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How a couple from Kazakhstan got a Portugal residence permit for a peaceful retirement

After the Schengen visa denial, we thought that our dream about a quiet life in Europe after retirement was destined to remain just a dream. But the Immigrant Invest lawyers saved the situation and helped us to get a residence permit in Portugal. And here we are, planning our future relocation!

Amina and Talip

Amina and Talip,

A couple from Nur-Sultan

Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Permanent residence in a EU country for relocate to the EU

How a couple from Kazakhstan got a Portugal residence permit for a peaceful retirement

Reasons why the couple turned to Immigrant Invest

Amina and Talip have raised two children. Approaching the age of 60, the couple started thinking more and more about how to arrange their retirement years.

Seeking stability, Amina and Talip decided to move to Europe. This would have allowed them to travel more and live in a quieter place getting qualified medical services.

The problems popped up almost right away. When the couple planned to renew their Schengen visa, they got a denial. 4 years ago Amina and Talip travelled across Europe by car. Talip likes driving fast, so once he got an administrative fine for speeding. Our clients became aware of the unpaid fine only when applying for new visas for the next trip. Because of the unpaid fine visa application was rejected.

Amina and Talip were tired of bureaucracy and visa issues. After giving much thought to the matter, the couple decided to contact Immigrant Invest and discuss the situation with professionals.

Risk of rejection: what the Preliminary Due Diligence showed

Before recommending any program, Immigrant Invest conducted Preliminary Due Diligence against an international database containing legal, tax, and business information. The check helps to eliminate the risk of failure in residence permit programs.

Vladlena Baranova

Vladlena Baranova,

Lawyer, AML Compliance officer, certified CAMS specialist

Preliminary Due Diligence in our company is a mandatory step to proceed with participation in the investment program. In Immigrant Invest this check is carried out by our in-house Certified Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer. Of course results of the check are private and confidential.

During the Preliminary Due Diligence, we discovered that Talip had a visa denial. The investor clarified the situation and told the lawyers about his administrative fine for speeding. The Immigrant Invest lawyers concluded that such a problem could be neutralised through a legal tool.

In the case of Talip, it was necessary to carefully prepare for Due Diligence. If the investor gets a refusal in the investment program of one country, he will not be able to participate in the investment programs of other countries too.

How Immigrant Invest lawyers solved the problem

First of all, our experts helped Talip to pay the fine. Secondly, to minimise the investor’s risk of refusal, Immigrant Invest lawyers needed to prepare an affidavit — a legal opinion explaining the situation.

What the lawyers stated in the affidavit:

  • the investor has already paid the fine;

  • he didn’t have any other violations in Europe and criminal records.

An affidavit isn’t a one hundred percent guarantee of a residence permit approval. However, our experience shows that it’s the best way to explain the problem in the investors’ biography and confirm it with the documents.

Choosing a suitable investment program for the clients

Amina and Talip wanted to achieve several goals by participating in the investment program:

1. Move to the European Union country with a warm climate, preferably near the water — a sea or even an ocean.

2. Get an opportunity to live in the country without time limits.

3. Maintain freedom of movement: not to be obliged to spend 183 days a year or more in the country.

4. Travel to the Schengen countries visa-free.

5. Obtain permanent residence over time, if they love the country.

Immigrant Invest experts selected 3 programs, which met the clients’ requirements.

The program


Schengen area visa-free

Mandatory residing in the country for 183 days or more to maintain the status

Time required to be spent in the country for obtaining permanent residence



Not required

7 days per annum



Not required

5 years consecutively
Can’t leave Spain for more than 10 months for the entire period



Not required

5 years in a row
Can’t leave Greece for more than 6 months in a row or 10 months for the entire period

The couple took a few days to consider all the options. Eventually, they decided in favour of the Portugal Residence Permit, also known as a Portugal Golden Visa. Amina and Talip said that a decisive factor was an opportunity to get a permanent residence without the necessity to live in the country for several years in a row.

The Azores in Portugal

In 2021 the Azores won the Europe’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination by World Travel Awards

Apartment selection. A Portugal Golden Visa program has several investment options, but clients considered only real estate purchase. As investors explained, they will always feel like guests in the country without their property. So Immigrant Invest real estate experts provided the couple with several properties according to Amina and Talip’s requests. The couple made their choice.

Talip and Amina bought a similar apartment in Sagres

Apartments in Sagres

The couple bought a 2-storey villa with a private garden for €595,000. As Talip and Amina dreamed, their new apartment is only 200 metres from the ocean

How Amina and Talip obtained a Portugal residence permit for 6 months

January 28, 2021

Talip and Amina turned to Immigrant Invest

+ 1 day

Preliminary Due Diligence

+1 week

Selection of apartments

+3 days

Trip to Portugal

+1,5 month

Property purchase

+1 month

Submission of the application

+2 days

Proof of identity in Portugal

+3 months: 18th of July

Amina and Talip got residence permit cards

Trip to Portugal. Amina and Talip visited the country for 3 days to examine the apartment chosen for the upcoming investment and draw up a power of attorney for a lawyer. Moreover, the investor opened a bank account, got an individual tax number and went back to Kazakhstan.

Real estate purchase. The lawyer made a deal on the investor’s behalf using a power of attorney: signed a preliminary sales contract and closed the deal. After that Talip transferred money for the house. The lawyer received the certificate which proved the fact of investment.

Application submission. The Immigrant Invest lawyer filled out government forms, translated and notarised the documents. An affidavit explaining the problem with speeding also was attached. The application was sent to the Portuguese Immigration Office.

Proof of identity and fingerprinting. Talip and Amina came to Portugal one more time. This time for submission of original documents and fingerprinting for the residence permit cards. The Portuguese Immigration Office issued special confirmation which allowed the couple to live in Portugal before their residence permit cards are ready.

Receiving residence permit cards. The Portuguese Immigration Office approved Talip’s application. The investor paid the fee for residence permit cards and received them.

€662,286: Talip’s expenses under the program a Portugal Golden Visa for two people

  • €595,000 — apartment cost

  • €47,600 — property transfer tax

  • €4,760 — stamp duty

  • €2,380 — annual property tax

  • €1,066 — application fee

  • €800 — medical insurance

  • €10,680 — residence permit card

The couple’s life after obtaining the residence permit in Portugal

Amina and Talip are happy that their dreams came true. They plan to retire next year and leave all the work issues behind. Before this moment they are going to spend winter and summer vacations in Portugal, enjoying the ocean air and long walks along the shore.

After 2 years investors can renew their residence permit. After 5 years as a resident, the investor can apply for permanent residence or citizenship. Initially, Talip and Amina didn’t think about Portugal citizenship, but now this prospect seems more and more interesting to them.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the European Union and the Caribbean.

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