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Visa to Saint Lucia: who will need it and how to get it

To go to Saint Lucia, citizens of 114 countries will only need a visa in certain situations: when you need to spend more than 42 days in the country to study, work or do business in the country.

How to get a visa to Saint Lucia: requirements and countries list for visa-free travel

How to get a visa to Saint Lucia: requirements for applicants

An agreement on visa-free entry was signed between Saint Lucia and 114 states. The visa-free regime is valid from 42 days to six months, depending on the country. The exception is Singapore: its citizens can come to Saint Lucia without a visa for only 15 days.

If a foreigner plans to stay on the island for longer than the established period, you need to obtain a visa. A visa to Saint Lucia can be obtained both before a tourist trip and during it. To obtain a visa in advance, you need to contact the consulate of Saint Lucia or the UK. While in Saint Lucia, you need to apply for a visa at the central office of the migration service in Castries, the capital of the country.

If a foreigner plans to study, work or do business in Saint Lucia, the visa-free regime does not apply. 

Documents that will be required when obtaining a visa to Saint Lucia through the consulate:

  1. A passport, which is valid for at least six months.
  2. Two passport photos.
  3. A completed visa application form.
  4. Return flight tickets.
  5. A hotel booking confirmation, an official invitation from friends or relatives.
  6. A description of the itinerary.
  7. An account statement to confirm solvency.
  8. A certificate of employment indicating position and salary. 
  9. For students, a certificate from a school, college or university.
  10. A receipt of the visa fee, which ranges from $25 to $80.

Documents must be translated into English and submitted two weeks before the trip or earlier. Visa processing will take 1-2 weeks.

Saint Lucia visa fees:

  • $30 for tourists;
  • $25 for students;
  • $35 for a business visa;
  • $80 for the expedited visa issuance in 1 day.

Saint Lucia consulates operate in Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada and Cuba. To obtain a visa, it is not necessary to travel to these countries: documents can be submitted through British consulates in other countries. The consular staff will forward the application to the migration service of Saint Lucia and, if they receive a positive response from there, they will stamp the visa.

Citizens of some countries receive a visa for Saint Lucia on arrival. 

Territories and countries list: whose citizens do not need a visa to travel to Saint Lucia

Andorra Gibraltar Panama
Anguilla Greece Poland
Antigua and Barbuda Grenada Portugal
Argentina Gue sey Romania
Aruba Guyana Russia
Australia Hong Kong Saba
Austria Hungary Saint Eustatius
Bahamas Iceland Saint Kitts and Nevis
Barbados Ireland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Belgium Isle of Man Samoa
Belize Israel San Marino
Bermuda Italy Seychelles
Bonaire Jamaica Singapore
Bosnia and Herzegovina Japan Slovakia
Botswana Jersey Slovenia
Brazil Kiribati Solomon Islands
Brunei Kuwait South Africa
Bulgaria Latvia South Korea
Canada Lesotho Spain
Cayman Islands Liechtenstein Suriname
Chile Lithuania Sweden
China Luxembourg Switzerland
Costa Rica Malawi Taiwan
Croatia Maldives Tanzania
Cuba Malta Tonga
Curaçao Marshall Islands Trinidad and Tobago
Cyprus Mauritius Turkey
Czech Republic Mexico Turks and Caicos
Denmark Micronesia Tuvalu
Dominica Monaco United Arab Emirates
Estonia Montenegro United Kingdom
Eswatini Montserrat USA
Fiji Namibia Uruguay
Finland Nauru Vanuatu
France Netherlands Zambia
Georgia New Zealand
Germany Norway
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Territories and countries list: whose citizens receive a visa on arrival in Saint Lucia

American Samoa Gambia Nicaragua
Benin Ghana Palau
Bhutan Guatemala Palestine
Bolivia Guinea Papua New Guinea
Burkina Faso GuinearnBissau Paraguay
Burundi Honduras Peru
Cambodia India Philippines
Cameroon Ivory Coast Sao Tome and Principe
Cape Verde Kenya Senegal
Comoros Kyrgyzstan Sierra Leone
Djibouti Macao Sudan
East Timor Madagascar Thailand
Ecuador Malaysia Togo
El Salvador Mali Uganda
Equatorial Guinea Mauritania Vietnam
Ethiopia Mongolia Zimbabwe
Gabon Mozambique
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How to visit Saint Lucia during the pandemic: requirements for travelers

To enter the country, all travelers over the age of 18 need to request an entry permit. The questionnaire is filled out no earlier than two weeks before the trip and no later than two days.

All travelers over 5 years old must have a valid negative test result. 

Fully vaccinated travelers can do a rapid antigen test or a rapid COVID-19 PCR test not earlier than 1 day before arrival to Saint Lucia. The second option is to do a standard PCR test not earlier than 5 days before arrival.

A traveler is considered to be fully vaccinated if at least 14 days have passed since the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or since a single-dose vaccine. A proof of vaccination, e.g. a c certificate, must be presented upon entry to Saint Lucia.

Unvaccinated travelers must present a valid negative PCR test result done not earlier than 5 days before arrival.

The test result must be attached to the questionnaire.

The entry restrictions may change over time. Please, check the entry rules before your trip to Saint Lucia.

How to get to Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island state with two airports. International flights are accepted by Hewanorra Airport. Direct flights to Saint Lucia can be reached from the US or the UK, or you can make a transfer in these countries.

A direct flight or with a transit in the USA, in New York. To make a transfer in the USA, you may need a visa. Also in the US there are coronavirus restrictions. Only vaccinated passengers are allowed to enter the country, even for the purpose of transit. 

A direct flight or with a transit in the UK, in London. To make a transfer in the UK, you may need a transit visa. It will allow you to spend up to 48 hours in the UK, and the visa fee will be £64.

To make it easier to get to Saint Lucia, you can get citizenship of the country. Citizens of Saint Lucia do not need a visa to enter the UK, and a visa to the United States on a Saint Lucia passport can be obtained for 10 years.

Citizens of Saint Lucia have the right to enter the country at any time, even with closed borders. 

St. Lucia entrance: requirements for travelers
George F. L. Charles Airport is located in Castries, the capital of St. Lucia. It serves passenger flights between Caribbean countries

How to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship

Passport of Saint Lucia can be obtained by investing in the economic development of the country. There are four options available to investors:

  • $100,000+ if contributing to the state fund;
  • $200,000+ if purchasing real estate;
  • $300,000+ if buying government bonds;
  • $1,000,000+ if investing in business.

The contribution to the state fund is non-refundable. Bonds and real estate can be sold 5 years after receiving the status.

In addition to the investor, a spouse, children under 30, parents over 55, brothers and sisters under 18 can also obtain second citizenship.

Frequently asked questions

Who needs a visa to travel to Saint Lucia?

Citizens of 109 countries can go to Saint Lucia without a visa and spend 42 days or more in the country. To extend your stay, study, work or do business in the country, you will need to obtain a visa.

How to get to Saint Lucia?

To get to Saint Lucia, you can take a direct flight or make at least one transfer in New York or London. This may require an American or British transit visa, respectively. A direct flight from London to Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia, takes 8 hours 55 minutes.

Are there coronavirus travel restrictions in place?

Yes, there are. All travellers over the age of 5 are required to take a test before flying to Saint Lucia. All tourists over 18 years of age also need to request an entry permit online.

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Visa to Saint Lucia: who will need it and how to get it