About the project

Find out how to choose a second passport for freedom of travel, a better quality of life, and the safety of family and assets — with the help of Immigrant Invest.

In a world where borders could be closed again, and a dangerous situation can arise at any moment, second citizenship helps to solve significant issues: to get the freedom of movement, protect assets and move to a developed, safe country at any time.

We have collected data on 193 UN states and compiled four rankings to help you analyze the current situation and choose a country for acquiring second citizenship.

How places were distributed in the rankings

We used data from reputable international organizations on the level of mobility, the state of the economy, the likelihood of crises and other aspects of life in countries around the world.

  • The World Bank;

  • International Air Transport Association (IATA);

  • United Nations (UN);

  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD);

  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

We selected indicators and assigned weights to them: for example, the most important thing in the ranking of passports for travel is the number of visa-free countries, and in the ranking of passports for plan B — country risk.

Also in place, everyone’s ranking affects the speed of obtaining a passport. Lawyers at Immigrant Invest analyzed citizenship laws and assessed where citizenship can be obtained the fastest.

Ranking methodology

What else makes passport rankings useful

Comparing passports by the number of visa-free countries

You can select multiple passports and compare lists of visa-free destinations to find out which citizenship suits your purposes best.

Specify visa requirements

Whether you must apply for a visa on arrival or an electronic entry permit before the trip, and how long you can stay in a foreign country without a visa.

Find out what other benefits passports provide

For example, the ability to move to another country or obtain a long-term visa to the United States under a simplified procedure. It may occur that a passport from the middle of one of the rankings will help you achieve your goals faster and easier than the citizenship of the countries from the top 10.

Learn how to get a passport

Whether you need to take exams, how long you need to live in the country and whether it is possible to obtain citizenship by investment under an accelerated procedure. Also, on the web pages of each passport, it is indicated whether the country recognizes dual citizenship.

Who created the rankings?

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of citizenship and residence permit programs for investments in the countries of the European Union, the Caribbean and Oceania. We help HNWIs get a second passport, forget about visa restrictions and create an alternative place of residence.

Elena Ruda

Elena Ruda,

Chief Development Officer in Immigrant Invest, lawyer

Investors turn to us to obtain status for visa-free travel to Schengen countries, Great Britain, the United States, or to move as a family. It is important for many of them to expand their business, provide their family with a high standard of living and security.

We hope that the passport ratings will help to take the first step to fulfill their goals: to determine which states' citizenship will help to solve all the problems.

Work since 2006

We know everything about the investment programs' rules and how to choose the right status for your goals.

Offices in six countries

Experienced lawyers in international law help to prepare documents correctly and avoid pitfalls.

99% of successful cases

We conduct a thorough preliminary Due Diligence to reduce the risk of application rejection.

Learn more about passport ratings

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