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7 reasons to get a Caribbean passport right now

Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Kitts and Nevis have simplified the procedures for issuing passports. The processes have moved online, and the time for consideration of applications and the costs have decreased.

We talk about the reasons to apply for a passport from one of the Caribbean islands.

Reasons to apply for a Caribbean passport now

7 reasons to get a Caribbean passport right now

Benefit #1

Remote processing

All Caribbean Islands countries’ programs have moved online. The investor does not need to travel to the country or office of Immigrant Invest to bring documents or pick up a passport. All programs allow you to receive certificates of citizenship and passports at a convenient address. We will receive your documents from the CBI unit and send them by delivery service.

Benefit #2

Scans instead of originals

The Caribbean countries began to consider applications immediately after submitting scans of documents through a special state Internet portal. Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda decided to abandon the originals altogether. For other programs, originals can be submitted later. The main thing is that this should be done before the application is approved.

The exception is St. Kitts and Nevis, which returned to standard opening hours and accepted originals in February 2021.

Benefit #3

Reduced list of documents

Antigua and Barbuda has reduced the basic list of documents with which the program department begins to process an application for citizenship. Other documents can be submitted later during the Due Diligence.

But the reduction of the basic list does not mean that the CBI unit can not request additional documents and clarifications.

Benefit #4

Applications are considered faster

This benefit follows from the previous one. You no longer need to wait for the mail to deliver the original documents: the application will be considered as soon as the scans are received. This will save the investor a couple of weeks.

Benefit #5

Simplified requirements for documents

Grenada has changed the document requirements to ensure that investors have no problem certifying and forwarding copies. Previously, the authenticity of document copies for the Grenada citizenship program was certified only by notaries. Now lawyers, legal consultants and local agents have such a right. The applicant only needs to show the originals on Skype or another online video platform.

The deadline for submitting HIV test results and a certificate of no criminal record has been extended. Previously, they were valid for three months from the date of receipt, but now they can be submitted within six months.

Benefit #6

Saving time

Even if the program requires you to send original documents, an online application saves time. CBI units begin Due Diligence as soon as scans are received. The check takes 1—3 months. It remains only to send the originals and get a passport.

Another reason to hurry up is possible queues at visa centres after the pandemic. Due to the increased number of applications, it will be difficult to quickly obtain a visa and leave the country for business or leisure. In this case, a passport of a Caribbean country with the right to visa-free entry to 140+ countries, including the Schengen zone, will come in handy.

Benefit #7

Less spending

Antigua and Barbuda has halved the amount for real estate investment. There is an option to purchase real estate at a reduced cost of $200,000. Previously, the minimum investment amount for one investor was twice as high — $400,000. Moreover, in order to use the option for $200,000, it was necessary to team up with another investor.

Payments for joining children to the program have decreased: the threshold for children under five years of age has been reduced by 2.5 times, and the payment for children from 6 to 17 years has decreased by 20%.

Dominica reduced the contribution to the state fund for the investor’s spouse. Previously, it was necessary to pay $75,000, and now it is $50,000.

Saint Lucia has halved the amount of investment in government bonds. Until December 31st, 2022, an investor can buy special securities — the Covid Relief Bonds — for $250,000. The standard amount to invest in government bonds is $500,000.

The gratuitous contribution to the state fund has also decreased for families. For a single investor, the contribution has not changed.

How the contribution to the state fund of Saint Lucia has changed

Family compositionBeforeAfter
An investor with a spouse$165,000 $140,000
Family of 3—4 people$190,000 $150,000
Contribution for an additional dependent, starting from the fifth$25,000$15,000 

Why get a Caribbean passport

A passport of a Caribbean Islands country may give you some benefits: opportunities to travel freely, use the services of European banks, optimize taxation and help children enter the best schools and universities in the world.

Travel and business trips without visas. Citizens of the Caribbean Islands states can visit the countries of the Schengen area, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong without issuing visas. Caribbean citizenship provides for more than 140 visa-free destinations. There are also rare opportunities, e.g. a Grenada passport allows one to travel without a visa to China and get an E-2 business visa in the United States.

Grenada passport for travel to China

Federico is an Italian citizen. He does business with partners in Asian countries. The business involves frequent meetings in China. Every time Federico had to get a visa for the trip, that was difficult: China is reluctant to let citizens of the European Union into the country. Some negotiations broke down. We helped the businessman solve a problem with the help of Grenada’s program

Client's story

Long stay in the EU and the UK. A Caribbean passport allows you to stay in the UK for up to 180 consecutive days and spend 90 days in the Schengen countries within six months. A long period of stay makes it possible to relax, visit children or undergo treatment in a European clinic.

In most European countries, medicine is at a high level. The ability to receive quality treatment is always important, but especially during a pandemic, when urgent medical care may be required.

Business opportunities. Citizenship in a Caribbean country allows you to open foreign currency accounts and optimize taxes through residency.

Antigua and Barbuda passport for international business

Anthony and Violette are IT business owners. They work with foreign clients and accept payments in dollars.

Due to currency controls, payments were often delayed or returned to senders’ accounts. In order to open foreign currency accounts in another country and reduce the tax burden, we helped them obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.

Clients’ story

Passport for the whole family. The programs of all the Caribbean countries allow obtaining passports for the investor’s spouse, children under 30 years old, parents and siblings. The Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Dominica programs allow grandparents to be included in the application.

Study in the UK. Caribbean passports allow you to apply for student visas already in the UK. Parents with Caribbean passports can visit their children and live in the UK for up to six months.

The Caribbean countries that issue passports under the investor programs are part of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Many British universities, such as the University of South Wales or the Queen Mary University of London, allocate quotas for Commonwealth citizens. The children of investors have the opportunity to get an education on preferential terms.

Saint Kitts and Nevis passport to study in the UK

Arsen‘s daughter wanted to study in the UK. We helped the family obtain St. Kitts and Nevis passports so that they could easily travel around the world and stay in Europe while studying.

Client's story

Simple and fast registration. None of the Caribbean programs requires personal attendance. A passport is obtained within a period of 2 to 6 months.

Things to remember

Caribbean passports give investors a lot of benefits. With them, you do not need to spend time obtaining visas to visit the EU countries, the UK and even China. This makes it easier to travel, do business abroad, be treated in the best clinics and educate children in foreign universities.

The Caribbean citizenship programs have always been remote. When the borders were closed during the pandemic, some clearance processes changed. It is now easier for investors to obtain Caribbean citizenship. Countries have reduced the lists of documents and terms for consideration of applications, simplified procedures, and softened the conditions.

During the pandemic, Caribbean countries consider applications as soon as they receive scans of documents. Grenada and Antigua and Barbuda completely abandoned the originals. This speeded up the process of obtaining a second passport.

Changes to procedures of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs

CountryStart of application processingDo originals are needed and when?Other changes
Antigua and BarbudaAfter scanned documents submittedNoA reduced basic list of documents
GrenadaAfter scanned documents submittedNoNo
DominicaAfter scanned documents submittedYes, before the application is approvedNo
Saint LuciaAfter providing scanned documentsYes, upon additional notification after the quarantine is liftedNo
St Kitts and NevisAfter providing original documentsYes, immediately upon applicationNo

Citizenship in the Caribbean is issued simply and quickly. Compare programs and choose the one that suits your goals with the help of our article "Citizenship guide for Caribbean countries and Vanuatu".

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7 reasons to get a Caribbean passport right now