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Visa-free countries with a St Lucia passport

As of December 2023, the St Lucia passport allows the holder to travel visa-free to 147 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, and Singapore.

Learn more about entry requirements for St Lucia citizens and other benefits they enjoy.

St Lucia passport visa free countries

147 visa-free countries for St Lucia citizens

The visa requirements for holders of Saint Lucia passports vary depending on the destination country. Some countries grant Saint Lucia nationals visa-free entry, while others require a visa on arrival or an electronic entry permit.  

One can visit 87 countries without a visa with a St Lucia passport. Another 27 countries allow St Lucia citizens to get a visa upon arrival without applying for a visa in advance.

33 more countries require an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) before travelling. It can be quickly and easily obtained online in 15—20 minutes by inputting your passport data. Once an eTA is issued, the applicant is allowed to travel to these two destinations.

To travel to the USA, you need a visa. St Lucia passport holders can apply for a 10-year US visitor visa to the US at any American consulate. Visitor visas include B-1 visas for tourism and B-2 visas for business. Applicants are required to be present when applying for a US visitor visa.

Visa requirements for St Lucia citizens

The list of St Lucia visa-free countries accessible to its citizens constantly changes and expands. Its composition depends on the geopolitical situation in the world. 

We recommend that travellers check to make sure of the entry conditions on the consulate website of the country of destination before travelling.

List of visa-free countries for St Lucia citizens


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AlbaniaElectronic entry permit90 days
2AndorraVisa-free90 days
3AustriaVisa-free90 days
4BelgiumVisa-free90 days
5Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa-free90 days
6BulgariaVisa-free90 days
7CroatiaVisa-free90 days
8CyprusVisa-free90 days
9Czech RepublicVisa-free90 days
10DenmarkVisa-free90 days
11EstoniaVisa-free90 days
12FinlandVisa-free90 days
13FranceVisa-free90 days
14GeorgiaElectronic entry permit90 days
15GermanyVisa-free90 days
16GreeceVisa-free90 days
17HungaryVisa-free90 days
18IcelandVisa-free90 days
19IrelandVisa-free90 days
20ItalyVisa-free90 days
21LatviaVisa-free90 days
22LiechtensteinVisa-free90 days
23LithuaniaVisa-free90 days
24LuxembourgVisa-free90 days
25MaltaVisa-free90 days
26MoldovaVisa-free90 days
27MonacoVisa-free90 days
28MontenegroVisa-free90 days
29NetherlandsVisa-free90 days
30NorwayVisa-free90 days
31PolandVisa-free90 days
32PortugalVisa-free90 days
33RomaniaVisa-free90 days
34San MarinoVisa-free90 days
35SlovakiaVisa-free90 days
36Slovenia Visa-free90 days
37SpainVisa-free90 days
38SwedenVisa-free90 days
39SwitzerlandVisa-free90 days
40TurkeyVisa on arrival90 days
41United KingdomVisa-free180 days


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1ArmeniaElectronic entry permit120 days
2BahrainElectronic entry permit14 days
3BangladeshVisa on arrival30 days
4BhutanElectronic entry permit14 days
5CambodiaVisa on arrival30 days
6IndiaElectronic entry permit90 days
7IranElectronic entry permit30 days
8IsraelVisa-free90 days
9JordanVisa on arrival30 days
10KazakhstanElectronic entry permit30 days
11KyrgyzstanElectronic entry permit30 days
12LaosVisa on arrival30 days
13MalaysiaVisa-free30 days
14MaldivesVisa on arrival30 days
15MongoliaElectronic entry permit30 days
16NepalVisa on arrival90 days
17OmanElectronic entry permit30 days
18PakistanElectronic entry permit30 days
19PhilippinesVisa-free30 days
20SingaporeVisa-free30 days
21South KoreaElectronic entry permit90 days
22Sri LankaElectronic entry permit30 days
23TajikistanElectronic entry permit60 days
24ThailandElectronic entry permit60 days
25Timor-LesteVisa on arrival30 days
26UzbekistanVisa-free30 days
27VietnamElectronic entry permit30 days


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AngolaVisa-free30 days
2BeninElectronic entry permit90 days
3BotswanaVisa-free90 days
4Burkina FasoElectronic entry permit90 days
5BurundiVisa on arrival30 days
6CameroonElectronic entry permit180 days
7Cape Verde IslandsVisa on arrival30 days
8ComorosVisa on arrival45 days
9Congo — KinshasaElectronic entry permit90 days
10Côte d’IvoireElectronic entry permit90 days
11DjiboutiElectronic entry permit90 days
12EgyptVisa on arrival30 days
13Equatorial GuineaElectronic entry permit30 days
14EswatiniVisa-free30 days
15EthiopiaElectronic entry permit90 days
16GabonElectronic entry permit30 days
17GambiaVisa-free90 days
18GuineaElectronic entry permit90 days
19Guinea-BissauVisa on arrival90 days
20KenyaVisa-free90 days
21LesothoVisa-free90 days
22MadagascarVisa on arrival90 days
23MalawiVisa-free90 days
24MauritaniaVisa on arrival90 days
25MauritiusVisa-free90 days
26MozambiqueVisa on arrival30 days
27NigeriaElectronic entry permit90 days
28RwandaVisa on arrival30 days
29SenegalVisa on arrival90 days
30SeychellesVisa-free90 days
31Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival30 days
32SomaliaVisa on arrival30 days
33South SudanElectronic entry permit90 days
34São Tomé and PríncipeElectronic entry permit30 days
35TanzaniaVisa-free90 days
36TogoVisa on arrival7 days
37TunisiaVisa-free90 days
38UgandaElectronic entry permit90 days
39ZambiaVisa-free90 days
40ZimbabweVisa-free90 days


No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1AustraliaElectronic entry permit90 days
2FijiVisa-free120 days
3KiribatiVisa-free120 days
4MicronesiaVisa-free30 days
5PalauVisa on arrival30 days
6Papua New GuineaElectronic entry permit60 days
7SamoaVisa on arrival60 days
8Solomon IslandsVisa on arrival90 days
9TongaVisa on arrival31 days
10TuvaluVisa on arrival30 days
11VanuatuVisa-free30 days

North America

No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1Antigua and BarbudaVisa-freeNo time limits
2BahamasVisa-free90 days
3BarbadosVisa-free180 days
4BelizeVisa-freeNo time limits
5Costa RicaVisa-free90 days
6CubaVisa-free30 days
7DominicaVisa-freeNo time limits
8Dominican Republic Visa-freeNo time limits
9El SalvadorVisa-free90 days
10GrenadaVisa-freeNo time limits
11GuatemalaVisa-free90 days
12HaitiVisa-free90 days
13HondurasVisa-free90 days
14JamaicaVisa-freeNo time limits
15NicaraguaVisa-free90 days
16PanamaVisa-free90 days
17St Kitts and NevisVisa-freeNo time limits
18St Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-freeNo time limits
19Trinidad and TobagoVisa-freeNo time limits

South America

No.CountryEntry conditionsDuration of stay
1ArgentinaVisa-free90 days
2BoliviaVisa on arrival90 days
3ChileVisa-free90 days
4ColombiaVisa-free90 days
5EcuadorVisa-free90 days
6GuyanaVisa-free90 days
7PeruVisa-free180 days
8SurinameVisa-free180 days
9VenezuelaVisa-free90 days

Popular travel destinations with a St Lucia passport

The Schengen Area. St Lucia citizens can spend 90 days out of of 180 days in the Schengen countries. The term is the same as a Schengen visa, but St Lucia citizenship is obtained for life.

The St Lucia passport is first issued for a 5-year period and then for 10-year periods. The procedure for replacing it is easier than applying for a Schengen visa.

The United Kingdom. St Lucia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, which means its citizens can visit the UK and stay there for up to 180 days. On leaving the UK, they can immediately re-enter and start a new 180-day period.

Asia. St Lucia passport holders can visit Singapore, one of the the main centres of business and cultural life in Asia, visa-free. They can stay there for 30 days.

Other benefits and how to get a St Lucia passport

St Lucia citizens also receive other benefits. They can:

  • apply for a 10-year US Visitor visa to the United States at any American consulate;
  • qualify for benefits at UK universities;
  • get tax incentives in St Lucia;
  • open accounts at international, including European, banks. 

The cost of participation in the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program depends on the applicant's specific situation: the family's composition and the investment option chosen. 

St Lucia offers investors the following options leading to the country’s citizenship:

  • a non-refundable contribution of $100,000+ to a state fund;
  • purchase of government-approved real estate for at least $200,000;
  • non-interest government bonds worth $300,000;
  • business investments of at least $1,000,000.

The investor has the right to sell the property or redeem the bonds after 5 years after obtaining citizenship. Therefore, the invested money under those options could be returned without losing the passport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do St Lucians need a Schengen visa?

No, they don’t. St Lucia citizens may visit any of the Schengen member countries, which includes 23 EU countries along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. They are allowed to stay there for 90 days out of 180 days.

St Lucians need a valid passport to visit the Schengen Area. This passport must be valid for at least three months after they exit the Schengen Area.

How many countries can a Saint Lucia passport holder enter without a visa?

You can visit 87 countries without a visa with a St Lucia passport. Another 27 countries grant St Lucia citizens a visa upon arrival without applying for a visa in advance.

Moreover, 33 countries require an electronic travel authorisation (eTA) before travelling. It can be quickly and easily obtained online by inputting your passport data and getting approval.

Where can you go with a St Lucia passport?

With a St Lucia passport, it is possible to travel to the Schengen Area, the UK, Asia, and other continents.

St Lucia citizens can spend 90 days out of any 180-day period in the Schengen countries. Also, they can visit the UK and stay there for up to 180 days. St Lucia passport holders can visit Singapore, one of the main centres of business and cultural life in Asia, visa-free. They can stay there for 30 days.

How strong is the St Lucia passport?

It is quite strong. The St Lucia passport is in the top-35 list in the world and covers 147 countries.

Do you need a visa to go to England from St Lucia?

No, St Lucia passport holders don’t need a visa to travel to the UK. St Lucia citizens can stay in the UK for up to 6 consecutive months without a visa. They can freely visit the UK as many times as necessary to conduct business or spend time on vacation.

Do St Lucians need a visa to travel to the USA?

Yes, but St Lucia passport holders can apply for a 10-year US visitor visa. With this type of visa, you can travel to the US as a tourist or for business purposes, for example, to negotiate a contract. Applicants are required to be present when applying for a US tourist visa.

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Visa-free countries with a St Lucia passport
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