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St Lucia citizenship for an investor with two passports

In order to provide a quick and smooth procedure of obtaining second citizenship for our clients, we are doing a diligent work. So, in case with Kirill, our experts solved a number of problems that aroused during the process of registering a passport of Saint Lucia. What are these problems and how we solved them - read in our next case.

St Lucia citizenship and Portugal permanent residence by investment for visa-free travelling to Europe, Asia and the USA

Our Client

Kirill, 37, is an online sales entrepreneur.


Kirill is a successful businessman in the field of online sales. His activity is entirely connected with online projects, from which he receives a regular income. Contacting us, Cyril asked to solve several of his problems.

  • Challenge 1. Our client wanted to maximize the list of countries where he would not need a visa. Kirill has already contacted us before: we helped him to apply for a residence permit in Portugal under the Golden Visa program. This status gives the right to travel in the Schengen zone without visas. At that time it solved all the problems of our client. However, now, taking into account the development of his business, he was interested in Asian countries, the Caribbean Islands, as well as the possibility to quickly and at no extra cost obtain a long-term visa to the USA.
  • Challenge 2. Kirill planned to use the new status for developing his future online projects.
  • Challenge 3. He needed to increase the security of his assets. He wanted to do this by opening a bank account in the country of his future citizenship.

Searching for solutions

After analyzing the goals and objectives of Kyrill, we offered him the citizenship of one of the Caribbean countries. With a Caribbean passport, you can visit more than 100 countries of the world without a visa and live there from 3 to 6 months a year.

Opening a bank account in jurisdictions like Dominika, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts, Antigua und Grenada means a high level of assets protection, high stability and much higher interest rates, for example, in comparison to Europe. Our client had to choose which country suits him the most.

An important factor when choosing a country was also the sum of all expenses connected with obtaining a passport. Kirill was not going to buy real estate yet, so he was interested in the option of irrevocable subsidies to the economy of the country.

The Choice

We took into account the size of the investment and related fees for obtaining the citizenship. For a single investor in the Caribbean, it is more useful to apply for Dominica or Saint Lucia citizenship. The amount of investment in both countries is US $ 100 thousand, and the fee for verification of reliability - 7.5 thousand dollars. However, the passport of Saint Lucia allows you to travel without visas to more countries. This was the deciding factor when choosing a program.

Preparation of documents

Saint Lucia Passport

At this stage, we faced with a small problem which was quickly and professionally sold by out experts. Kirill already had two citizenships - Uzbekistan and Russia.

We often work with investors who already have several passports or residence permit cards when contacting us. At the beginning of our cooperation, we inform our future customers what documents they need to provide from the country of citizenship and / or permanent residence.

In this case, the difficulty was that Kirill could not get some documents in Uzbekistan himself because of the changes in the structure of government authorities. In addition, it was necessary to request a number of documents in the tax authorities of Uzbekistan. But due to the fact that over the years we have developed an extensive network of contacts with private lawyers, legal and consulting firms all around the world, our experts quickly found a competent lawyer on this issue and arranged receiving the documents remotely.


After the documents were collected, we faced with the problem of putting apostilles on documents issued in Uzbekistan. This state for a long time has joined the Hague Convention, which abolishes the requirement to legalize foreign official documents. However, the copies of documents such as a military ID, passport, etc. could not be apostilized in Uzbekistan.

We could not send the documents that were not properly executed for the consideration of the Government of Saint Lucia. The client’s application for carrying out a Due Diligence test would simply not be accepted. We had to provide the government of Saint Lucia with a complex legal opinion on the analysis of the legislation of Uzbekistan, which we finally did. As a result, all documents were accepted by the Saint Lucia Citizenship Agency without problems.

Disclosure of origin of funds sources

This issue was the most time-consuming in the whole preparation of the case. Kirill spent all his life carrying out activities in the online sphere, participated in Internet exchanges, and the accumulation of capital happened only through electronic payment systems (WebMoney, etc.). Therefore, we could not get the requested documents. However, our client had bank accounts and it was not a problem to request extracts from them. On the other side, it did not solve the problem, because they did not demonstrate the sources of the funds.

To get out of this situation, our experts offered Kirill to disclose his personal online accounts and provide screenshots certified by a notary. An extract from WebMoney and other wallets also served as a proof of Kirill’s source of income. Finally, the most significant document was a detailed cover letter from the first person, where Kirill described the work processes in online business, deciphered the concepts and terminologies given in the screenshots, and gave comments on all business areas since the business was registered.

The formation of an investor image

When communicating with a client, we try to find out the facts of his/her biography, doing this not only in order to fill in certain questionnaires. We knew that when conducting a reliability check, the public services of Saint Lucia would pay close attention to the investor’s earnings history and major events in the development of his business. A detailed CV is an integral part of the application for citizenship, that’s why we carefully work on its preparation.

In Kirill’s case, it turned out that he participates in conferences on the topics of his projects from time to time, receives additional education, and was awarded with grants. We disclosed all these facts in his autobiography, which positively influenced the decision of the government of Saint Lucia.

The results

After 3.5 months, we received the approval of the Government of Saint Lucia to apply for citizenship by Cyril.

  • After receiving a passport, our client discussed with us the procedure of registering the business on the island
  • We helped him to open a new bank account in Saint Lucia and in the United States, using a new passport
  • Kirill received a visa-free access to Asian countries and is now expanding his online business.

Thus, in a short time we have solved all the tasks of the client. If you have questions regarding obtaining a second citizenship or residence permit, ask them in the comments, write to our email address, call us or come to our nearest office.

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