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Immigrant Invest is a consulting company founded in 2006. Our offices are located in 5 countries. We help wealthy people obtain a second citizenship and residence permit by investment.

As a licensed agent of government-approved CBI and residence programs, we assist our clients from passing Due Diligence to receiving a passport or a residence permit and getting extra services.

The Immigrant Invest team includes certified Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officers, lawyers and attorneys.

We have our own Compliance Department, in which Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officers are certified by ACAMS, the largest international organisation for Anti-Financial Crime professionals.

Immigrant Invest clients are wealthy people and their families, politicians, entrepreneurs, investors, creators and celebrities. Other consulting companies and lawyers often use our services to serve the interests of their clients.

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Find out what features to consider when using Immigrant Invest corporate identity elements: logo, font and brand colors.

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