheless, their business is already well-established and brings a regular income.
They both are rather ambitious, and when they reached out to us, they put the specialists of our company to a number of goals and tasks.

Goals and Objectives

Having their business well-established, the family makes plans for the future and has already decided on the priorities:

  • Accommodation in an area with pure air and favorable environmental situation
  • Availability of quality higher education for future children
  • High level of health care
  • Visa-free travelling around the world
  • Tax optimization and business promotion opportunities

Finding Solution

We informed our clients about the available investment programs, which could solve their problems, in Europe and the Caribbean.

Citizenship in the Caribbean

First, we offered Ivan and Maria several programs for Caribbean citizenship:

  • Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Citizenship of Dominica
  • Citizenship of Saint Lucia
  • Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Citizenship of Grenada.

They all allow visa-free travelling around the world, while the absence of many taxes and minimal tax rates for enterprises make these countries attractive for wealthy businessmen who want to run their business on the most favorable terms. The ecological situation in the Caribbean arearnis also in line with Ivan and Maria’s demands.

However, it is rather tricky to get quality higher education with Caribbean passport. The level of health care in these countries is also far from perfect.

Citizenship in Europe

The clients decided to focus on European immigration programs for wealthy people. The widest opportunities are available in Malta and Cyprus citizenship programs. They would completely meet Ivan and Maria’s challenges, but our clients were not in comfort with an amount of investment required to obtain these passports.

  • For Cyprus, it amounts to at least €2 million of investment in residential real estate. The advantage lies in the fact that this investment is refundable – the property can be eventually sold.
  • For Malta, this is a combination of investments in the national development fund, securities and real estate. The total amount starts from €800 thousand, and €650 thousand of them are non-refundable.

Ivan and Maria forwent these attractive programs, since their participation in them required withdrawing a significant portion of their funds invested in the production.


Upon rejecting the above options, we realized what our clients really need, and offered them a program of permanent residence in Malta. It allows obtaining an official status in just 3 months, and the status is granted for life. The permanent residence gives virtually the same rights as citizenship of Malta.

To obtain permanent residence in Malta, it is required:

  • to invest €250 thousand in government bonds for 5 years
  • to pay a one-time administrative fee of €30 thousand
  • to buy real estate in Malta in the amount of €350 thousand (it can be sold in 5 years, as well as the securities) or to rent residential property for an amount of €10-12 thousand per year
  • to prove an annual income in the amount of €100 thousand or to show the availability of an amount of at least €500 thousand on a bank account.

Ivan and Maria were completely satisfied with this option. Malta was a perfect place for them to live. Within 4 days, we collected all the required documents, notarized copies, apostilled them and submitted the entire package to the Identity Malta state agency. Since we work directly with the agency under a special license, the entire registration process takes minimal time.

Advantages for our customers

  • Eco-friendly region
  • Availability of top European universities
  • High level of health care
  • Entry in and exit from the country without restrictions
  • Visa-free travelling throughout the Schengen area
  • Low tax rates for business and benefits

We were glad to get the news that Ivan and Maria were waiting for their first child. And they planned to give birth in Malta.

Why Ivan Renounced an Idearnto Take On a Bank Loan in Malta

Ivan was interested in the opportunity to take on credit for the participation in the program in one of the banking institutions of Malta. His business partner convinced him that such a scheme is absolutely legal and acceptable within the program.

This idearnwas attractive, but it had dangerous pitfalls our client was unaware about. When Ivan told us about it and also about the fact that he had planned to sign a corresponding agreement in the near future, we reacted immediately.

Our specialist explained to the client that such a loan was available only if an applicant always had an amount equal to the amount of investment under the program on his/her deposit account. In this case, the amount was about €250 thousand. Alternatively, it was possible to provide other documents proving that the applicant would be able to make payments towards the loan at any time without a risk of being broke.

As the result, Ivan dismissed this idea, since the loan required a significant package of documents and explanations, which could delay the process of obtaining their permanent residence cards. In this case it was inadmissible, because Maria had already decided to give birth to their first child in a clinic in Malta.

Progress Made

Two and a half months later, the approval from the Maltese government came, granting the permanent residence to Ivan and Maria as investors. And this status was automatically obtained by their child.
Maria successfully gave birth to a daughter (and by the way, she was satisfied with the quality of health care), and now she enjoys pure air on the Mediterranean coast.

Ivan managed to get Maltese partners interested in his business project and signed a contract for supplying their lighting equipment for street lighting on the island of Gozo.

We wish our clients to fully execute their business plans, to take pleasure in travelling across picturesque places of Europe and to enjoy a high standard of living in a safe country.