Real estate investment in Great Britain

Foreigners can buy, lease and sell real estate without restrictions in the UK.

Statistics confirm the liquidity of investments: every quarter, residential real estate prices grow by an average of 1,3%. Five years ago, an apartment of 100 m² cost an average of €342,000, and today it is sold for €431,000.


Average price per 1 m²


Average price growth per quarter


Associated costs, of the property value

How the residential property price index is growing in United Kingdom


Cost of a 3-bedroom apartment in the UK

€20 million

Penthouse in London

€5 million

Apartment in London


Apartment in a major city such as Manchester

UK residence permit or citizenship by real estate investment

Obtaining a UK residence permit or citizenship is not connected with purchasing real estate.

A residence permit obliges the holder to live in the country for at least 183 days a year and not leave the UK for more than 90 days. British residents can’t visit other countries visa-free.

After six years of living in the UK, an investor can apply for citizenship.

Taxes and associated costs

Igor Buglo

Material prepared by Igor Buglo, Head of the Maltese office, MBA

April 26, 2024

Frequently asked questions

  • Can foreigners buy property in the UK?

    Yes, foreigners with or without a residence permit can purchase real estate in the UK. There are no restrictions.

  • How much does a house cost in Great Britain?

    Property prices in the UK are growing by an average of 1б3% every quarter. The average housing cost is €4,310 per 1 m².

  • Can I live in the UK if I buy a property?

    You can buy property as a foreigner, but it won’t give you a residential permit. Obtaining a UK residence permit or citizenship is not connected with purchasing real estate.

    UK expats can obtain a residence permit for investment in the economy
    from £2,000,000, or about €2,350,000. These cannot be investments in real estate or in companies whose activities are related to investments in real estate.

  • Does the UK have real estate taxes?

    Property owners in the UK pay a municipal property tax depending on the cadastral property value.

    A seller of real estate in the UK pays a capital gains tax of 18%—28% on the difference between the sale and purchase prices. There are exemptions for:

    • non-residents who live in the UK for less than 183 days a year;

    • residents who have sold their primary residence.