Real estate investment in Sweden

Foreigners can freely buy, lease and sell real estate in Sweden.

Statistics confirm the liquidity of investments: residential real estate prices grow every quarter by an average of 1,2%. Five years ago, an apartment of 100 m² cost an average of €383,000, and today it is sold for €487,000.


Average price per 1 m²


Average price growth per quarter


Associated costs, of the property value

How the residential property price index is growing in Sweden


Cost of a 3-bedroom apartment in Sweden

€2 million

Penthouse in the historical centre of Stockholm

€1 million

Apartment within a 10-minute drive from the Royal Palace


Apartment in Malmö

Sweden residence permit or citizenship by real estate investment

Obtaining a Sweden residence permit or citizenship is not connected with purchasing real estate.

Taxes and associated costs

Igor Buglo

Material prepared by Igor Buglo, Head of the Maltese office, MBA

April 26, 2024

Frequently asked questions

  • Can foreigners buy property in Sweden?

    Yes. Foreigners in Sweden can buy and sell real estate without restrictions. They can also rent out an apartment if the cooperative housing allows that.

  • Is real estate in Sweden expensive?

    The average cost of residential real estate in Sweden is €4,872 per 1 m². The price dynamics are below the European Union’s average. However, real estate prices in Sweden grow in price by 1,2% quarterly.

    An apartment in Malmo can be bought for €250,000, while a 3-bedroom apartment in Stockholm can be bought for €955,000.

  • Do Swedes pay property tax?

    Buyers of real estate in Sweden pay a stamp duty of 4,25%.

    Property owners in Sweden pay an annual property tax in the amount of 0,2% to 2,8% of the cadastral value. The rate depends on the property type.

    The owners who rent out their property, pay an annual income tax of 30%.

    Sellers of real estate in Sweden pay a capital gains tax of 30% on the difference between the sale and purchase price.

  • Is it a good investment to buy a house in Sweden?

    Yes. Real estate properties in Sweden are liquid assets. The price of residential real estate is growing quarterly by an average of 1,2%. An investor who, five years ago, bought an apartment for €383,000, can today resell it for €487,000.