Real estate investment in Portugal

The liquidity of real estate investments is confirmed by statistics: every quarter, the price per square metre of housing increases by an average of 1,9%. Five years ago, a house of 100 m² cost €85,500, and today it is sold for €125,000.


Average price per 1 m²


Real estate investment for residency


Associated costs, of the property value

How the residential property price index is growing in Portugal


Cost of a 3-bedroom apartment in Portugal

€3.4 million

Penthouse in the centre of Lisbon, on the banks of the Tagus river

€1.25 million

Apartment in the historic centre of Porto


Apartment in Aveiro, the Central Region

Portugal residence permit or citizenship by real estate investment

In Portugal, a state program grants investors residence permits — the Golden Residence Permit Program.

Buying a property is one of the ways to get a residence permit. After five years of maintaining the residence permit status, the investor can get citizenship. It is not necessary to live in Portugal: to extend the residence permit, it is enough to stay in the country for seven days a year.

Minimum property value for a Portugal residence permit

You can invest 20% less in real estate if you buy a property in a sparsely populated region, for example, in the town of Aroca, 40 km away from Porto, or in the Azores and Madeira.


Real estate not older than 30 years: residential or commercial


Real estate over 30 years old for reconstruction

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Discover real estate market trends in 41 European countries

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much is property tax in Portugal?

    Buyers of property in Portugal pay a one-time transfer tax of 0—7,5%. The rate depends on the transaction amount, the property location, and its purpose.

    Property owners in Portugal pay the annual property tax of 0,3—0,8% of the cadastral property value. If that value exceeds €600,000, they pay an additional 0,7% or 1% tax. Urban real estate owners pay an additional AIMI tax starting from 0,7%. Landlords pay a 25% tax on rental income.

    Sellers of property pay the 28% capital gains tax and the 0,4 sales tax.

  • Can a foreigner buy property in Portugal?

    Yes. But without a certain type of visa, foreigners can stay on their property only for a limited period of time. If they buy property for at least €350,000, they can participate in the Golden Residence Permit Program in Portugal.

    The residence permit allows investors to live, work, study and travel in Portugal, as well as freely enter other countries of the Schengen area.

  • What is the average house price in Portugal?

    The average cost of housing in Portugal is €2,465 per 1 m². The most affordable properties are located in the Portalegre of the Alentejo region. The average cost of housing there is €635 per 1 m².

    Relatively low prices for 1 m² of real estate can be also found in Braganza — €815, Beja — €850, Viseu — €920, Evore — €1,050, the Azores — €1,230, and Alentejo — €1,245.

    Real estate in Portugal is a liquid asset. Prices for objects are steadily growing by 5—10% per year.

  • Are real estate prices dropping in Portugal?

    No, on the contrary. In the last 5 years, real estate prices in Portugal grew 1,5 times. Property prices in Portugal are rising faster than the European Union average.