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Visa to Grenada: who will need it and how to get it

To enter Grenada, citizens of more than 100 countries will need a visa only in certain situations: when they need to spend more time in the country 90 days out of 180 when they want to study at a university in Grenada, work or do business in the country.

visa to Grenada

Visa to Grenada: who will need it and how to get it

How to get a visa to Grenada

Grenada and 147 countries signed an agreement on a visa-free regime. According to its provisions, citizens of these countries can spend from 30 days in Grenada in half a year without a visa. List of countries with visa requirements to visit Grenada.

From 30 days
foreigners can spend in Grenada without a visa

If a foreigner is going to spend more than the established period for a visa-free stay in Grenada, study at a university, work or do business, he receives a visa to Grenada before travelling to the country. To do this, you need to submit documents to the Consulate of Grenada. 

Documents for a visa to Grenada

  1. A passport valid for a period of at least six months.
  2. A completed application form for each applicant.
  3. Two photographs measuring 3.5 by 4.5 cm, one of which must be certified by a notary.
  4. A receipt for payment for a fee of $100 for a single entry visa or $250 for a multiple entry visa. It is better to clarify the cost of the duty in advance at the nearest representation of Grenada.

To get a work visa, the following are added to the usual package of documents: 

  1. A confirmation of qualifications, e.g. a diploma.
  2. A letter from a future employer addressed to the Labour Minister of Grenada.
  3. A reference from a previous employer.
  4. Data on the employer.
  5. A certificate of no criminal record.
  6. A statement of no tax arrears for the last year.

The consulate considers the application up to 10 days. When the application is approved, the visa can be picked up in person at the consulate or through delivery. When issuing a visa, you must have a passport and an application with you. 

Citizens of certain countries are also eligible to obtain a Grenada visa on arrival. 

Countries and territories whose citizens do not need a visa to travel to Grenada

Antigua and Barbuda Guyana Romania
Argentina Hong Kong Russia
Australia Hungary Rwanda
Austria Iceland Saint Kitts and Nevis
Bahamas India Saint Lucia
Bangladesh Ireland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Barbados Israel Samoa
Belgium Italy San Marino
Belize Jamaica Serbia
Botswana Japan Seychelles
Brazil Kenya Sierra Leone
Brunei Kiribati Singapore
Bulgaria Latvia Slovakia
Burkina Faso Lesotho Slovenia
Cameroon Liechtenstein Solomon Islands
Canada Lithuania South Africa
Chile Luxembourg South Korea
China Macau Spain
Costa Rica Malawi Sri Lanka
Croatia Malaysia Suriname
Cuba Maldives Sweden
Cyprus Malta Switzerland
Czech Republic Mauritius Tanzania
Denmark Mexico Tonga
Dominica Monaco Trinidad and Tobago
Dominican Republic Morocco Tuvalu
Ecuador Mozambique UAE
Estonia Namibia Uganda
Eswatini Nauru Ukraine
Finland Netherlands United Kingdom
France New Zealand Uruguay
Gambia Norway USA
Georgia Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Germany Peru Vatican City
Ghana Poland Venezuela
Greece Portugal Zambia
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Countries whose citizens receive a visa on arrival in Grenada

Bosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroUzbekistan
KazakhstanNorth Macedonia

How to visit Grenada amid the pandemic

From July 31st, 2021, only fully vaccinated travellers can enter Grenada. A vaccination certificate will not be required for children under 12 travelling with vaccinated parents.

Within 72 hours before departure to Grenada, all passengers over 5 years of age must pass a PCR test. The test results must be submitted to the Grenada Ministry of Health. To do this, you need to fill out a health status form. If the traveller is found to have provided false information, they face a fine of up to EC$10,000 and 6 months in prison.

Upon arrival in Grenada, you need to take another test, for vaccinated travellers it is free. Quarantine is not required.

For travellers who have recently recovered from the coronavirus and have a medical exemption from vaccination, different entry rules apply. They need to provide three documents:

  • a positive PCR test taken no earlier than 90 days before entering Grenada;
  • a certificate from a doctor confirming that the patient has recovered and can travel;
  • a negative rapid antigen test taken within 24 hours prior to entry into the country.

Citizens and residents of Grenada have the right to enter the country without presenting a vaccination certificate. Upon arrival, they need to pass paid PCR tests worth $50 on the first and fifth days. Tests must be paid in advance on the state portal.

Unvaccinated arrivals are required to spend 7 days in quarantine at their homes or approved hotel complexes.

The entry rules may change over time. Please, check the restrictions before your trip to Grenada.

entry to Grenada
St. George's is the capital of Grenada. The country is famous for its beaches, St. Catherine's stratovolcano and underwater sculpture park

How to get to Grenada

Grenada consists of three inhabited islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The international airport is located on the island of Grenada, a 20-minute drive from the country's capital. There is another airport on the island of Carriacou, which only accepts domestic flights. 

To get to Grenada from Europe, you will need to make at least one transfer in the US or UK. 

Direct flight or with a change in the US via New York. To make a transplant in the US, you may need a visa. Also in the US there are coronavirus restrictions. Only vaccinated passengers are allowed to enter the country, even for the purpose of transit. 

Direct flight or with a change in the UK in London. To make a transplant in the UK, you may need a transit visa. It will allow you to spend up to 48 hours in the UK, and the visa fee will be £64. 

Flights from London to Grenada take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. They are advertised as direct, but with a stop at the island of Antigua. During this stop, you do not need to get off the plane.

Example of a route from London to Grenada

a transit visa may be needed
visa not required for citizens of 103 countries

To make it easier to get to Grenada, you can get citizenship of the country. Citizens of Grenada do not need a visa to enter the UK, and a US visa can be obtained for 10 years. 

Citizens of Grenada have the right to enter the country at any time, even with closed borders. When crossing the border, they do not have to present a certificate of vaccination.

How to obtain Grenada citizenship

Grenadian citizenship can be acquired by birth, marriage and investment in the country’s economic development. The Grenada passport by investment is obtained within 4 to 6 months. This can be done completely remotely.

minimum investment amount under the Grenada citizenship program

Two options are available to investors: a non-refundable contribution to the state fund in the amount of $150,000 and the purchase of real estate in the amount of $220,000. After 5 years, the property can be sold and the money returned. The property is allowed to be rented out. Rental income will be from 2 to 5% per annum.

Examples of real estate to participate in the program

Citizenship of Grenada by investment in real estate

A share in a premium hotel complex in the south of Grenada costs $220,000

Grenada citizenship for the purchase of real estate

A share or an apartment in a university complex in the capital St. George’s for $220,000

Citizenship of Grenada for the purchase of real estate

Apartments in a residential complex on the beach from $350,000

Not only an investor, but also members of his family can become a citizen of Grenada:

  • a spouse;
  • parents of the investor and spouse;
  • children under 30;
  • siblings over 18 years of age.

Citizens travel visa-free to all Schengen countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. They are eligible for an E-2 business visa in the United States. If an investor transfers his business to Grenada, he will be able to reduce the tax burden and avoid currency controls.

Individual cost calculation of the Grenada citizenship

Frequently asked questions

Who needs a visa to travel to Grenada?

Citizens of 147 countries do not need a visa for a short trip to Grenada: they can spend from 30 days in the country for half a year. You will need to work or do business in the country.

How to get to Grenada?

To get to Grenada, you can fly directly from the US or UK or make at least one transfer in New York or London. To do this, you may need to obtain an American or British transit visa, respectively.

Are there coronavirus travel restrictions in Grenada?

Yes, only fully vaccinated tourists are allowed into Grenada. In addition to the vaccination certificate, you need to pass PCR tests before departure and upon arrival. Quarantine vaccinated travellers do not need to comply.

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Visa to Grenada: who will need it and how to get it