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Real estate investment in Serbia

Foreigners can buy and sell properties in Serbia. The lease is possible on the principle of reciprocity. If Serbian citizens are allowed to purchase properties in another country, then citizens of that country can also buy properties in Serbia. The most expensive property in Serbia is in the capital, Belgrade.

€1,568 Average price per 1 m²
of housing in Serbia

Cost of a 3-bedroom apartment in Serbia

€1.5 million

Apartment with a terrace in Belgrade, in the prestigious area of Savski Venac


Apartment in Belgrade,
in the central district of Stari Grad


Apartment within a 20-minute drive from the centre of Belgrade

Serbia residence permit or citizenship by real estate investment

Owners of any real estate, residential or commercial, can obtain a Serbia residence permit. The property value does not matter. A residence permit is valid for a year with the possibility of an extension. To renew the permit, you must live in Serbia for at least 183 days a year. After five years of living with a residence permit, you can apply for citizenship.

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Taxes and associated costs


Property buyers pay a value-added tax for new builds or a transfer tax for resale properties and additional fees. The associated costs are approximately 2.5% to 12% of the purchase agreement value and an additional €350—550.

When buying a new apartment worth €500,000, the investor will spend €560,550, including additional costs.

+ €350—550
Of the contract value are related costs
for the purchase of housing in Serbia
Purchase expenses
New buildings



Of the transaction amount

Resale housing

Transfer tax


Of the transaction amount

Registration fee
Notary fee

Depends on the transaction amount

Agency fee

The share paid by the buyer



Owners pay an annual property tax of 0.2% to 1% of the cadastral value. The rate depends on the region, a district within the region, year of construction, area, and cadastral value.

Non-residents pay a 20% income tax on rental yields.

€1,560 Approximate annual costs for
maintenance of an apartment

Communal payments

Electricity, gas, water, heating, and garbage collection

per month

Internet, TV and telephone

per month

Sellers pay a capital gains tax of 20% on the difference between the sale and purchase prices.

The agency fee is 2%.

20% Capital gains tax on the sale
of real estate in Serbia

Frequently asked questions

Can foreigners buy property in Serbia?

Foreigners in Serbia can freely buy, sell, and rent out real estate on the principle of reciprocity. If citizens of Serbia are allowed to buy real estate in another country, then citizens of that country can also buy real estate in Serbia.

How much does a house in Serbia cost?

The average cost of 1 m² of housing in Serbia is €1,568. The most expensive real estate properties are located in the capital city, Belgrade.

A three-bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Belgrade will cost at least €150,000, an apartment with the same number of rooms in the centre of Belgrade — at least €500,000, and an apartment with a terrace in a prestigious area, such as Savski Venac — 1,5 million euros or more.

Are there property taxes in Serbia?

Buyers of real estate in Serbia pay a 10% value-added tax for new buildings or a 2,5% transfer tax for secondary real estate.

Property owners in Serbia pay an annual property tax in the amount of 0,2—1% of the cadastral value. The rate depends on the region, the area within the region, the year of construction, the location and the cadastral value. Non-resident landlords in Serbia pay a 20% income tax on rental earnings.

Can US citizens buy property in Serbia?

Yes. The reciprocity principle allows US nationals to freely buy real estate in Serbia.

Pavel Reshetnikov Consultant, Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer
Pavel Reshetnikov
Prepared a guide on investing in real estate in Serbia