passport of Comoros

Comoros Passport

Passport rankings out of 193 countries

Freedom of travel137

Asset protection86

Quality of life130

"Plan B"62

About Comoros

A state in East Africa. Located on the archipelago of the same name in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Mozambique. Vanilla, cloves, ylang-ylang, coconuts and bananas are grown in the country, fish are grown, and perfumes are produced.

Comoros is not popular with tourists: the country’s infrastructure is poorly developed. Travelers come there to enjoy a beach holiday, see lava fields, lemurs, turtles and rare representatives of the underwater world — for example, coelacanths, which were considered extinct until the end of the 20th century.





Official language

Comorian, French and Arabic

GDP per capita


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Comorian franc

Grounds for obtaining a Comoros passport

Comoros allows dual citizenship

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Birth to citizens of the country

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Marriage to a citizen of the country

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Work for the country's government

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Estimated time: 10 years

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Parents citizenship

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Special conditions

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Special services to the state

Obtaining a Comoros passport by naturalization: requirements for applicants

Knowledge of state language

Assimilation or cultural knowledge

Stable financial status

Good health

No criminal records