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Which Countries Can You Visit Visa-Free with a St Lucia Passport

A St Lucia passport allows the holder to travel Visa-free to 146 countries, including the Schengen states, Britain, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Visa-free countries with a St Lucia passport

With a St Lucia passport, you can visit 114 countries without a visa. Another 30 countries grant St Lucia citizens a visa upon arrival without applying for a visa in advance.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka require an electronic travel authorization (eTA) before traveling. It can be quickly and easily obtained in just 15-20 minutes on the Internet by inputting your passport data. Once an eTA is issued, the applicant is allowed to travel to these two destinations.

The list of visa-free countries accessible to St Lucia citizens is constantly changing and expanding. Its composition depends on the geopolitical situation in the world. We recommend that travellers check to make sure of the entry conditions on the website of the consulate of the country of destination before traveling.

List of visa-free countries for St Lucia citizens

No. Country Entry conditions
1 Armenia Visa on arrival
2 Bangladesh Visa on arrival
3 Cambodia Visa on arrival
4 Hong Kong Visa-free
5 Indonesia Visa-free
6 Iran Visa on arrival
7 Israel Visa-free
8 Jordan Visa on arrival
9 Laos Visa on arrival
10 Macao Visa on arrival
11 Malaysia Visa-free
12 Maldives Visa on arrival
13 Nepal Visa on arrival
14 Pakistan Electronic travel authorization
15 Palestinian Territory Visa-free
16 Philippines Visa-free
17 Singapore Visa-free
18 South Korea Visa-free
19 Sri Lanka Electronic entry permit
20 Taiwan Visa-free
21 Timor-Leste Visa on arrival
22 Uzbekistan Visa-free
No. Country Entry conditions
1 Botswana Visa-free
2 Cape Verde Islands Visa on arrival
3 Comoro Islands Visa on arrival
4 Egypt Visa on arrival
5 Eswatini Visa-free
6 Gambia Visa-free
7 Guinea-Bissau Visa on arrival
8 Kenya Visa-free
9 Lesotho Visa-free
10 Madagascar Visa on arrival
11 Malawi Visa-free
12 Mauritania Visa on arrival
13 Mauritius Visa-free
14 Mayotte Visa-free
15 Mozambique Visa on arrival
16 Reunion Visa-free
17 Rwanda Visa on arrival
18 Senegal Visa-free
19 Seychelles Visa on arrival
20 Sierra Leone Visa on arrival
21 Somalia Visa on arrival
22 Saint Helena Visa on arrival
23 Tanzania Visa-free
24 Togo Visa on arrival
25 Tunisia Visa-free
26 Uganda Visa on arrival
27 Zambia Visa-free
28 Zimbabwe Visa-free
No. Country Entry conditions
1 Andorra Visa-free
2 Austria Visa-free
3 Belgium Visa-free
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa-free
5 Bulgaria Visa-free
6 Croatia Visa-free
7 Cyprus Visa-free
8 Czech Republic Visa-free
9 Denmark Visa-free
10 Estonia Visa-free
11 Faroe Islands Visa-free
12 Finland Visa-free
13 France Visa-free
14 Germany Visa-free
15 Gibraltar Visa-free
16 Greece Visa-free
17 Hungary Visa-free
18 Iceland Visa-free
19 Ireland Visa-free
20 Italy Visa-free
21 Kosovo Visa-free
22 Latvia Visa-free
23 Liechtenstein Visa-free
24 Lithuania Visa-free
25 Luxembourg Visa-free
26 Malta Visa-free
27 Moldova Visa-free
28 Monaco Visa-free
29 Montenegro Visa-free
30 Netherlands Visa-free
31 Norway Visa-free
32 Poland Visa-free
33 Portugal Visa-free
34 Romania Visa-free
35 San Marino Visa-free
36 Slovakia Visa-free
37 Slovenia  Visa-free
38 Spain Visa-free
39 Sweden Visa-free
40 Switzerland Visa-free
41 United Kingdom Visa-free
42 Vatican City Visa-free
No. Country Entry conditions
1 Cook Islands Visa-free
2 Fiji Visa-free
3 French Polynesia Visa-free
2 Kiribati Visa-free
4 Micronesia Visa-free
5 New Caledonia Visa-free
6 Niue Visa-free
7 Palau Visa on arrival
8 Samoa Visa on arrival
9 Solomon Islands Visa on arrival
10 Tonga Visa on arrival
11 Tuvalu Visa on arrival
12 Vanuatu Visa-free
North America
No. Country Entry conditions
1 Anguilla Visa-free
2 Antigua and Barbuda Visa-free
3 Bahamas Visa-free
4 Barbados Visa-free
5 Belize Visa-free
6 Bermuda Visa-free
7 British Virgin Islands Visa-free
8 Cayman Islands Visa-free
9 Costa Rica Visa-free
10 Cuba Visa-free
11 Dominica Visa-free
12 Dominican Republic  Visa-free
13 El Salvador Visa-free
14 French West Indies Visa-free
15 Greenland Visa-free
16 Grenada Visa-free
17 Guatemala Visa-free
18 Haiti Visa-free
19 Honduras Visa-free
20 Jamaica Visa-free
21 Montserrat Visa-free
22 Nicaragua Visa-free
23 Panama Visa-free
24 St Kitts and Nevis Visa-free
25 St Vincent and the Grenadines Visa-free
26 Sint Maarten Visa-free
27 Trinidad and Tobago Visa-free
28 Turks and Caicos Islands Visa-free
South America
No. Country Entry conditions
1 Argentina Visa-free
2 Aruba Visa-free
3 Bolivia Visa on arrival
4 Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba Visa-free
5 Chile Visa-free
6 Colombia Visa-free
7 Curacao Visa-free
8 Ecuador Visa-free
9 French Guiana Visa-free
10 Guyana Visa-free
11 Peru Visa-free
12 Suriname Visa-free
13 Venezuela Visa-free

Popular travel destinations with a St Lucia passport

A St Lucia passport simplifies holiday travel and business trips to the Schengen area, UK and Asian countries.

Schengen Area. St Lucia citizens can spend 90 days out of any 180-day period in the Schengen countries. The term is the same as for a Schengen visa, but St Lucia citizenship is obtained for life. The passport is first issued for a 5-year period, and then for 10-year periods. The procedure for replacing it is easier than applying for a Schengen visa.

United Kingdom. St Lucia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which means its citizens can visit the UK and stay there for up to 180 days. On leaving the UK, they can immediately re-enter and start a new 180-day period.

Asia. St Lucia passport holders can visit Hong Kong and Singapore, the main centers of business and cultural life in Asia, visa-free. They can stay for 30 days in Singapore and 90 days in Hong Kong.

St Lucia citizens also receive other benefits. They can apply for a 10-year B2 visa to the United States at any American consulate. They are also eligible for benefits at UK universities and tax incentives. In addition, St Lucia citizens can open accounts at international, including European, banks. At the same time, the cost of a St Lucia passport is lower and the processing time is shorter compared to those for other Caribbean passports by investment.

St Lucia has lowered the cost of participating in the citizenship program for investors who make a donation to the National Economic Fund and whose families are included in the citizenship application. The change in the amount of the contribution required depends on the composition of the family: for example, a family of 3-4 people now contributes $150,000, rather than $190,000.

The minimum investment in bonds for obtaining a St Lucia passport has been halved to $250,000 from $500,000. The offer is valid until the end of 2021.

The cost of participation in the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program depends on the specific situation of the applicant: the composition of the family and the investment option chosen.

Immigrant Invest’s specialists will calculate the cost of getting a St Lucia passport by investment based on your specific situation.

Which Countries Can You Visit Visa-Free with a St Lucia Passport

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