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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Greece residence permit for buying a villa?

To get a Greece residence permit for the purchase of a villa, investors join the state program — Greece Golden Visa Program. The minimum price of a villa under the program must be €250,000. You can buy a villa in any Greek city. 

A residence permit card in Greece is issued for five years: the investor isn’t required to live in the country to maintain the status. The purchased villa can be rented out for income.

How much does a sea-view villa in Greece cost?

Sea views are among the price factors for Greek villas. Prices also depend on the region, the area size, the number of floors, and the date of construction. 

The average price of a two-storey villa in Greece with three bedrooms and a small plot of land, 500 m from the sea, is €350,000. The most expensive villas are located on the coast of the Athens Riviera, in Paleros, Lefkada, and Piraeus. There, the average cost of a small coastline villa is €500,000.

How much does a luxury villa in Greece cost?

Prices for luxury villas in Greece start at €1,000,000 and can reach €10,000,000. Prices are affected by the region, date of construction, the sizes of living space and land, sea proximity, and a presence of a private beach, swimming pool, and garden.

Where to buy a cheap villa in Greece?

Affordable villas in Greece are located in the central areas of the country, away from the coast and major cities. There, the costs of residential real estate are low due to the low demand. For example, in the cities of Kilkis, Karditsa and Kozani, the average real estate prices are €700 per 1 m²

You can also buy a villa starting from €200,000 in popular tourist areas, such as Thessaloniki, Crete, Halkidiki, and Kavala.

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