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Malta Passport

Passport rankings out of 193 countries

Freedom of travel23

Asset protection71

Quality of life22

"Plan B"36

About Malta

The Malta passport allows the holder to live in any EU country and visit the USA, Canada and Australia without visas. A foreigner can get a Malta passport by naturalisation after five years of living in the country, marriage or birth.

Investors get Malta citizenship for exceptional services one or three years after obtaining a residence permit. The required direct investment in the country’s economy is at least €690,000.

Malta has a favourable geographical location in the Mediterranian Sea, on the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. The country is a member of the EU and the Schengen Area. The main economic sector is tourism. Besides, Malta is one of the global centres for learning English and a popular spot for filmmaking.





Official language

English, Maltese

GDP per capita


Time zone

UTC +1...+2



Malta passport ranking and benefits

  • 1

    185 visa-free destinations

    The Malta passport is powerful: the holders travel to the Schengen states, the UK, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and more than 150 other countries without visas.

  • 2

    Moving to Malta or any other EU country

    Malta is an EU member state. Thus, Maltese citizens can relocate to any EU country without additional residence permits. Besides, Malta passport holders can choose to live in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Switzerland.

  • 3

    Business, employment and study in Europe

    Tuition fees at European schools and universities are less for Maltese citizens than for non-EU citizens. Studying won’t require a student visa in case of many countries.

    A Malta passport holder doesn’t need additional permission to work in the EU. In addition, they can open a company in any country in the region.

  • 4

    Medical treatment in the best clinics

    Maltese citizens get insurance that significantly reduces the costs of medical services at EU clinics. Trips for treatment in the Schengen countries, the USA or the UK don’t require medical visas.

Grounds for obtaining a Malta passport

Malta allows dual citizenship

birth icon

Birth to citizens of the country

marriage icon

Marriage to a citizen of the country

government icon

Work for the country's government

naturalization icon


Estimated time: 5 years

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family icon

Parents citizenship

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Special conditions

investment icon

Special services to the state

Obtaining a Malta passport by naturalization: requirements for applicants

Knowledge of state language

Assimilation or cultural knowledge

Stable financial status

Good health

No criminal records

Malta passport for investors

Foreign investors obtain Malta citizenship exceptional services. It is a naturalisation path: an investor gets a residence permit first and can apply for a passport 1 or 3 years later.



1 or 3 years

Obtaining period

5 years

Time frame for returning real estate investments

Who can get a Malta passport for exceptional services

  • Investors over 18 with a legal income

  • Spouses

  • Children under 29 if they are unmarried and principally dependent on the investor

  • Parents and grandparents over 55 if they are principally dependent on the investor

All applicants must have no criminal records or charges and visa denials from countries with visa-waiver agreements with Malta. In addition, applicants mustn’t be on international sanction lists.

Investment options

  1. A contribution to the National Development and Social Fund — €600,000 for naturalisation in 3 years and €750,000 for naturalisation in a year of residency; an additional €50,000 is contributed per family member.

  2. Purchasing or renting a residential property — €700,000+ or €16,000 per year for 5 years.

  3. A charitable donation — €10,000.

In addition to investments, applicants pay fees for the Eligibility Test, medical insurance, application processing, and legal support.

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Expenses for a family of 4

The spouses and their children aged 10 and 14, when renting a property and obtaining Malta passports 3 years after residence permits



Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund


  • €600,000 for the investor;

  • €50,000 per family member.

Property rent for 5 years


Charitable donation


Eligibility Test


  • €15,000 for the investor;

  • €10,000 per family member over 12.

Fee for a residence permit card


  • €5,000 for the investor;

  • €1,000 per family member.

Property rent for 3 years during residency


Medical insurance

€2,000: €500+ per applicant

Administration fees

€6,000: €1,500 per applicant



Individual cost calculation for obtaining a Malta passport

In 1 or 3 years, with purchasing or renting a property. The calculation includes all associated expenses, a payment schedule and the cost of legal support services for obtaining citizenship.

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Step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Malta passport for exceptional services


1 day

Preliminary Due Diligence

An investor must pass a strict Eligibility Test, determining whether the applicant can get a Malta passport.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent helping investors obtain Malta citizenship for exceptional services. Our Compliance Department confidentially conducts a preliminary check against international databases to promptly identify rejection risks and offer solutions.

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5—6 weeks

Getting a residence permit

First, the Maltese Police checks information about investors and their family members over 12 against international databases and issues Police Clearance Certificates. The procedure takes up to 2 weeks.

All adult family members get residence permits. Immigrant Invest lawyers prepare documents, help get medical insurance, and buy or rent a residential property in Malta.

Applicants visit Malta for fingerprinting. The lawyers receive residence permit cards and forward them to the investor’s address.


4—5 months

Eligibility Test

Immigrant Invest lawyers prepare documents and submit them for consideration. All family members over 12 must pass the Eligibility Test. The check usually takes 4—5 months.

The Minister responsible for matters relating to Malta citizenship approves or rejects the application. If the application is approved, the investor can apply for citizenship in 1 or 3 years after getting the residence permit.


1 or 3 years after getting a residence permit

Applying for citizenship

If the investor applies a year after getting a residence permit, the citizenship application must contain information on any changes in personal circumstances. If the investor applies three years later, they need new certificates of no criminal records and confirmation of a residential address.


2 to 4 weeks

Approval from a Minister

The Minister makes the final decision on the application. The investor gets a letter of approval allowing them to obtain citizenship.


Up to 4 months

Fulfilment of investment conditions

The investor buys or rents a property and contributes to the state and a charity fund. They must provide confirming documents within 4 months of receiving the approval letter.


Up to 2 months

Submitting biometrics and taking an oath

Applicants must visit Malta to submit their biometrics and take an oath of allegiance. All applicants over 6 submit the biometrics, and adult family members over 18 take the oath.

The oath must be taken within 6 months since the Minister has approved the application. If the investment conditions are fulfilled within 4 months, the applicants have 2 more months to travel to Malta.


4 business days after submitting biometrics

Receiving a passport

Applicants over 12 collect their passports personally at the Maltese Passport Office.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does Malta allow dual citizenship?

    Yes, it does. Maltese citizens can have passports of other countries. Since February 10th, 2000, the law doesn’t limit the country’s citizens who want to get a second passport and foreigners who wish to become Maltese citizens.

  • How long is the period of residing in Malta for obtaining citizenship by naturalisation?

    The residing period is at least 5 years, including a year of continuous residing before applying for citizenship and at least 4 years during the previous 6 years.

    A foreigner can get a Malta passport by naturalisation in 1 or 3 years — in case of exceptional services by direct investment. Applicants invest at least €690,000 in the country’s economy. Investors’ family members can get Malta passports, too: spouses, children under 29, and parents and grandparents over 55.

  • Which statuses are available for investors in Malta?

    Investors can get residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship.

    A Malta residence permit is issued for annual payments of a tax on global income in the amount of at least €15,000 per annum. Applicants also buy or rent residential properties and pay administration fees. The residence permit is renewed annually.

    Malta permanent residence requires fulfilling several investment conditions. Investors rent or buy housing, pay an administration fee, and make a contribution and donation to a charity fund. The minimum investment amount is €150,000. Permanent residence is valid for life.

    Malta citizenship for exceptional services is a naturalisation path opening to investors 1 or 3 years after getting residence permits. Investors rent or purchase real estate, contribute to a state fund and donate to charity. The minimum investment sum is €690,000.

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