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We are a consulting firm that helps wealthy people obtain second citizenship and residence permits by investment.

On the market since 2006

We know the industry inside out: the details of the Due Diligence process for each citizenship and residence permit by investment program, when an affidavit is needed and the best way to resolve our clients’ problems.

Licensed agent

We work exclusively with government-licensed citizenship and residence permit by investment programs in the European Union and the Caribbean.

Offices in 5 countries

We know the nuances of the laws in each relevant foreign jurisdiction: lawyers trained in international law, local experienced lawyers and notaries draw up the documents for our clients and know how to get around all the pitfalls that could arise.

99% success rate

We conduct a preliminary Due Diligence check for each of our clients in order to practically eliminate the risk of failure. If we find points in their background that could result in their application being rejected, we offer a suitable alternative solution or decline to proceed with the application, after explaining the situation to the client concerned.

Elena Ruda
Lawyer, Chief Development Officer of Immigrant Invest

We help our clients forget about visa restrictions and create an alternative country of residence where they have the right but not the obligation to live.

Our clients and their families are wealthy people, including businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, managers and celebrities. Our services are also used by other consulting and legal firms, representing the interests of their clients.

We promote an international lifestyle for our clients

We develop individual solutions to remove visa restrictions for our clients, create a safe haven for them, legally reduce their taxes in foreign jurisdictions and also support them throughout the immigration process.

We specialize in arranging second citizenships and residence permits by investment for our clients. We form long-term relationships with our clients and many of them returno us, sometimes even years later, for additional services: to replace a passport or extend a residence permit, as well as for other services.

5,000 families have obtained second citizenships with us
  • Visa-free movement around the world
  • Protecting your assets and business
  • Safe haven in case of force majeure
  • Improved quality of life
  • A better future for your children

How we work

We define goals for you

Our lawyers study and clarify your goals in order to find the best option for each client. For example, for those wanting to live in the EU or Schengen states, only the Maltese citizenship program is suitable, whereas for those wishing to travel freely in the EU, we recommend a Portuguese, Greek or Maltese residence permit or permanent residence in Malta, as well as other options.

We find the best solution

Depending on our clients’ goals, we select an investment program in the European Union or the Caribbean. We often find that people contact us with the intention of obtaining a second passport in a particular country, but after discussing and analyzing their situation with our lawyers, end up choosing to apply for citizenship in a different country, which is better suited to their requirements.

We closely follow the entire process

After the initial consultation, we support and assist our clients throughout the citizenship or residency process rather just at the stage of filing and registering the application. Even after the second passport or residence permit has been issued, we remain in touch with our clients until their initial investment is returned to them. We also assist our clients find a property, obtain a tax number and resolve other issues if they decide to move and live in the country of their new residence.

We help maintain second passports or residence permits

For example, after getting a Maltese residence permit, we make sure that our clients remain in compliance with the requirements of the law for the following 5 years. We help our clients renew their second passport, replace a lost passport, or extend their residence permit.

Why our clients choose us

Reliability and dependability

We have been checked and accredited by the relevant government departments in the European Union and the Caribbean. This is confirmed by our licenses. Citizenship and residence by investment can only be obtained through a licensed agent. This is a legal requirement in the countries concerned.

Victoria Atanasova
Director of the Maltese Office, Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer

Due Diligence is a key stage of every citizenship or permanent residence by investment program. Immigrant Invest is the only company in the industry that has its own compliance division and conducts its own Due Diligence.

Our activity as a government-recognized agent of citizenship and permanent residence by investment programs fully complies with the requirements of the European Union’s 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive on combating the legalization of criminally obtained proceeds.

We conduct a detailed Due Diligence check on each of our clients before we submit their application to the relevant government department. This reduces the risk of their application being rejected to 1%.


They have already received citizenship or a residence permit.

obtained Malta citizenship
by investment

I needed to get a European passport as quickly as possible to conduct my business and travel freely.

I would like to thank Immigrant Invest’s lawyers in Malta, including their local lawyer.

Immigrant Invest has all the necessary resources to support their clients. Their professional, competent, and helpful managers ensure the smoothness of the application process. Everything was taken care of. I didn’t have to worry about anything.

became a Grenada citizen
by investment

You had the most competent and customer-oriented approach among the three companies that I approached.

got a Greek residence permit
by investment

We were in discussion with Immigrant Invest for several months before signing the contract. Zlata was very attentive and patient with us. She did not put any pressure on us to sign the contract quickly.

Before signing, Zlata provided us with all of Immigrant Invest’s relevant certificates to be confident that the company was reliable and its staff were well-qualified and competent.

After signing the contract, we were introduced to the lawyer responsible for our application. As soon as we met her, we felt her confidence, professionalism, and respect for us. As a result of our mutual understanding, we were able to work quickly and effectively. We managed to gather all the necessary documents within a week, and the following week our application was approved.

got a St. Kitts and Nevis passport

I received my St. Kitts and Nevis passport 9 months after my first consultation with Immigrant Invest. This was especially impressive considering that my application was made at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant travel restrictions.

I came to Immigrant Invest’s office just three times: for a consultation, to sign my contract, to submit the application and the required documents, and to collect my new passport.

The most challenging stage — gathering all the required documents — took two weeks. After that, my role was reduced to simply making the investment and waiting for my passport.

Immigrant Invest took over the rest of the tasks. It carried out its own preliminary Due Diligence check, specified which documents were required, kept me informed about the results of each stage, sent me reports and invoices, and answered all my questions.

Thanks to Immigrant Invest, I now have my St. Kitts and Nevis passport and naturalisation certificate.

got a Portuguese
residence permit

I do not often meet people with such high responsibility and professionalism as your staff and managers.

became a Vanuatu citizen

The service and support given to me at Immigrant Invest have left me only with positive impressions and pleasant memories. In particular, I would like to thank your lawyer Olga Ocheretyanaya, who resolved every issue. She saved our time and energy, listened to and understood all our requests and wishes, and handled our application perfectly. There were no problems that she could not solve. I would be too happy to use your company’s services and Olga’s lawyer again.

received permanent residence in Malta

Thank you very much for your professionalism and patience with me during my application!

You were always available to me and helped me with many issues, including problems with bank transfers from *** Bank 🙈

II felt secure knowing that a professional lawyer protected my interests and that everything would work out in the end! Great job!👍

got Dominican citizenship

I have got my Dominican passport. Many thanks for your professional approach and for helping me get my passport so quickly!

received Vanuatu citizenship

The head of Immigrant Invest’s legal department handled my application. I want to thank her in particular because I could turno her for any question or advice even outside office hours, including at weekends. Moreover, all issues that arose were always resolved promptly.

I also appreciated the convenience of being able to prepare and submit my application online without having to travel to different offices and government departments. In the end, my second passport was sent to me by DHL within just two months, despite all the lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Evgeniya Morozova
Head of the Legal Department
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We are frequently invited on television and radio programs

The company’s employees are frequently invited on television and radio programs as recognized experts in the field of second citizenship and our comments and forecasts are of interest both to people interested in investment migration and other professionals in the industry.

Schedule a meeting

Let’s discuss the details

Schedule a meeting at one of the offices or online. A lawyer will analyze the situation, calculate the cost and help you find a solution based on your goals.

Zlata Erlach
Caribbean Investment Program Expert
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