passport of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Passport

Passport rankings out of 193 countries

Freedom of travel86

Asset protection91

Quality of life67

"Plan B"76

About Dominican Republic

A state in the eastern part of the island of Haiti and on the coastal islands. It is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Travellers come to the Dominican Republic to relax on snow-white beaches with fine sand, go diving and snorkeling, and try seafood dishes.

More than half of the country’s working population is employed in the service sector such as restaurants and hotels, gold mining, sugar cane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, sugar and textiles.


10.5 million


Santo Domingo

Official language


GDP per capita


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Dominican peso

Dominica passport ranking and benefits

  • 1

    Visa-free travel to 145 countries

    The list of visa-free destinations for Dominica citizens includes the Schengen countries, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other states.

  • 2

    Visitor visa to the USA for 10 years

    The strength of the Dominica passport allows its holders to get B‑1/B‑2 visas to the USA for 10 years. The visa allows them to spend up to 180 days a year in the States: to travel, visit family, and undergo medical treatments.

  • 3

    Registration of a company in Dominica

    Investors with Dominica citizenship can register a company in the country. Information on the owner is not recorded in the trade registry, which helps to protect the assets of the company and the owner.

  • 4

    Tax optimisation

    There are no taxes on income, capital gains and inheritance in Dominica. Tax residents don’t pay taxes on their income in Dominica, and non-residents don’t pay taxes on their global income.

Grounds for obtaining a Dominican Republic passport

Dominican Republic allows dual citizenship

birth icon

Birth to citizens of the country

marriage icon

Marriage to a citizen of the country

government icon

Work for the country's government

naturalization icon


Estimated time: 2 years

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adopt icon


family icon

Parents citizenship

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Special conditions

investment icon

Special services to the state

Obtaining a Dominican Republic passport by naturalization: requirements for applicants

Knowledge of state language

Assimilation or cultural knowledge

Stable financial status

Good health

No criminal records

Frequently asked questions

  • How to get a strong Dominica passport?

    The Dominica passport can be obtained by birth, naturalisation or investment. To get citizenship by naturalisation, an individual must live in the country for at least 7 years.Dominica citizenship by investment can be obtained by foreigners ready to invest $100,000+ in the country’s economy. The process of getting a passport takes 3—6 months.

  • How much do I need to invest in participating in the Dominica passport by investment programme?

    Investors can choose between two options:

    • $100,000+ — a non-refundable contribution to the Economy Diversification Fund;

    • $200,000+ — a purchase of the real estate.

    The contribution sum depends on the family size: $150,000 for a married couple and $175,000 for a family of 4, except for the siblings. If there are more than 4 people in the family or the application includes siblings, the investment sum increases.

    The Dominica government must approve a property that can be bought under the citizenship programme. Usually, investors purchase shares in hotels. The share can be sold 3—5 years later.

  • Who can benefit from the power of Dominica’s passport alongside the investor?

    Besides investors, family members can also participate in the Dominica citizenship programme.

    That includes the investor’s spouse, children under 30, siblings under 25, and parents with no age limits. All family members except the spouse must receive significant financial support from the investor.

    Siblings must be unmarried and childless before getting citizenship. If the application includes siblings under 18, the investor must provide their parent’s or legal guardian’s consent.

  • What are the benefits of the Dominica passport?

    The Dominica passport ranks high. Therefore, it allows travelling to 145 countries, including the Schengen states, the UK, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Moreover, investors can register a company in the country, optimise personal and business taxes and get visitor visas to the USA for 10 years.